Meet Visual Studio 2015 Preview

Meet Visual Studio 2015 Preview

Cordova tooling in Hybrid-HTMLStudio apps Visual CSS | HTML JavaScript | TypeScript Natural path for web developers targeting devices Shortest path for cross-platform mobile Cordova tooling in Visual Studio Productivity of Visual Studio for hybrid apps Scale to complex Enterprise apps through optional TypeScript support End-to-end development workflow

included Black Box .NET and mobile development Rich experiences .NET Desktop apps WPF Breadth of devices Universal Windows Apps Sharing Cross-Platform Code with Xamarin Share app logic across platforms

Reach Windows, iOS and Android devices Leverage the most productive and powerful platform for creating native applications Maximize code reuse with Universal Projects & Portable Class Libraries 100% APIs exposed Everything you can do in xCode Native UI Native UI Native UI

C# + XIB C# + AXML C# + XAML Shared client app C# logic z Cross-Platform C++ Code Portability Bring your C++ code forward to todays mobile platforms Broad compatibility with support for iOS and Android technologies Great cross-platform

code authoring and debugging experience Get started quickly with fully integrated solution in Visual Studio UI design in Visual Studio Create UI with drag and drop simplicity Title Case Syle Target multiple screen sizes, resolutions, and OS versions Layouts saved in native resource formats Android designer available in Visual Studio iOS in Xamarin 3 Additional IDE

Improvements Synchronized settings Title case menus High resolution images Touch support Create and store custom window layouts IntelliSense Improvements Customized Tooltip IDE IMPROVEMENTS IN VISUAL STUDIO 2015 Microsoft Azure Mobile Services Turnkey Backend for Mobile Services Extend internal web

apps to mobile devices Powerful client side library for multiple devices Offline sync support data auth push ALM and TFS Team Foundation Server 2015

Kanban board Split columns Add/reorder Swim lanes Definition of done Lead time Custom fields Tags Inline editing Backlog and Work Items: Hierarchical reordering Re-parenting Filtering on backlogs and queries Sharing personal queries Taskboard Custom fields

Tags Bugs on the taskboard Inline editing Reordering Unparented tasks Version control: Pull Request improvements APIs for adding and updating files in source control Quick code editing Preview Markdown and HTML files in Code

Other: Project Welcome pages Basic license upgraded Identity control and avatars Longer trend charts WIT REST API updates Assign multiple people to test suites Team project rename TFS Build vNext Demonstration Topics: Kanban and Taskboard Trend charts Quick Edit Build vNext

Other announcements Community 2013 All the power of Visual Studio Fully capable, unified environment Target any platform Any device, any server, any technology Free For any non-enterprise app

Visual Studio Community Edition Non-enterprise developers get free access to a fully featured What's in Visual Studio Community 2013 Professional-grade editing, code analysis, and debugging support Support for open-source workflows (Git) Compilers for managed languages. Cross-platform mobile development developer IDE (almost equivalent Web, Android, iOS, Windows Phone Visual Studio Professional) Tools for Apache Cordova Lowers the cost to innovate on our Cloud services and Azure SDK integration platform

App analytics and telemetry with Application Insights Free version of Visual Studio with Access to extensions almost full parity with Visual Includes Update 4 Studio Professional Build and strengthen the .NET communities within Schools, small startups, etc. .NET is going Open Source and cross-platform .NET developers can now deploy their applications on Windows, Linux or Mac server platforms.

Customers can deploy .NET applications on Windows, Linux, Mac platforms Build once. Deploy everywhere. Strengthens the .NET community Azure SDK for .NET 2.5 Platform support Diagnostics improvements QuickStarts Event Hubs Load Balancer New SDK Tools in Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 and Visual Studio 2015 Preview Azure Resource Manager

Tools Folders in Storage Explorer Manage WebJobs from Server Explorer HDInsight Tools Add Connected Services Sign-in and view resources for multiple accounts AzureAzure SDK for .NET 2.5 Release Notes Visual Studio Online Included with MSDN Web-based test case management Cloud-based load testing

Agile portfolio management Request & manage feedback Continuous deployment to Azure And more! MSDN Benefit Changes Free Access to PluralSight All MSDN subscribers now have between 3 and 12 months free subscription access to up to 30 Pluralsight courses Access to PluralSight

nations largest online training source Free Training across all Microsoft stack, including Windows Server, SQL Server, Active Directory, Virtualization, .NET, Visual Studio, etc. Support benefits MSDN subscribers can call Microsoft technical support and open support tickets Two or four incidents annually Pro w/MSDN

Test Pro w/MSDN 2 tech support incidents MSDN Platforms Premium w/MSDN Ultimate w/MSDN 4 Tech Support incidents Priority Support in select MSDN

forums Access to Azure All MSDN subscribers have access to $50 to $150 monthly Azure credit Use all your MSDN software benefits in Azure for Dev/Test Spin up Virtual Machines, Websites, etc. What can you do with $100 in Azure? Demonstration Topics: MSDN Portal and Benefits

Azure benefits activation

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