Marking and Feedback - Let there be marks

Marking and Feedback - Let there be marks

NUMBAS for Chemistry Changing Assessment of Numerical Skills Hanno Kossen Teaching Fellow in Chemistry 03/04/2019 ULTSEC Innovation Fund: Nick Walker, Chris Graham Johan Eriksson, Christian Lawson-Perfect, Abbi Mullins, Matthew Sykes Introduction

Students might expect: And they will also get: and many employers like it Objectives Enhance chemistry students numeric skills Boost students confidence tackling challenging mathematical problems Generate practice questions and feedback that

support learning cycles Develop skills in using NUMBAS to deal with all of the above Methods Number entry and conventional questions (MCQ/Gapfill) Interface (vs. Blackboard) and functionality (partial credit, visibility) Using NUMBAS to improve feedback Instant on formative assessment tailored to focus on needs Quick Assessment, quick feedback even when used summatively

Fair marking Clearer assessment criteria (scores per question) Using student-entered data as variables mistakes become calculation errors Evaluation Stats Comparatively low N/A rates Discrimination of marks Individual question evaluation

Stage survey: n ~ 60, Comments: n ~ 35 Relatively clear connection between learning activity and assessment More guidance when completing assessment use formatively? Learning most from using equations Not suited to everyone Students dont trust the algorithm

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