METAPHORS Using Language to Clarify Ideas Definition A comparison of two dissimilar items that shows how one might have some of the qualities of the other ex. I often talk about tailoring your

language to fit your audience. The comparison is between language and a suit; writing and sewing are an implied metaphor. Everyday Metaphors Raining cats and dogs Caught red handed Shoot yourself in the foot

Go down the drain N.B. Most of these are clichs. Dont use them in your paper. Writing Process 3 stages: planning, drafting, revising Planning

Find 3 everyday metaphors Find 3 metaphors from the field Decide on audience/purpose Research the selected metaphors Complete audience analysis Drafting Format: Introduction: ex. a discussion of your

field Body: your choice for organization of information Conclusion: discuss the value of your fields use of metaphors Drafting 2 Specific information to include Discussion of your field and its use of

language Definition of metaphor with citation of source 3 examples of everyday metaphors 3 examples of metaphors from your field Evaluation of metaphor use Revision

Have preliminary draft ready for class group evaluations Decide whether to accept advice Choose best examples (ex. best common/field metaphor, best explanation of that metaphor) for Revision Discussion. Requirements

Information about your field 3 common metaphors with their meanings 3 field metaphors with explanations of their meanings, origins, purpose, effectiveness, problems. Evaluation of metaphor use in your field as the conclusion. Headings for each section of the report. Double spacing, 12 pt. Font size.

Metaphor Exercise Search for metaphor sites containing common and field metaphors. Find metaphors to use in your paper. Make a web page on your site that contains links to the sites you found for your paper, or send the url, site title, and metaphor(s) found to the

Discussion Board.

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