MLC POLICY REFRESHER Code of Ethics Modes of Interpreting Conflict of Interest Sight Translation Dress Code Payment Policy Table of Content After Hours MLC Various Patients Fairview Extension Policy UCare Rule Cancellations & No Shows Combined Cases Forms & Payday Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Portal E-sheet Tips during interpreting session Immunizations Roster Educational Requirements Tips & Tricks Code of Ethics Confidentiality- Everything mentioned in the appointment remains confidential Respect- Treat all parties equally Accuracy- Correct any errors

Professionalism- Uphold the dignity of the profession Impartiality- Disclose conflicts of interest Cultural Awareness- Alert parties to cultural misunderstandings Role Boundaries- Limit personal involvement Advocacy- Correct mistreatment and abuse

Professional Development Further your education, a minimum of 6 CEUs/year MODES OF INTERPRET ING CONSECUTIVE - Understanding a message in the source language and reformulating and rendering into the target language. Default mode in Community Interpreting. SIMULTANEOUS Involves understanding a message in the source language and rendering into the target language while the speaker keeps talking. SIGHT TRANSLATION - Involved reading and

understanding written content in the source language and rendering it into the target language. SUMMARIZATION Reformulating the gist of a message into the target language. A professional interpreter does not interpret for people he/she knows Conflict of Interest Steps for disclosing conflict of interest 1. Assess personal biases, if able to remain professional continue 2. Ask patient if he/she is comfortable with you remaining as the interpreter 3. Check in with receptionist to ensure institution is ok with you staying

Sight Translation The oral translation of a written document. Interpreter may read a written document to the client but may never fill out a document for the client or explain such document. Sight translation should only be done by a skillful interpreter. If at any given point a document exceeds the interpreters skill limitations, sight translation should be declined. Questions should never be answered by the interpreter, only interpreted to the provider For additional information and expectations please click on the hyperlink bellow: Dress Code Proper attire is important in every kind of setting. MLC has a general dress code that stipulates a clean and neat appearance. Acceptable attire does NOT include: Blue Jeans or ripped Jeans

Shorts or mini-skirts Sweatpants Skin-tight clothing Open-toed shoes Low-cut shirts Shirts with logos o Please wear minimal amount of jewelry for infection control purposes o We adhere to a no scent policy o Always wear your MLC badge in clear view, above the waist. Some clinics may not allow you to render services if your badge is not visible. PAYMENT POLICY MLC pays bi-weekly. A payment calendar can be found on MLCs website. All appointments are paid based on a one hour minimum unless you speak a language of lesser diffusion. If the appointment exceeds one hour, additional payment is made per fifteen minute intervals. Late cancellations, no shows, and no services rendered will ALWAYS be paid one hour for ALL languages.

After hour appointments are from 7:00 pm to 6:00 am and are paid based on a 2 hour minimum. After Hours Anytime you see various patients you must fill out one sheet per patient you see. Every worksheet must have the following information filled out: 1. Patient information 2. Scheduled time which is the time listed on the email (this will be the same for all the patients you help out that night) 3. Arrival time which is the initial time you are walking in to help that specific patient (this will be different for all the patients you help out that night) 4. Departure time which the time you are done with that specific patient (this will be different for all the patients you help out that night) At the end of the shift you will need to create an MLC various patients sheet which states the total time you were at the hospital. See next slide for sample. MLC Various Sheet

One Various Patient sheet must be created indicating total shift times. No staff signature is required on this sheet. In addition, one sheet per patient seen during the shift is mandatory. All patient sheets must have a staff signature. Individual Patient Sheets For Shifts Each patient seen needs to have a worksheet filled out each time interpreter services were rendered. Fairview Extension

Policy When it is imminent that an appointment will run beyond the requested time the interpreter needs to alert Fairview interpreting services to request more time or that the interpreter will need to go. If you have another commitment to be at that interferes with you staying longer YOU MUST inform FV staff you need to leave by the original scheduled time. Running late to an interpreting appointment because another one took longer is not an acceptable excuse. Things to remember: All extensions must be made during the appointment or will not be honored (FVs policy)

The interpreter CANNOT BILL for unauthorized services. Steps to take: 1. Notify FV staff of your blocked time and politely request that they extend your time. 2. FV staff will contact FV interpreting services to request an extension. 3. After a short amount of time Interpreter can check their portal to verify extension or call MLC to confirm. The block hours will reflect the total amount of tiem you have been authorized to stay the appointment. UCARE RULE In order to bill for 15 minute intervals a minimum of 8

minutes is required for all UCare patients. If an interpreter knows that he/she will not be able to take an appointment, he/she should NOT accept it. If the interpreter is going to miss an assignment, the interpreter must report this to M.L.C. immediately or as early as possible prior to the assignment. If the assignment is after business hours, the interpreter must notify the Emergency Coordinator by calling 651644-7100.

Leaving a voice mail message, sending a text message or emailing regarding the appointment will NOT suffice since recordings are not always clear and the Emergency Coordinator will need to know all pertinent information in order to find a replacement. Tardiness and last-minute returning of assignments to M.L.C. is UNACCEPTABLE. There is a $35.00 penalty for cases returned within less than a 24-hour notice If the interpreter fails to show up for an assignment

without notifying the Coordinator/ Scheduler, a penalty of $50.00 will be applied. INTERPRETER CANCELLATIO N AND NO SHOW POLICY ON-SITE CANCELLATIONS AND NO SHOWS Patient Cancellation & No Show Policy If the interpreter reports to an assignment and the client is not present, the interpreter must wait 30 minutes for the client to arrive or to confirm the no show.

