Night Vocabulary - Henry County School District

Night Vocabulary - Henry County School District

NIGHT VOCABULARY ENGLISH II 1,2,3,6,and 7th Period Miss. Drane Part 1 Vocabulary

Encumbered (adj.): burdened; impeded; restricted. Lorries (n.): small wagons or carts. Betrothals (n.): engagements; promises to marry. Billeted (v.): housed; quartered; lodged. Anecdotes (n.): short humorous or interesting stories. Expelled (v.): driven out; forced to leave. Edict (n.): a decree or proclamation. Revoked (v.): took back; withdrew; cancelled. Knapsacks (n.): backpacks; canvas, nylon, or leather bags used for carrying supplies. Abominable (adj.): detestable; extremely unpleasant. Part 1 Vocabulary Contd

Molten (adj.): melted; liquefied by heat. Truncheons (n.): billy clubs; heavy sticks. Fasting (v.): abstaining from foods as a religious discipline. Compatriots (n.): countrymen; native inhabitants; colleagues. Farce (n.): mockery; ridiculous sham. Disposed (adj.): inclined; having a certain disposition. Pillage (v.): to strip of money or goods by open

violence; plunder. Convoy (n.): fleet; group of vehicles. Pestilential: harmful, destructive, or evil. Stench (n.): offensive smell or odor; stink. Part II Vocabulary Part 2 Vocabulary Sage (adj.) Wise person; mentor Synonyms: Wise, discerning, insightful. Sentence: Wiesel had many sages in his life who taught him many life lessons.

Devoid (adj.) Not possessing; depleted; without. Synonyms: empty, vacant. Sentence: Lisas bedroom was devoid of any furniture. Part 2 Vocabulary Contd Monocle (n.) Spectacle for one eye. Unremittingly (adj.)

Incessantly; not letting up; not stopping. Synonyms: Ceaseless, continual. Sentence: Wearing a monocle makes you look smart. Sentence: Stephen asked unremittingly to go to his girlfriends house. Part 2 Vocabulary Contd Humanity (n.) Humankind; the human

race. Synonyms: mankind, people. Sentence: Hitler committed appalling crimes against humanity. Bestial (adj.) In the form of a beast; inhuman; brutal. Synonyms: savage, barbarous, brutish. Sentence: The beast from Beauty and the Beast or Gaston.

Part 2 Vocabulary Contd Lucidity (n.) Clearness of thought; clairvoyance. Synonyms: clarity, simplicity, lucidness. Sentence: The lucidity of the recipe should ensure a minimum of confusion. Oblivion (n.) State of being completely forgotten or unknown.

Synonyms: Forgetfulness, nirvana. Sentence: VCR machines were destined for oblivion. Part 2 Vocabulary Contd Tunic (n.) Gown-like outer garment, either loose or close-fitting. Sentence: Before going to the store, Malala dressed in the tunic her grandmother made her. Reckoning (n.)

Judgment; settlement of accounts. Synonyms: appraisal, evaluation, estimate. Sentence: The Jews of Sighets reckoning began when the edicts started to take their freedoms away. Part 2 Vocabulary Contd Oppressive (adj.) Burdensome; very uncomfortable Synonyms: harsh, tyrannical, brutal. Sentence: The country is ruled by an oppressive regime.

Harangued (v.) Scolded violently; attacked verbally. Synonyms: lecture, discourse. Sentence: He harangued us for hours about what he thought the evils of popular culture were. Part 2 Vocabulary Contd Leprous (adj.) Affected with leprosy. Convalescent (adj.) Recovering from an illness.

Synonyms: recuperating, improving, recovering. Sentence: The convalescent patient slept for many days after having her wisdom teeth surgically removed. Part 2 Vocabulary Contd Colic (n.) Sudden violent outburst of pain in the abdomen or bowels. Clout (n.) A blow, especially with the fist. Synonyms: punch, strike, hit, slap.

Sentence: At only six months old, Collin suddenly had a harsh case of colic. Sentence: The German soldiers dealt out incessant clouts to the elderly, children and crippled as all the Jews were forced to leave their homes. Part 2 Vocabulary Contd Remorse (n.) Painful regret; compassion.. Synonyms: guilt, regret

Sentence: The child was filled with remorse after he lied to his parents. Reverie (n.) State of dreamy meditation; daydream. Synonyms: trance, daydream. Sentence: The knock on the door broke Sophies reverie about Justin Bieber. Part 2 Vocabulary Contd Placard (n.) A sign or notice.

Synonyms: Sentence: Everyday at closing time the waitress hung the closed placard on the door before she went home. Compulsory (adj.) Required; mandatory; obligatory. Synonyms: mandatory, required, essential. Sentence: Attending school is a compulsory activity. Part 2 Vocabulary Contd Muster (v.) To gather; collect.

