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MIS Reporting at Foothill-De Anza: Overview of Methods and Procedures Lourdes del Rio-Parent, PhD Office of Institutional Research FHDA CCD

MIS Reporting and Data Validity Data validity is a function of the degree to which the data can be used to support meaningful decisions degree of confidence. Data analysis drives selection and use of technology; tools used for reporting must allow data analysts to efficiently assess and monitor changes in data quality. Technology: set of tools or means to an end (e.g., reporting valid and meaningful data).

Data validation processes (e.g., clean-up) triggered by MIS reporting must benefit the parent system (production). Data custodians/users need to be involved throughout the whole process. Preface Tools, Applications and Related Functions

SQL Developer: Creates, modifies, or updates scripts for quarterly and annual views TOAD: Allows easy data import/export across systems or platforms Argos: Produces CSV reports that are sent through email for a scheduled period of time to users across the District to clean-up data or confirm headcounts for categorical programs (DSPS, EOPS, CalWorks) or special groups (Puente, Middle College, College Now, Sankofa)

SAS: Processes data downloaded from parent system to create data files that meet MIS specifications and adds last minute edits to avoid rejects. It is also used to clean-up/process data stored in ODS custom tables for further data clean-up or follow-up reports. Methods Procedures

1. Run sql scripts to create views for data clean-up (used by Argos reports) or MIS submission. SQL Developer Procedures (cont.) 2. Schedule Argos reports. These are sent through email to MIS users to facilitate data clean-up in the production/ parent system.

Parent Syste m Argos Reports MIS

MIS feedback/clean-up loop improves data quality in the parent system, which benefits other reports (e.g., 320, internal research reports). Argos Procedures (cont.)

3. TOAD is used to export/import data across systems (servers, personal computer). Data is filtered through views, which are also used for related reports. + The use of views speeds processes for it frees the system from having to process complex queries + The raw data files are frozen until re-submission. TOAD

Procedures (cont.) 4. SAS programs/templates are used to read and process data for last minute edits and MIS submission + Read files, including those used for final check Term parameters CCCCO Curriculum Inventory file

SAS Procedures (cont.) Read CB Banner data SAS

Compare CB Banner data and CCCCO Curriculum Inventory Procedures (cont.) SAS Procedures (cont.) 5. Submit to MIS

Submission Procedures (cont.) 5. Inform users about submission, including data issues User Involvement Procedures (cont.)

User Involvement MIS Reporting

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