Marriage is a Private Affair - Methacton School District

Marriage is a Private Affair - Methacton School District

Marriage is a Private Affair By Chinua Achebe Disposed Verb

Inclined to act in a certain manner Disposed He is disposed to be a comedian just like his

father. Retreat Noun A safe, peaceful place

Retreat The church members went on a group retreat to pray and reflect. Disconcertingly

Adverb In a manner that confuses and disturbs Disconcertingly Sally disconcertingly sped

across both lanes unexpectedly when she dropped her coffee in her lap. Homily Noun

Sermon; sermon-like speech Homily The priest gave a homily at Marys wedding.

Dissuasion Noun Advising against Dissuasion

The lawyer used dissuasion to convince the jury. Commiserate Verb

Sympathize Commiserate America commiserates with the families of all of th

the September 11 victims families. Deference Noun

Courteous respect Deference He is shown much deference by his colleagues because of his

high position and positive encouragement. Persevere Verb Continue; keep trying

Persevere Many athletes continue to persevere even after a loss. Perfunctorily

Adverb In an uninterested way Perfunctorily Sam sat in class taking notes perfunctorily because science

was his least favorite subject. Implore Verb To beg; ask urgently

Implore Parents implore their children not to drink and drive. Remorse

Noun (abstract) Bitter regret or guilt Remorse Billy felt deep remorse for having neglected his

family over the years. Palestinian Poems Lover From Palestine Warmth of Blood Diameter of a Bomb

Orphan Noun Child whose mother and father are deceased The orphan held onto her parents

picture to remember their life together before the accident. Misery Noun Great wretchedness

After the break up, the girl cried in misery, and she didnt leave her bed for three days. Comrade Noun

Friend; close companion My comrades and I like to play paintball every Saturday; we have so much fun together. Stoked

Verb To stir up; feed; fuel My brother stoked my dog by taking his toy and hiding it just out his reach.

Radiant Adjective Shining brightly; filled with light; showing pleasure; love; well being Her smile was radiant as she walked down the aisle towards her

future husband. Ember Noun Smoldering remains of a fire After we went camping, my dad

put water over the embers to prevent a forest fire or accident. Solitary Adjective Living or being alone; single

I love being a solitary shopper, so I dont have to wait for anyone, and I can get what I need and go. Centimeter

Noun Metric unit of measure; 1/100 of a meter (.394 inches) Questions?

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