MedlinePlus, Go Local and NIHSeniorHealth

MedlinePlus, Go Local and NIHSeniorHealth

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  • Senior Theme: Finding the Questions

    Senior Theme: Finding the Questions

    You can change your mind later (and you probably will), but for now you will make a tentative plan to use in the library. Focusing Question Primary Purpose Explore: What are additional questions that most interest you and might help...
  • Passing of The Baton -

    Passing of The Baton -

    Psalm 122 talks about the peace that comes when we go to the house of the Lord. Matthew reminds us that Jesus said no one knows the day or the hour, but the Lord is coming. The sermon focuses on...
  • Concepts of Geographic Thinking - Southcorner Barber

    Concepts of Geographic Thinking - Southcorner Barber

    5 Concepts of Geographic Thinking. Each of the concepts allows us to learn about geography with a particular focus. Concept #1: Spatial Significance. The importance of a place or a region. What connections exist between the location and physical characteristics...
  • Drones for Good - Wildfire Briefing to Subcommittee on ...

    Drones for Good - Wildfire Briefing to Subcommittee on ...

    Means to collect, distribute, access, and analyze the >24X amount of data collected 1. ... DOI is issuing RFI's for UAS or Optionally-Piloted Aircraft (OPA) that can carry large payloads. Future foundation of UAS for extraction.
  • Chapter 12

    Chapter 12

    Title: Chapter 12 Subject: Achieving World-Class Operations Management Author: Deborah Baker Last modified by: Edwards School of Business Created Date
  • Senior Naviance -

    Senior Naviance -

    Naviance at the bottom of the Colleges tab has a Fanny Mae search engine = government run so it is pretty safe. or are also pretty good sites. What to watch for when applying for scholarships: Never pay....
  • Mining Regional Knowledge in Spatial Dataset

    Mining Regional Knowledge in Spatial Dataset

    Disaster analytics and understanding what makes communities resilient to absorb and recover from disasters. Moreover, my research group is starting new research in critical infrastructure resilience that employs artificial intelligence planning techniques to come up with plans that absorb or...
  • Stock Valuation Methods -

    Stock Valuation Methods -

    The value is £105-00. International Accounting Standards no longer permit the use of the last in - first out (LIFO) method of determining the valuation of stock. IAS 2 will allow the continued use of first in - first out...