New initiatives of Institute -

New initiatives of Institute -

PARSHVANATH CHARITABLE TRUSTS A.P SHAH INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Kasarvadavli, Ghodbunder Road,Thane-400615 Courses Courses Sr No. Name of Course(Branch) Intake Capacity 1 Computer 60 2. I.T,

60 3. EXTC 60 4. Mechanical 120 5. Civil 120 A. P. SHAH INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, THANE

New initiatives of Institute FE classes will be branch wise Foreign languages is compulsory for FE, SE & it is included in time table. We are starting mentoring programme from coming semester. One hour is reserved for mentoring in regular time table of all classes. Two hours are reserved for SE students PBL Activity. Term Test will be as per University question paper pattern & test will be 1.5 hr. Faculties are expected to define topic & objectives of each lecture in Teaching Plan. Lecture Duration & Lunch Breaks 1 Lecture : 55mins FE(All), SE (CIVIL, MECH):12.40pm to 1:10pm SE(COMP,IT,EXTC): 11.55am to 12.25pm 1 Lecture : 60mins TE, BE (CIVIL,MECH): 1.00pm to 1.30pm TE, BE(COMP, IT, EXTC): 12.10pm to 12.40pm

Tie-ups and Associations Open Source Experimental Lab for Emerging Technologies in collaboration with Ashnik. - Prof. Amol Kalugade, Prof. Anagha Aher. RED HAT Academy Programme. Coordinators: IT:Prof. Neha Deshmukh, Prof. Apeksha Mohite COMP: Prof. Ramya R. , Prof. Sofiya Mujawar Texas University Innovation Centre. Coordinator : Prof. Selvin Furtado E-Yantra lab in association with IIT Bombay. Coordinator : Prof. Sonal Jain IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial. Coordinator: Prof. Vishal Badgujar GATE Coaching. Coordinator: HODs NPTEL local chapter. Coordinator: Prof. Sachin Takmare

IIT Bombay Library Membership Coordinator: Librarian Innovation Centre of AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytics in collaboration with Beneath University. CISCO Certification centre. Coordinator : Prof. Jay Mehta SKILL NEXT Programme in collaboration with BMW India. Coordinator : Prof. Nikhil Khatekar Proposed Tie-ups TATA Nest Tie-up for Hostel Accommodation. Earn & Learn Policy. Biometric attendance for Staff and Reserve category students. IELTS certification Training. GRE/TOFEL Training. Proposed NBA Activities NBA Road map By Rahul Ambekar

Date: 3rd July 2018, 2.00pm to 3.00pm Rubrics, Project (Process and Policies), Mentoring Program By Mugdha A., Rujata C., Brinal C. Date: 4th July 18 Time for CIVIL,MECH: 10:00am to 12:00noon Time for IT,COMP, EXTC, HAS: 2:00pm to 4:00pm Special Weightages will be given in Appraisal for following things Patents and Publications.

MooCS / NPTEL Certifications in their domain. Professional Certifications. Delivery and Attendance of STTP/ FDP. Course /Academic Record File Course File to be Maintained on Moodle Server and Hard Copy Sr.N o Topics Sr. No Topics 1 Institute Academic Calendar

12 Internal Assessment Plan 2 Departmental Academic Calendar 13 UT papers and its Solutions 3 Syllabus of the subject 14 Lab Manual 4

Individual Time Table 5 Course Objectives 15 Lab Plan 6 Course Outcomes ( COs ) 16 Reference Books/ Material 7 CO-PO Matrix

17 8 Curriculum Gap if any Innovative / Additional teaching techniques / tools to be used 9 Action proposed to bridge the curriculum gap 18 Result Analysis of Last 3 years of the said Subject 10 Teaching Plan

19 Result Analysis of UTs. 11 University Question Papers Files to be maintained by all Departments File Number Name of the File Type of File Contents 1

Vision, Mission & PEO Normal Vision. Mission. PEOs. Process for Formulation Dissemination. 2 Program Outcomes Box POs . PSOs. Syllabus ( 2nd to 4th year). Curriculum Gap Identification ( Process).

