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Max's Restaurant Assignment - WikiSpaces - Confluence

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s, Fuente . R , l il A.H maras, a S . D Team 5 g A. Youn Team 5 Lesson 1 General Manager Requirements Management experience in a restaurant (3-5 years)

Communication Skills Ability to lead a team of individuals Staffing & Scheduling Skills Degree in Business Management (Not required but beneficial) Team 5 Lesson 2 Here at Maxs Restaurant we are always committed to our customers and employees. It is our responsibility to provide a healthy and successful environment by embracing all of the following values: Diversity Excellent Customer service

Integrity Leadership Positive Attitudes Equality Respect Team 5 Lesson 3 Maxs incorporates diversity into the restaurant by: Requiring programs that train and educate Having mandatory policies for fairness and equality Providing mentoring programs for minorities Giving career guidance Performing non-discriminatory performance evaluations Offering internship programs Team 5 Lesson 4 Disciplinary Actions & Procedures First offense with verbal warning: Second offense written

warning: -Confrontation with other - Arriving late more than three employees - Arriving late to work (first offense) - Leaving before the end of your shift - Not following standardized procedures - Failure to follow dress codes times - Leaving before cut three times - Dress code failure (second time) - Lack of work continues Team 5 Lesson 4 Cont. Third and final offense

will result in termination: After written warning is given failure in the following: - Theft of company property -Arriving late after three times - Coming into work intoxicated -Leaving before end of shift after three times - Failing a random drug test - Physical confrontation with employees -Dress code failure after three

times -Substandard work continues Team 5 Lesson 4 Cont. Management should follow the following steps in handling an employees complaint -Meet privately with the employee - Ask details such as the date, time, who was involved and another questions regarding the situation to have a record. - Assure you will look further into the situation - After resolving the situation set another meeting privately to explain how the situation was handled Team 5 Lesson 5-Shifts Supervisors Supervisors General Manager -3 -3 full full time=120 time=120 hours/week

hours/week -First Shift- 5:00am (time to prep) - 12noon -2 -2 part part time=40 time=40 hours/week hours/week -Second Shift - 11:30noon- 6:00pm (these will will be be weekend weekend -Third Shift- 530pm-12midnight (allowing for time to (these supervisors supervisors working working longer longer shifts) shifts) clean up) Shift 1 Dishwashers

-1 Dishwasher Part Time -4 full time=160 hours/week -2 Prep Cooks Full Time -3 part time= 60 hours /week -1 Order Taker Part Time -1 Supervisor Full Time Prep Cooks -1 Salaried Management Full Time -6 full time=160 hours/week Shift 2 -4 part time=80 hours/week -1 Dishwasher Part Time -2 Prep Cooks Full Time Order takers -1 Order Taker Part Time -4 full time=160 hours/week -1 Supervisor Full Time -6 part time=120 hours/week -1 Manager Full Time Team 5 Lesson 5 Cont.

So, we think that the busier season may actually occur at the beginning of spring with events such as Spring Break, Mothers Day, high school and college graduations, Fathers Day (Summer), Independence Day (Summer), and Labor Day (Summer). Many of these events would be a one time deal and so some of the employees may need to work extra hours. However, the summer months would give Max's the opportunity to hire students who are looking to earn extra money and this may coincide with the busiest time of the year. Team 5 Lesson 6 -College billboards- Hub, Cafeterias, Town -Local News papers -Campus News papers -Craigs List -FaceBook -Twitter -Job Fairs

Sample Flyer Advertisement & Recruitment sources Team 5 Lesson 7 Methods for Each Step in Selection Process Determine Job Description -Express all major and minor responsibilities of the job as well as the goals of the job and how they relate to the goals of the entire restaurant Recruit -Post flyers on local university bulletin and use social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Review applications and select which applicants will be interviewed