Synonyms: assemble, mobilize, recruit. Sentence: He never failed to muster a crowd for his dazzling magic tricks. Ration (n.) Allowance of food; provisions. Synonyms: allowance, portion, allocation. Sentence: When soldiers go overseas they are given a ration to live off of. Part 2 Vocabulary Contd

Wizened (adj.) Withered; shriveled. Synonyms: aged, wrinkled, creased. Sentence: Moshe the Beadle was a wizened, weatherbeaten old man. Fortnight (n.) Two weeks; 14 nights and days. Sentence: The Jews travelled a fortnight before reaching Auschwitz. Part 2 Vocabulary Contd

Congealing (v.) Solidifying; coagulating; jelling. Synonyms: clot, thicken, set. Sentence: The jello congealed when it was put in the refrigerator. Relentlessly (adv.) Not giving in; unyielding. Synonyms: persistently, unyieldingly, determined. Sentence: The hunter relentlessly pursued his prey. Part 2 Vocabulary Contd

Blandishments (n.) Actions that flatter or entice. Synonyms: flattery, persuasion, coaxing. Sentence: The travel brochures blandishments made even Dakota a desirable destination for our family vacation. Part III Vocabulary Part 3 Vocabulary Queue (n.)

Line of people waiting their turn. Synonyms: row, column, lineup. Sentence: When the meteorologist predicted that it would snow there was a very long queue at the supermarkets. Cauldrons (n.) A large metal pot with a lid and handle; kettles or pots. Synonyms: pot, kettle. Sentence: We had to cook the soup in two large cauldrons in order to feed everyone.

Part 3 Vocabulary Contd Gallows (n.) Wooden frame for hanging people. Synonyms: scaffold, gibbet. Sentence: During the French Revolution, many revolutionaries were sentenced to death on the gallows. Manacled (v.) Handcuffed; shackled. Synonyms: handcuff, restrain, shackle. Sentence: After being caught

by the sheriff the mans hands were manacled behind his back. Part 2 Vocabulary Contd Sabotage(v.) Subversion; destructive action or interference by an enemy. Synonyms: damage, impair, vandalize. Sentence: A rumor was started at school in which the seniors would sabotage the high schools annual honors night.

Part IV Vocabulary Part 4 Vocabulary Prostrated (v.) Cast oneself face down in humility, submission, or adoration. Lamentation (n.) Expression or cry of grief. Synonyms: weeping, wailing, mourning. Sentence: The woman prostrated herself on the bare floor of the church.

Sentence: Throughout the county there were scenes of lamentation after the Queens death. Part 4Vocabulary Contd Mirage(n.) Illusion; something illusory or unattainable. Countenance (n.) Facial expression. Synonyms: features, profile. Synonyms: fantasy, vision. Sentence: The Jews peaceful solution to the war proved to

be a mirage. Sentence: She displayed a confident and thoughtful countenance as she completed her English test. Part 4 Vocabulary Contd Interminable (adj.) Unending; incessant. Synonyms: everlasting, ceaseless, constant, continual. Sentence: The meeting was bogged down in interminable discussions.

Emaciated (adj.) Thin; gaunt; haggard. Synonyms: bony, wasted, skeletal. Sentence: The young girl was so emaciated that she could hardly stand. Part 4 Vocabulary Contd Wallowing (v.) Taking pleasure in; reveling. Synonyms: bask, delight, revel. Sentence: After a long day of touring, I was wallowing in the luxury of the hotel.

Meager (adj.) Scanty; inadequate; deficient in quantity or quality.. Synonyms: scanty, limited, insufficient. Sentence: The British were forced to supplement their meager earnings. Part 4 Vocabulary Contd Crucible (n.) Severe test or trial. Synonyms: trial, gauntlet, ordeal. Sentence: Shawn White is ready to face the crucible of

the Olympics. Derision (n.) Ridicule; mockery. Synonyms: mockery, jeers, taunts. Sentence: Moshe the Beadles stories of the Germans were greeted with derision and disbelief. Part 4 Vocabulary Contd Dysentery (n.) Automatons (n.) Severe diarrhea caused by infection.

Those who behave or respond in a mechanical way, like robots. Bereaved (v.) Saddened by a loved ones death. Privations (n.) Lack of basic necessities or comforts of life. Synonyms: hardship, destitution. Synonyms: robot, android, bot.

Part 4 Vocabulary Contd Encumbrance (n.) Burden; a dependent person. Synonyms: hindrance, obstacle, inconvenience. Sentence: Without the encumbrance of a heavy backpack, I could sprint along the trail. Apathy (n.) Lack of emotion, passion or interest. Synonyms: indifference, unconcern, impassivity. Sentence: There was

widespread apathy among all the football players. Part V Vocabulary Part 5 Vocabulary Indifference (n.) Lack of interest or concern. Synonyms: apathy, unconcern, disinterest. Sentence: She shrugged, feigning indifference when confronted about her grade in History. Livid (adj.)

Deathly pale; pallid; ashen. Synonyms: sickly, colorless, pasty. Sentence: Her face was livid with fear. Part 5 Vocabulary Contd Simultaneously (adv.) Existing or occurring at the same time; concurrent. Synonyms: concurrently, in unison. Sentence: Allison and Frank jumped in the air simultaneously on the beach.

Hillock (n.) A small hill. Sentence: Candace climbed the hillock with ease. Part 5 Vocabulary Contd Vulnerable (adj.) Capable of being hurt physically or emotionally. Synonyms: helpless, powerless, impotent, weak, defenseless. Sentence: The Jews were vulnerable against the

Germans. Visionary (adj.) Deceptive; misleading; imaginary. Synonyms: idealistic, illusionary, unrealistic, unreal, fictional. Sentence: At first, the Jews of Sighet had a visionary view of the Germans. Part 4 Vocabulary Contd Liquidated (v.) Gotten rid of; done away with. Synonyms: dissolve, disband Sentence: The ghettos were

liquidated and all the Jews of Sighet were sent to concentration camps.

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