Treatment Options and Referral Resources for Substance Abuse Treatment Elizabeth F Howell, MD, DFAPA, DFASA Associate Professor of Psychiatry Paula J Cook, MD Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Family Medicine University of Utah School of Medicine Alicia Bott, LCSW University Neuropsychiatric Institue July 2016 Treatment of Addiction Addiction is a chronic disease of the brain

Motivation, reward and memory affected Long-term treatments are required, just like for other chronic diseases Discontinuation of treatment will likely result in relapse Relapse does not indicate failure of treatment Rates of relapse and recovery for addiction are equivalent to (or better than) other medical diseases like asthma, hypertension and diabetes Improving Effectiveness of Referrals Call the referral source with the patient in the room,

have MA/RN follow through Warm handoffs Know your referral sources Make practical referrals (close proximity to pt, transportation possible, affordable, doable) Attend open 12-Step or other mutual help meetings before you refer to them Schedule close followup with PCP Ask questions about recovery, relapse on every visit Referral to Treatment In the ED, Crisis service can assist with referrals, which vary with funding, insurance, medical needs, etc.

Outpatient Treatment: Including IOP, Day Treatment, and OP Treatment : Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Detox: University Neuropsychiatric Institute (UNI), other area hospitals depending on funding Volunteers of America social detox We have limited detox options in the SL Valley! Keep in mind that inpatient and residential options are not the only treatment available. There are several outpatient options available: day treatment, intensive outpatient, and outpatient services. Assessment and Referral Services (ARS) groups and evaluations for ongoing treatment: Factors To Consider When Choosing a Treatment Provider Payment for Services: Does the provider accept insurance? If not, do they have a sliding fee scale? County funding options Population Served: Who are you referring? Consider if pt is a parent, has criminogenic factors, age, gender, trauma history. Services Offered: Individual therapy, group therapy, parent-child therapy, case

management services, child care offered. Location/Accessibility of Treatment: Near bus/trax line, token availability. ASAM Criteria Defines one national set of criteria for providing outcome-oriented and results-based care in the treatment of addiction. Criteria uses six dimensions to create a holistic, biopsychosocial assessment of an individual to be used for service planning and treatment across all services and levels of care. Today the criteria have become the most widely used and comprehensive set of guidelines for placement, continued stay and transfer/discharge of patients with addiction and cooccurring conditions. uum-of-care.jpg?sfvrsn=0 Source: Learn more about addiction Shadow an addiction treatment provider

Resident rotation through UNI detox service Consult with an addiction specialist Seek continuing education about addiction Call us! [All available through SmartWeb] Elizabeth F Howell, MD Paula J Cook, MD Duy Pham, MD Robert Birch, MD Jeremy Thueson, MD Resources Online Resources and Textbooks texts on addiction [free online access through the Eccles Library] Principles of Addiction Medicine Lowinsons Substance Abuse Enduring CME, Webcasts, etc. Others Referral Resources

Nation-Wide State- Wide County-Wide Dr Howells Wikispaces Sites Questions?

Alicia Bott, LCSW University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute 501 Chipeta Way Salt Lake City, UT 84108 801-339-3645 (pager) [email protected]

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