Downhole Oil/Water Separation Part of the Oil Industrys

Downhole Oil/Water Separation Part of the Oil Industrys

Downhole Oil/Water Separation Part of the Oil Industrys Future Bruce R. Peachey, P.Eng., MCIC Downhole Oil/Water Separation Background and Basic Operation What Has Already Been Done What Can Be Done What Might Be Done in Future

Annual Production - Millions of bbls Water and Oil Production in Western Canada 2500 2000 1500 1000 Water Production 500 0 Oil Production

Downhole Oil/Water Separation Problem - Wells being shut-in Still producing oil Producing too much water Most North American wells shut-in @ WOR<10-20 North Sea/Offshore wells shut-in @ WOR<5-10 Middle East wells shut-in @ WOR<1-2

Solution - In Well Separation Downhole Mechanical solution more reliable than shut-offs Re-Inject water into producing formation Oil to Surface Separator & Pump(s) Basic Downhole Separation New Paradigm 1991 Water to

Injection C-FER/NPEL What Has Already Been Done DHOWS Commercial Systems Developed with CFER ESP Commercial AQWANOTTM and HydrosepTM PCP (Weatherford) and Beam (Quinn) available New DHOWS Versions in Trial Stage Desanding (PCP and ESP) Gravity Separation Systems - Beam Pumps Texaco/Dresser, Quinn (Q-Sep)

Reverse Coning Without Separators Basic DHOWS Prototypes ESP - Electric Submersible Pump - 1800 bfpd Oil Rate went up 10-20% at same bottom-hole rates Reduced water to surface by 97% PCP - Progressing Cavity Pump - 1800 bfpd Reduced water to surface by 85% Well previously in sporadic operation for about 3 yrs Beam Pump - 600 bfpd Reduced water to surface by 85% Demonstrated Gravity Separation

Basic DHOWS Installation - PanCanadian 10 Surface WOR INSTALLED DHOWS Oil Rate (m3/d) COMPLETED INJECTIONZONE

100 Oil Rate Surface WOR 1 Jun 95 Aug 95 Oct 95 Dec 95 Feb 96 Apr 96 Jun 96 Aug 96 Oct 96 Dec 96 C-FER/NPEL Date Uphole Reinjection Injection zone(s) above the production zone(s)

ESP DHOWS Pump System Separator Injection Perforations Producing Zone Dual Horizontal Well DHOWS Also Installed With Uphole Injection

Talisman Energy Inc DHOWS with C-FER Desander To Surface Problem - Heavy Oil Wells Pump(s) - ESP or PCP Sand Plugs Injection Desander Sand & Oil to Surface Water to Injection

Solution Desanding De-oiler Hydrocyclone To Injection Oil Concentrate Pump Producing Zone(s) Water Pump Disposal Zone(s)

C-FER/NPEL Gravity Separation Oil Pump Oil Total Flow Pump Separator Coning Control Louisiana State Pump oil & water separately NPEL/C-FER/Petro-Can

Pump oil & water together Open more of well to oil Water Injection Zone What Can Be Done Reverse Coning with DHOWS Re-Entry Drillout (Single Well)

Re-Entry Drilling (Multi-well) Cross-Flooding Between Zones Re-Entry Drillout Create or activate water disposal leg on producing well or producing leg on watered-out or water disposal well Re-entry drillout or drilled and pluggedoff during initial drilling program Zone cross-flooding between wells

Pump (Dual or Single; ESP, PCP, Beam) Separator Horizontal Re-entry Horizontal Producing Zone Old Producing Zone (Cement or Leave Open) Injection Zone Re-Entry Drilling Use when zone between injector and producer is

New Producing swept Location Directionally drill to establish new producing or injection location(s) Producing zone in well Producing Well provides water for flood Existing wellbore could be used as producing zone or injection zone New Injection Location

Existing Swept Zone Injector Cross-Flooding Multi-layered reservoir application Some wells produce from lower zone & inject into upper zone Other wells produce from upper and inject lower Double the number of

injectors or producers without drilling! Oil Oil Water Loop What Might be Done In Future Offshore: Already under way. Gas Lift Proposal High Volume: Larger capacity system under

development Lower Water cut to surface: Feasible for offshore subsea Alternate Lift Systems: Flowing, Jet Pump Alternate Separation Units: More options at low rates Oilfield Water Management Same Well Source/Injector/Recycle Lake or River Source Move toward Ideal Cap rock

Cap rock Oil Leg Water Leg Underlying Aquifer DHOWS Pump The Middle East Water Challenge Reservoirs contain billions of barrels Recovery only projected to be 40% due to water Most wells flowing only oil now No water handling infrastructure

Wells die at 30-40% water cut Major costs and infrastructure to operate with water Solution needed: Install in well and leave for years No external power No increase in water Downhole Oil/Water Separation Summary

Positive experience is quickly building All DHOWS wells show water reduced 85-97% Still many applications to try Plenty of potential and opportunity for new concepts For more public info see: Argonne National Labs Acknowledgments Clients - NRCan & PERD, Oil & Gas Producers Alliance Partners - C-FER Technologies Inc., KR Croasdale & Associates, R&D 2000, ScottCan Industries, Colin Gosselin Contact Networks - CSChE, PTAC, ACR, CIM, SPE, CAPP, individual colleagues New Paradigm Affiliates - KeyTech Energy Inc., Blackline Oil Corp. & Avatar Systems Inc.

Family and Friends Contact Information Advanced Technology Centre 9650-20 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta Canada T6N 1G1 tel: 780.450.3613 fax: 780.462.7297 email: [email protected] web:

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