Manor Adventure Shropshire -

Manor Adventure Shropshire -

Welcome to our meeting for Year 6 Manor Adventure 2019 10th - 14th June 2019 Manor Adventure Established in 1991

Handles over 27,000 students + 500 families each year Manor offers exceptional facilities within a 100 acre estate in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the South Shropshire countryside. It is located close to the Welsh borders and nine miles from the historical town of Ludlow. The grounds consist of woodlands, fields, and gardens inhabited by an abundance of wildlife. The Accommodation:

Woodland Village The Lodge The Manor House The children are in rooms of 4 or 5, with a shower

room and toilet Teachers rooms adjacent to students rooms Duty manager (24 hours) Schools stay together Atmosphere like a mini Olympic village The Lodge

Woodland Village FOOD

Full English breakfast Substantial lunch Excellent cooked dinner Always plenty of choice Vegetarians, Vegans & special diets catered for. Activities

Manor Adventure offer a range of activities including Abseiling and climbing Canoeing and Kayaking Orienteering and scavenger hunts Zip wire Obstacle courses Archery Swimming

Fencing Volleyball DISCO Health & Safety

Regularly inspected by Health & Safety Executive Approved centre status Conform to all Governing Body Guidelines

Each outdoor pursuit Risk Assessed 4X4 Rescue vehicle Radio linked outdoor pursuits Outdoor pursuits, equipment and instructors continually assessed and monitored Course Benefits: Education outside the classroom

Develop an inner confidence/personal achievement Develop self esteem / social skills Develop team building skills (interdependence) Experience new / exciting outdoor pursuits Learn respect for others Develop independence from parents


Travel lunch break/timings Room buddies and day groupings Mobile Phones / Technology Sweets/snacks In the case of illness Contact details contacting us/you Photographs during the week

What happens next? Payment letter Total cost for the week is 467 per pupil. This includes transport, food, accommodation and a keepsake DVD of photographs. Non-refundable deposit due Thursday 12th October 2018 (67)

Further payments made in 5 instalments (80) on the first day of each month Last instalment due 1st March 2019 All payments via ParentPay Pack to complete (letter, consent, medical, swimming and consent for medication)

Next meeting May Equipment and what to bring for the week. Timings departures and arrivals Manor Adventure

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