ME 110 Course

ME 110 Course

Computer System - OVERVIEW Print multiple handouts on one page Select File Print Edit the following selections to read: Select the OK button Reference: Giesecke et al. Chapter 2 1 Parts of a Computer System

(latest processor) CPU Input Output Storage Devices Operating System Software CPU Central Processing Unit receives data and manages and controls the functions of the CAD system. It is analogous to a humans brain, which

interprets data and controls motor functions. 2000: Pentium 4 Processor CPU Timeline 48 Transistor (Bell Labs) 70s CPU (Intel) Birth of PC 70s Present Dramatic increase in processor speed (Moores Law):

Ted Hoff Inventor 4 Input Devices Keyboard Mouse Digitizer Trackball Light Pen Touch Screen

Voice Keyboard Backspace deletes anything to the left of the cursor ESC Escape key Function Keys Back Slash Delete deletes anything to the right of the cursor

Nums Lock, Caps Lock, & Scroll Lock green light means lock is on Caps Lock all letters will be typed as capital letters CTRL Control Key ALT Alt key Forward Slash

CTRL Control Key Nums Lock types numbers when using keypad Mouse Middle Button can be rolled or clicked, depending on the software Left Button select entity, menu selection, icon, etc.

Mouse Pad Right Button sometimes works like the Enter key and sometimes displays a short cut menu Output Devices Monitors Printers

Plotters Machining Centers Rapid Prototyping Other Software Packages, such as ANSYS and Mold Flow! Output Devices contd. Printer Control Buttons and Prompt Window. To Cancel a job press the Cancel button. If Offline press the green button B size paper drawer (11 x 17) A size paper drawer

(8-1/2 x 11) On/Off switch on side Output Devices Manufacturing contd. CAD Model Import into CAM package Haas: Mini Mill (7.5 hp spindle w/ 16 x 12 x 10 travel) Haas: VF-11/50 Vertical Machining Center (30 hp spindle w/ 120 x 40

x 20 travel) Source: Post Process Download gcode into machine tool Mori Seiki: SL-154 Turning Center Mori Seiki: SL-603 Turning Center Source: 10 Output Devices Rapid Prototyping w/ 3D Printer

contd. CAD Model Import into 3D printer as STF file Z-Corp, model Z810 System, Build Volume = 20 x 24 x 16 Full Scale Engine Block printed on the Z810 System (18"x19"x13") Produce physical prototype (starch/plaster) Forsmans METBD 410

Source: Z-Corp 11 Storage Devices Fixed disk drive or hard drive (up to 120 GB+) Floppy disk drive (1.44 MB)

USB (64 MB 512 MB) CD-ROM drives (800 MB) Server (P: drive) Optical drives (1 GB) Magnetic tape (1+ GB) Zip drives (100 MB) Super Disk (120 MB) Storage Devices CD ROM Drive Floppy Drive contd. Memory Stick in

USB port Access Storage Devices Start Search For Files or Folders Folders button + Means Collapsed - Means Expanded Floppy Drive P: drive your personal space V: drive courseware Data Disk Hard drive

CD ROM Drive Operating System An operating system is a set of instructions that control the operation of the computer and its peripheral devices. Operating systems control the execution of specific program. Operating systems provide support for activities like input and output (I/O) Examples: Windows XP, 2000 or NT, UNIX, OS2, Linex Stand Alone vs Networked Stand Alone Networked Stand Alone

A self sufficient computer All software must be loaded onto hard drive or run off a floppy. Printer, scanner, etc., connected directly to computer. Networked Behrend Computer Labs Multiple computers connected to one central location by cables, routers, etc.

One copy of the software on the server. Site license controls number of copies that may be downloaded at one time. Initial software downloads times may take up to 40 minutes depending on the software May connect to a printer in any computer center lab Store data (your files) on computer center server, i.e., your P: drive. Freshman allocated 10 MB.

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