Middle Georgia State UniversityAdmissions Information

Middle Georgia State UniversityAdmissions Information

Important Information for the Parents of College-bound Students College-relevant information specific to the class of 2015 and later. 2014 Freshmen Statistics School Avg HSGPA Middle Georgia 2.9

Georgia Southern Georgia College Avg SAT 960 3.24 3.5 Mercer University 1120 1170 3.78

1190 University of Georgia 3.91 1290 Georgia Tech 3.91 *2-part SAT score total 1440 *

Middle Georgia State University Admissions Information For general admissions, students must have a Freshman Index of 1940 or greater including SAT/ACT minimums of 430/17 English and 400/17 Math Students must be University endorsed* Students who do not meet general admissions requirements may be admitted through the University College program, which includes remedial coursework, mandatory tutoring, workshops, and regular advisor appointments during the freshman year.

The Freshman Index FI = HSGPA 500 + SAT or FI = HSGPA 500 + (ACT ACT 42) + 88 The HSGPA is calculated on a 4 point scale based on core classes only. Examples A student has a HSGPA of 2.1 and an SAT of 840. FI = 2.1 500 + 840 FI = 1050 + 840 FI = 1890 A student has a HSGPA of 2.8 and an ACT composite of 19

FI = 2.8 500 + (ACT 19 42) + 88 FI = 1400 + 798 + 88 FI = 2286 The Real Rule on College Admissions Every college has their own set of admissions policies, requirements and deadlines. The best practice is to speak directly with someone in the office of admissions before Thanksgiving during the students senior year. www.gacollege411.org

will be replaced by www.GAfutures.org within the next two months www.GAfutures.org Features: Career Information College Planner Test Preparation Georgia College Information HOPE and College Applications Paying for College advice/links The New SAT

Changes: Begins March 2016 Maximum score is 1600 2 sections worth 800 points each No penalty for guessing Reading and Writing section Math section The Essay is now optional. Most colleges do not have set standards for the use of the Essay for admissions decisions. Free online practice is available through Khan Academy. SAT/ACT points of interest The SAT or ACT is now required for admission to most Georgia colleges.

Students who plan to attend technical colleges do NOT need the SAT/ACT. College-bound students should take the SAT/ACT no later than the spring of the junior year. Students who take the SAT/ACT should do so at least twice. The HOPE Scholarship HOPE GPA based on core course grades only All core courses attempted are counted GPA is calculated using a 4 point scale Students must be University or Honors endorsed Required 4 point core GPA is 3.0 HOPE Scholarship pays about 80% of the 2015

tuition rate at any Georgia public college or university OR a total of approximately $4700 per year at a private Georgia college or university. No fees or book allowances are provided. The exact amounts paid are listed under HOPE Program information on the www.GAcollege411.org website. The HOPE Scholarship HOPE Scholarship checkpoints: 30 semester hours 60 semester hours 90 semester hours End of every spring semester HOPE Scholarship Limits: 127 attempted semester hours

150 paid semester hours MOWR hours do NOT count Students who do not qualify out of high school or lose HOPE after the freshman year have only one opportunity to regain it. Zell Miller Scholars A special category of the HOPE scholarship Requires a 3.7 HOPE GPA and at least a 1200 on the first two sections of the SAT (ACT or 26 ACT) Pays 100% of tuition at Georgia public colleges and universities (ACT does not cover fees and books). Pays a total of approximately $5200 for Georgia private colleges or universities.

The HOPE Grant Good at any Georgia Public Technical College Currently pays $67 per semester hour or about $1000 per semester for a full time student Available to any regular diploma recipient There are no GPA requirements upon graduation. Students must maintain a 2.0 at the Technical College. Use for up to 63 semester hours ALL seniors should apply for HOPE. Students apply electronically by going to www.gafutures.org

MOST seniors should apply for Federal Student Aid Students may access the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (ACT FAFSA) through www.gafutures.org or www.fafsa.ed.gov Completing the FAFSA is an annual process. Bleckley County High School seniors receive FAFSA information no later than February each year.

Scholarship Information The BCHS Counselors Office makes students aware of approximately 25 state and national scholarships each year. BCHS seniors receive a Local Scholarship Application by March which applies for more than 20 local scholarships. Free internet scholarship searches (ACT other than GAcollege411) www.fastweb.com www.cashe.com www.zinch.com Beware of any organization which promises to find your child a scholarship for a FEE. They are not to be trusted.

Odds & Ends Start a list of activities/honors/etc. if you havent already. Students can use the portfolio feature in gacollege411 to save this information. Seniors considering a 4-year university should apply soon (ACT no later than January 15 - check the schools website for their exact deadline). October 15 is a common early admissions deadline. All college-bound students should take SAT/ACT at least twice. Apply to all schools in which you are seriously interested (ACT 1)Get accepted (ACT 2)compare costs and schools (ACT 3)make a decision. Request a financial aid application and scholarship application from any college to which you apply for admission.

Use GAcollege411/GAfutures to get information about schools. Odds & Ends Dont wait until summer to complete immunizations required by colleges some require a 4-6 week wait between vaccinations. Campus bookstores are expensive places to purchase books I suggest that you try www.campusbooks.com or other online bookstores when purchasing textbooks. Buy used books whenever possible. You may rent textbooks at Amazon or chegg.com. The BCHS Counselors Office will host the Middle Georgia State University Admissions Office for Easy Admissions in late February/early March. All male students MUST register for the selective service

to be eligible for any state or federal aid when they reach age 18.

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