Modern Art - Mr. McDonald (2016-2017)

Modern Art - Mr. McDonald (2016-2017)

~ Modern Art ~ Picasso & Dali Major events of the Modern period: Objective: to understand the dramatic changes in the world from 1900 to 2000 Assignment: While watching the following video, you are to write

down an event that can be applied to the following categories: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) War The Womens Rights Movement The Civil Rights Movement

Commercialism Technological Advances Globalization You must include the event/object name and date uwczk What is the main idea of Modern Art?

The three main characteristics are: Breaks with or redefines the conventions of the past. Uses experimental techniques. Shows the diversity of society and the blending of cultures. The effect on modern art? Instead of creating artwork that was pretty, modern artists began to create

artwork that attempted to change society and express emotion. Picass o Dali Pablo Picasso

1881-1973 Spain Son of an art and drawing teacher, Picasso was an art student practically from birth; he lived, worked, and studied in Paris.

22,000 works in various mediums: sculpture, ceramics, mosaics, stage design, and graphic arts. Parisian Influence While in Paris, Picasso became friends with a group of young, avant-garde artists, collectively know as Modernists - known for their interest in symbolism in art and social causes (including the

urban underprivileged). Picasso would chose to paint the poor or disenfranchise: the prostitutes, the beggars, street musicians, etc. He felt that these individuals understood him and his pain. Absinthe Drinker, 1901

The Blue Period Characteristics: All works are in monochromatic blue Represented melancholy and despair Examples of Influence in Work:

It is completely done in blues Sadness is shown by the mans face The Old Guitarist, 1903 The Rose Period Characteristics: Works were completed in

different shades of red Examples of Influence in work: The paintings have a faint red tint During this period, Picassos subjects were mainly circus and fair performers (mainly a migrant community of acrobats, musicians, and clownsFamily of Saltimbanques,

saltimbanques). 1905 These subjects were usually shown in relaxed, happy settings. The African Influence Characteristics: African masks allowed Picasso to learn how to show one subject from

multiple perspectives. Examples of influence in work: Three women have on African masks Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, 1907 m/watch?v=XyLNPumM

MTs The Cubism Period Characteristics: Cubism- natural forms were reduced to fractured, geometric structures, or little cubes.

Examples of Influence in Work: All subject matter is made by arranging shapes (looks like ZZ Top) Became the first movement toward abstract art. Three Musicians, 1921

https:// lfm1Ln0&index=12&list=PLXVuKo mahjzdNOrden8thb8HWbvJZK71w Best known for: Looking cross-eyed through a kaleidoscope, suggesting their feelings through neutral color and geometric forms

Two phases of Cubism: Analytic: artists tried to depict an object from many different angles at once Synthetic: builds a picture from a combination of abstract signs and visual elements Guernica (1937)

It is regarded as Modern arts most powerful anti-war statement. Commissioned by the Spanish Republican government for the Spanish pavilion at the 1937 Worlds Fair in Paris. Guernica (1937)

Commemorates the Nazi bombing of Gernika, Spain on April 27, 1937 during the Spanish Civil War. Gernika burned for three days due to the brutal Nazi attack; this small village was not a logical choice for bombing-why? Sixteen hundred civilians are killed or wounded. Symbolism in Guernica

The soldiers left hand: There is a stigmata present---the spot on Jesus hand where he was nailed to the cross. This doesnt mean that the solder was a martyr; it means that he died for Spain, but there was no glory in it. It is also a reference to Goyas Third of May, 1808. The woman and child on the left: Represents the innocent civilians

who were ruthlessly murdered at Gernika. The Minotaur: Is a half man, half bull figure from Greek mythology. He hunted people in the labyrinth and killed them. Here, it represents the Nazis. After all, it is the Minotaur who creates all of the destruction.

The Soldiers Face: The soldier died in pain. He is not a glorified soldier of the state. War is terrible and painful; you can see it in his face. He symbolizes the brutality of war. The cut in the horses

side: It is a very deep cut that will kill the horse. It shows that nothing good can come from war; war destroys society. The screaming person on the right: Represents the brutality of the killings. It is important to note that this figure is a woman

because women did not. The light hanging from the ceiling: Also known as the evil eye. It represents torture and the propaganda that people follow during war time. Figures in the painting are reaching towards it; however, it is the false light to follow.

The light in the persons hand: The light that people should follow: it will lead them out of war (think of the symbolism in the Statue of Liberty- her torch light should bring all people to America). Salvador Dal

1904 1989 Spain skilled draftsman known for bizarre and beautiful images of surrealistic work

painted from his dreams He grew up in a lake district in northern Spain in a village of fishermen. Famous Work: The Persistence of Memory

Surrealism A dream-like portrayal of an irrational arrangement of forms found in the subconscious mind. In true surrealist style, ordinary things are placed in mysterious relationships to each https:// other. The fact that I myself, at the moment of painting, do not

understand my own pictures, does not mean that these pictures have no meaning; on the contrary, their meaning is so profound, complex, coherent, and involuntary that it escapes the most simple analysis of logical intuition. VIDEO: Dal The Basics While watching the following video, answer the questions found in your Guided Notes.

The Persistence of Memory The Persistence of Memory In the image we see his childhood remembrances of the lake district with a warm glow of light over the water. The tree in the foreground is deadants and flies on the clocks signify decay.

https:// ch?v=6mp-fBJNQmU&a pp=desktop The painting is about the remembrance of childhoodwhen Dal was freewith no stress or worries. Now as an adult, the pangs of time and adulthood remind him of age, stress and death (hence the clocks). A persons persistent memory is one of the happier times in life, but it gets further and

further away from us. Disintegration of Persistence of Memory Disintegration of Persistence of Memory World War IIexperimentation with nuclear painting These paintings sought to unify or forge connections between the object and

images that would have been deliberately juxtaposed in his Surrealist works. The original painting is pulled back to reveal an underlying structure that gives shape, definition, and direction to the once The Hallucinogenic Toreador, 1969 Alice in Wonderland, 1969

Destino, 2003 (Disney & Dal) Animated short film released in 2003 by Walt Disney; its production originally began in 1945. The project was originally a collaboration between Walt Disney and surrealist painter Salvador Dal. https:// h?v=aXa8s9R7-24

DRAWING ACTIVITY: cubism/surrealism 1. Using a pencil, draw an organic or geometric shape, filling three fourths of the page. 2. Understanding that Picasso drew from multiple vantage points, draw a profile down the center of the shape noting brow line, nose, lips, chin. 3. To ensure the drawing resembles the style of a cubist, add details and different views of specific

parts of the face. (i.e. possibly draw a profile of the eye on one portion of the face, and a straight on view on the other.) 4. Tie the portrait together: go over the pencil lines with a black marker using only smooth, solid continuous lines. 5. Complete by shading in each area with colored pencils and erase any pencil lines that might be showing.

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