-Weed through applications making sure to select only the top applicants that have the required skills and experience Team 5 Lesson 7 Cont. Hold Interviews -Contact applicant by phone for a brief interview. If the applicant has a successful phone interview and is still interested in the job, schedule a second interview that will take place at Maxs. Review the Job Analysis with each applicant -During the second interview, discuss the job analysis with the applicant and be sure to express important topics such as; why the position is essential to the success of the restaurant, what would be required of the employee in order to receive a raise, what would put the employee at risk for being suspended or fired, and the positive and negative actions of previous employees Select applicant to potentially hire -Decide which applicant had the best attitude and required skills

Complete reference and background check -Contact former employers and verify that applicant is hard working and reliable Hire applicant -Contact applicant and offer the position Begin training -Begin orientation and training Team 5 Lesson 7 Cont. Some questions to ask an applicant for the supervisors/managers position: -What is a difficult decision you have had to make recently? -What is the most useful criticism that you have received form a coworker/supervisor? -What is the most difficult thing that you have recently had to overcome? -What are your short/long term goals? -Do you feel that anything may stand in your way of accomplishing these goals? -How will you define your success with Max's Restaurant? -If you saw an employee do something that made the company look bad, how

would you handle it? -What personality type would be the most difficult for you to manage? -What one or two things from your prior experience and/or education do you see as being the most relevant and valuable to succeed in this position? -If you received an order from your supervisor that you didn't agree with, how would you tell the people you supervise? Team 5 Lesson 8 Training Process for Order Takers: Training: -each the basics of selling -make certain that the order takers/servers know about each menu -item, including ingredients, preparation methods, etc. -have trainees shadow experienced order takers -as part of the training process, trainees may practice taking orders and serving experienced staff members and waiting and serving the management -have meetings before the shifts begin and go over selling techniques and changes to menu items, specials, etc. -Max's policies and procedures -basics of money handling -learn the all of the prices of the menu items

Team 5 Lesson 8 Cont. Selling Techniques: -train order takers to sell items -train order takers to accurately describe items to customers -train to use proper language -teach the importance of selling -possibly establish an incentive program to the employee that sells the most "add on" items such as appetizers and desserts Customer Service: -create a guideline for customer service -teach employees to recognize and interpret customer cues -never put a sale above a customers needs -learn the abbreviations in the menu Team 5 Lesson 9 Supervisor Performance Appraisal The supervisor is to maintain fast, accurate service and positive guest relations. The supervisor will also ensure that service is consistent with Maxs quality standards.

-Ensures health and safety codes, and company safety and policies are met -Conducts performance appraisals, takes disciplinary action, motivates and trains employees. -Ensures food quality and 100% customer satisfaction. Team 5 Lesson 9 Cont. Prep Cook Performance Appraisal -Staff relations: consistently demonstrates courteous and efficient service to other staff. -Anticipates fellow workers needs and responds to requests for help and creates a friendly environment. -Team player, cooperates and works well with others and helps staff get ready for service. -Follow through, finishes tasks that are assigned Scale for Performance 4:Exceeds expectations, 3.5:Somewhat exceeds, 3:Meets expectations 2.5:Somehwat meets, 2:Less than meets, 1:Inadequate Team 5 Lesson 10 Ranking Method for Jobs

List of Jobs to Evaluate: -Dishwasher -Prep Cook -Order taker -Supervisor Jobs Ranked According to Their Value: -Supervisor -Prep Cook -Order Taker -Dish Washer Team 5 Lesson 11 Benefits for Hourly Employees Benefits for Salaried Employees Professional Development & Training

Health Workplace Flexibility Life Insurance Shorter Work Week Long term disability Benefit package (eligible after 6 months at a higher rate than salary) Employee Discount (applied Dental Employee Assistance Plan Tuition Reimbursement Retirement Plan

Phased Retirement Team 5 Lesson 13 Although we, as a business, can openly oppose unionization to our employees through written policies there are other things we can do to prevent them from forming a union. Here is a list of actions we can take to avoid this: Develop a policy on unionization Train supervisors to effectively deal with their employees Always maintain effective communication

Ensure wages, benefits and working conditions up to industry standards Provide supervisor training Enforce company rules uniformly (no favoritism) Maintain an open companywide forum (meetings, delegations, etc.)

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