File Number Name of the File Type of File Contents 3 Teaching Learning Process Box Academic Calendar (Inst & Dept) . Identification of Brighter & Weaker students . Evaluation & Assessment Process with scoring rubrics . Quality of Question Paper.

Assignments with rubrics . 4 Student Project Box Mini Project Project Process . Industry Interaction . Industry. Internship/Summer Training. File Number Name of the File Type of File Contents

5 Course Outcomes Box Cos CO&PO Mapping CO&PSO Mapping Attainment of Course Outcomes ( Process) . Mapping with Set CO Attainment Targets . 6 Student Record Box Student Record ( Admission).

Enrolment Ratio . Success Ratio . Placement Details . Higher Education Details . Entrepreneurship . Professional Society Activity Student Achievements File Number 7 Name of the File Faculty Type of File Box Contents Faculty Details . Student Faculty Ratio(SFR). Faculty Cadre Ratio . Faculty Retension.

Teachinmg Innovation . FDP/STTP. Sponsored Research/Consultancy. Faculty Performance. Visiting/Adjunct Faculty. 8 Lab Records Box Lab Info. Additional Facility. Project Lab. Lab Maintenance & Ambience. 9 Audits Box

Result Analysis ( Mapping with PO & PSOs). Academic Audit Improvement in Placements & Higher Education. Quality of Admitted Students. File Number 10 Name of the File Mentoring Type of File Box Contents Mentoring Records . 11

Feedbacks Box Feedback Analysis & Corrective Measures . Feedback on Facilities. Self Learning . 12 Student Training Activities Box Carrier Guidance . Facilities Provided by Inst. EDC cell Co-curricular & Extra-Curricular Activities .

Academic Calendar Second Half 2018 (SE, TE & BE only) Academic Calendar Sr.No. Date Day Activity 1 06-07-2018 Friday 2 09-07-2018

Monday Commencement of Term 3 06-08-2018 Monday Founders Day 4 10-08-2018 Friday Display of Attendance & 1st defaulter list 5

15-08-2018 Wednesday Holiday - Independence Day Celebration 6 17-08-2018 Friday 7 22-08-2018 Wednesday 8 03-09-2018

Monday Holiday - Janmastami 9 08-09-2018 Saturday Working Day Compensation for Diwali 10 10-09-2018 To 12-09-2018 Monday To Wednesday

11 11-09-2018 Tuesday Display of Attendance & 2nd defaulter list 12 13-09-2018 Thursday Ganesh Chaturthi 13 13-09-2018 To 17-09-2018 Thursday

To Monday Mid-term Vacation 14 21-09-2018 Friday Display of Time Table & submission of Teaching plan on Moodle Holiday - Parsi New Year Day (Pateti) Holiday- Bakri Eid Term Test I & Academic Review - I Mohoram Sr.No.

Date Day Activity 15 22-09-2018 Saturday Working Day Compensation for Diwali 16 02-10-2018 Tuesday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti

17 08-10-2018 To 10-10-2018 Monday To Wednesday 18 12-10-2018 Friday 19 15-10-2018 To 19-10-2018

Monday To Friday 20 17-10-2018 Wednesday 21 18-10-2018 Thursday 22 19-10-2018 Friday

23 22-10-2018 To 03-11-2018 Monday To Saturday Commencement of University Practical - Oral examination (Tentative) 24 05-11-2018 To 09-11-2018 Monday to Friday

Diwali Vacation 25 20-11-2018 Tuesday onwards Term Test II & Academic Review - II Display of Attendance & 3rd defaulter list Submission for all subjects and Backlog term tests End Semester Academic Review by Department Garba Celebration Holiday- Dasera Commencement of University Theory Examination (Tentative) Teaching Plan

Sr No. 1 2 3 Theory/Practical Objectives Topic Planned Planed Date Actual Date of Coverage Student Attendance Report Report of Lecture/Practical Missed

Class Advisors Check List Smart Class Inform students about college starting date Inform about absent and late comers policy Encouragement policy Defaulter list dates Test 1 & Test 2 dates I-card Policy Class Advisors FE DIV A Mech FE DIV B Mech

FE DIV C Civil FE DIV D Civil FE DIVE Comp & Extc FE DIV F IT & Extc S. B Shinde N.I Shaikh V R Nair S.R.Yadav A.S.Tambe

