Monarch High School - Broward County Public Schools

Monarch High School - Broward County Public Schools

Monarch High School Bookkeeping Procedures Sponsor must fill out a SAN Form: School Activity Notification Form Submit this the Mr. Klemke or Ms. Hendricks for approval. First Step to Fundraising When it is approved, it will be forwarded from Mr. Klemke or Ms Hendricks to the bookkeeper. If there is a collection involved, the sponsor must see the

bookkeeper and sign out the appropriate document ( money collection envelope for collection 15.00 or under; receipt book for any collection over 15.00) for receiving cash BEFORE starting to collect cash. No personal checks accepted. Remember, you will want to pay the sales tax on your purchase for any items you are selling as a fundraiser. If you do not pay on the front end, you will have to pay on the total that you sell. Financial reports/Statement of Revenue must be completed within 10 days of completion of the fundraiser. Sample SAN Form Informational page

Calculation page Sample Financial Report - Stmt of Revenue Paperwork for Every Financial Report or Statement of Revenue In order for either of these reports to be complete, the following needs to accompany them: Trial balance (request from me) Copy of all signed receipts or invoices Any online sales reports (request from me)

San Form Information Make sure all information is printed on the form. A description of your activity should be brief but informative so when placed online, the parents understand what they are paying for. If your description runs OFF the space on the SAN FORM, please put the full description in the body of your email. Make a point to learn your account number and use of sub accounts.

Using a SAPO School Approved Purchase Order Before ordering anything for a club, class or activity, you must get a quote for whatever you are purchasing and fill out a SAPO and submit to bookkeeper for account balance confirmation and Admin approval. The only fund accounts that can be temporarily in the red are fundraiser accounts. Once approved & signed by the Principal, the SAPO will

be assigned a number and returned to you. At this point, you will send a copy of the SAPO along with the quote to the vendor. After (and only after) you received your merchandise, you can submit the invoice along with the request for payment form for the vendor to be paid. The SAPO is not a form of payment. You must submit the invoice promptly after receiving your merchandise. When to use a SAPO

SAPO USED for ALL: T-Shirts Awards Stoles/Cords Sports Equip Uniforms

Fundraisers Buses Music If you are not sure, ask. Sample SAPO This form should be done online so it will calculate correctly. Remember to input current date, full school name and address and full vendor name and address. ISRO (PTA, PTO, Athletic boosters, Band patron groups, etc.) ISRO (Independe

nt School Related Organizatio ns) All activities must be approved by the principal ISRO (Independent School Related Organization) may not charge parents a fee for instructional materials, equipment, or supplies related to the school program or activities. Letter of agreement must be on file. If no letter of agreement is executed, it is considered sponsored by the school. Therefore, run through Internal Accounts. Field trips must be run through internal accounts. ISRO may donate funds to the school to pay for expenses.

School Board employees are NOT allowed to collect or handle money for ISRO sponsored activities and Non-School Board employees are not allowed to handle money of school sponsored activities. (can only reimburse school board employees) ISRO must have their own address and own bank account and must be incorporated by the state of Florida. Requesting Reimburseme nt Before making any purchase for reimbursement, you must check on account balances.

Make all reimbursement requests using the Expense Reimbursement- Payment Form. You must attached any and all receipts/invoices. Every receipt/invoice needs your signature directly on it. Make sure you put the assigned SAPO number on the form along with where you need the check to go. You must check deliver to school of mail check. Hints for the ExpensePayment form

NO STAPLES Tape all receipts to a clean sheet of paper and attach to request form. Sign all receipts/invoices Check where to send check Put SAPO number on form Sign bottom left as sponsor Make sure correct account number is on top of form; if subaccounts are used, be sure to use the correct account number. All club class or athletic accounts must have signed minutes with the payment form. If unsure, ask.

Sample Expense Payment Form

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