If, after 30 minutes, the client has not arrived, the interpreter should check in with the receptionist and obtain a signature. Never stay longer than 1 hour for a patient No-Show The interpreter MUST note the cancellation and/or no show on his/her worksheet You get paid one hour for all patient no shows. Payment Policy For No Shows and Late Cancellatio n The Coordinator/Scheduler will make every effort to contact you regarding a cancellation as soon as possible.

You are responsible for ensuring that you can be reached via answering machine, text message, etc. If you are offered more than your regular compensation for appointment and its cancelled within an hour of the scheduled time, or a no show occurs, you will be reimbursed 1-hour minimum Reasons why we would combine cases: Cases for the same patient seen within the same hour or consecutive cases (This is considered continuous care) Cases for siblings or spouse within the same hour or back to back Combined Cases

Cases during shifts Cases with overlapping times Cases at SouthSide Clinic that are consecutive and hold the same health insurance Cases at inpatient departments and Emergency Rooms FORMS & PAYDAY All information should be legible and complete. You must use black or blue ink when filling out worksheets Worksheets should be submitted within 2 days of appointment date. Late sheets will delay payment. One sheet should be filled out per patient seen.

Checks are mailed, not received on Fridays. MLC runs a bi-weekly payroll You get paid per hour NOT per patient Follow this link for blank worksheets and payment calendar: for-interpreters Fraud, Waste and Abuse Fraud: an intentional act of deception, misrepresentation or concealment in order to gain something of value. Examples include: Examples of fraud: Waste: over-utilization of services (not caused by criminally negligent actions) and

the misuse of resources. Deliberately misrepresenting services, resulting in unnecessary cost to the Medicare program, improper payment to providers or overpayments Abuse: excessive or improper use of services or actions that are inconsistent with acceptable business or medical practice. Refers to incidents that, although not fraudulent, may directly or indirectly cause financial loss. o Examples of abuse: Billing for services that were never rendered Billing for services at a higher rate than is actually justified Charging in excess for services or supplies

Providing medically unnecessary services Billing for items or services that should not be paid by Medicare Weapons It is prohibited to carry any sort of weapons and hazardous objects in hospital, clinic, social service buildings and school premises. This includes parking lots and parking spaces with close proximity to such locations. PORTAL https://minnesotalanguageconnection.c om/portal/index.php Why use the portal?

Username: MN Roster ID Access to all your past, present and future cases at all times Password: Social Security Number (no dashes or spaces) Fill out and submit worksheets directly on the portal (MLC worksheet only) Check FV extensions

Accept cases Portal Login a r st e Ent e tim rt d en r te En e tim

Select show or no show Add comments if necessary Enter Providers name Create providers electronic signature using finger to sign Save worksheet and make sure you see Card Saved How to fill a worksheet from the Portal

Use finger to sign worksheet In community Interpreting all interpreters should use first person as a default Tips During The Session A professional introduction should be done with the patient at the beginning of the appointment to set the rules and expectations Eye contact during the interpreting session must be avoided to promote direct communication between client and provider The ideal position a community interpreter should take is next to the client to promote direct communication When the provider leaves the room, the

interpreter too should leave the room and wit outside the patients room List of requirements: Flu Yearly requirement or declination form Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) (series of 2 immunizations) Immunizations Hepatitis B (series of 3 immunizations) or declination form

Tetanus/Diphtheria Varicella (chicken pox)(series of 2 immunizations) Tuberculosis - Yearly requirement Additional Requirements Minnesota Department of Health Spoke Language Health Care Interpreter Roster All medical interpreters are required to listed on the Roster. If your Roster number changes please notify us. You are responsible for renewing your roster on an annual basis. Please visit the following link to renew or apply:

Education Requirements The Community Interpreter International (TCII) Community interpreting is a growing profession that targets the sectors of health care, education and human and social services. In the past, family and friends used to interpret in these settings. Today, federal civil rights legislation, national ethics and standards for interpreters, hospital accreditation agencies and many state and municipal laws endorse or promote the use of qualified interpreters. A qualified interpreter should, at a minimum, attend professional training and be tested for language proficiency. A 40-hour training course is considered by many the minimum threshold for community interpreting. TCII is offered by multiple agencies including MLC

All interpreters are required to have a minimum amount of 40 hour of professional interpreter training All interpreters must have a minimum of 6 hour of continuing education units per calendar year Parking: Check in facilities gift shop for voucher at a discounted rate Tips and Tricks Ask the receptionist for parking validation Avoid parking in parking ramps as it would be more costly

Most facilities offer parking off the street, plan additional time to find a parking space At Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital you may park in the ramp and show your interpreter badge upon exit and you will pay the reduced fee of $3.00 Availability: Update MLC with any changes in your availability so we can better accommodate your schedule Communicate with MLC if you are interested in using text as a form of communication If your number changes, notify us immediately Check the portal for additional cases Try to answer MLC calls if possible, or give us a call back If you are not answering calls or actively taken cases for more than 30 days, our system will automatically restrict your access and you will need to call back to be reactivated.

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24/7 365 days Phone (651) 644-7100 Ext 4 Schedulers Fax (651) 644-1348 Payroll Questions [email protected] Worksheets - PDF, Black and White [email protected] Jobs [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Contact Us Thank you for your time!

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