N R Chindarkar SE COMP SE IT SE CIVIL SE MECH SE EXTC Archana Kotangle Rujata Chodhary A Priyaka A. Jadhav B Mrunal Joshi A-M A Jackson

B-Rahul Singh Tejashree Kolhe TE COMP TE IT TE CIVIL TE MECH TE EXTC Sofiya Mujawar Anagha Aher A-Vishal Misal B-Nitya K. A- M G Gadale

B-U M Momin Sonia Aneesh BE COMP BE IT BE CIVIL BE MECH BE EXTC Brinal Colaco Neha Deshmukh Raksha Khandare Abhilash Nair

Veena Gawade Policy for Improvement in Attendance Collect undertaking, during admission, from the parent whose wards attendance very poor in the previous semester. ( list of those students must be prepared by previous class advisor & must be submitted to the class advisor of present semester of the student).The presence of at least one of the parents of those students is compulsory during admission. Very strict action should be taken against students having very poor attendance in this semester & this should be monitored by the HODs Undertaking by Students & Parent Late Comer and Absent Policy GOOD PRACTICES

Be well prepared for every lecture. Get standard results before conduction of practicals. Give presentations to HoD and senior faculty on all Expt. Every semester add at least two new expts. Check journals/assignments regularly Switch off fans tubes /save electricity Begin your day with plan Join Subject expert groups. Subject Expert Group Objectives Improvement in the subject knowledge Formation of a setup of Lab sessions in the subject Identification of latest trends in the subject domain Project counseling to the Third and Final year students.

Seminars on special topics by Industrial experts in that domain. Identification Interdisciplinary projects. Promotion of various research initiatives taken up by staff. Software utilities available at APSIT Existing: Moodle E-learning Software Webstore Payment Portal Library Management Software Central Repository Server : FTP New: Student Diary &Makeup course registration Web Conferencing Facility

Organization Chart Academic Activities at APSIT Since FE classes would begin late, the academic calendar of FE and higher classes would be different. Tentative academic calendar Higher classes (SE,TE,BE) academic calendar is circulated. Faculty can prepare course plan and objective of each lecture according to that calendar. Academic calendar has details of academic schedule, test schedule, diwali vacation, holidays and various celebrations within college. Cont Faculty is required to update lecture notes, ppt's and other course material on Moodle server so that students can access the material uploaded. Moodle activities of the faculty will be monitored by concerned HODs

IT Infra & Maintenance MOODLE: E-LEARNING PLATFORM HODS must update subjects and respective faculty names for Moodle enrolment by using google sheet shared on email after subject distribution. Faculties must update their course pages as per guidelines given. Documentation of same is given to faculties at the time of joining. HODs must ensure that all faculties course pages are updated as per guidelines. MOODLE: E-LEARNING PLATFORM cont HODs must fill-up the report of Moodle Updation as per schedule by using Google sheet shared on their mail. HODs will get gentle reminder of same through SMS. In case of any query Contact Moodle Team

Procedure for IT Maintenance Faculties must contact Department Coordinator in case of any problem related to IT Resources. Department Coordinators shall initiate compliant by using Google Sheet shared on their Mail. Web Links related to IT Enabled services are available on Moodle Server Training Session Schedule Moodle, WebStore: 05 July 2018 at 3 pm (Room no317)Prof. Neha Deshmukh, Prof.Anagha Aher Interactive Class :05July 2018 at 4 pm(Room No 317)Prof. Amol Kalugade, Prof. Apeksha Mohite Suggestions Faculties need to follow Institute rules strictly. Their decisions shall not be biased

based on their past their past experience. Faculties are most invited for suggestions directly or indirectly for improvement in Academics Send your suggestion on Principal Mail ID The college expects more participation in coming semester Mechanism to avoid proxy attendance Attendance Callout in beginning of Lect. Mark absent no. by X Circulate attendance to student for sign Format for suggestions Suggestion Advantages Limitations Implementation and Monitoring Mechanism Thank You !

WELCOME TO NEW ACADEMIC YEAR 2018-19 Introduction of Newly Joined Faculty Name Department Joined Experience

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