...with KBA Nominees Bringing book discussion to the next level. Grades 3-5 2019 Resources: https://bit.ly/2pxmfkh What type of club is it? Book Discussion Blogging

Food connection Book Trailers Book activities DIY.org Community outreach STEM/STEAM activities Books and Materials Library purchases 5 copies of each book

Small activities fee for materials and club tshirt DIY.org is a free digital badge site Blogging through my website and Flipgrid Meeting Schedule (Example) Week 1 - Book discussion - Short book activity Week 2 - Book discussion - STEM, STEAM or Community outreach Week 3

- Snack related to story - Book trailer - complete book discussion - Introduce next book Each Week (warm up) - Group DIY.org badge - Unfinished book trailers At Home: Read, blog and work on own DIY projects Salaam Reads, an imprint of Simon and Schustser, 2017. Aminas Voice by Hena

Khan Book Connection: Search to find: How difficult is it to become a United States citizen? What happens at a naturalization ceremony? STEAM Activity: Create Lego flags from characters countries. Heritage Snack: Make an ethnic dish. Members bring in samples. Community Outreach: Create flags to represent all ethnic backgrounds of students in school to display. Farrar Straus Giroux, 2016.

. Finding Perfect by Elly Swartz Book Connection Identity Bag: Design a bag showing how others perceive you on outside and how you perceive yourself on inside. STEM Activity: Poetry Tower: Engineering Challenge Project. Snack- Brinner- waffles and fruit Book Connection:

Create a business plan Community Outreach: Little Brown and Company, 2017. Im Just No Good at Rhyming by Chris Harris Book Connection: Mad Lib Poetry Book Connection: Poetry Family Feud Community Outreach: Poetry Cafe night Snack: Students bring in a snack that is inspired by one of the poems or own favorite poem. The Losers Club

Random House, 2017. by Andrew Clements Book Connection: Whats in a Name? Teams brainstorm another name for Alecs club and create own logo for it. Book Connection: Trivia Kickball: Answer questions about the story to move along bases. STEM Activity: Bookordion Use engineering skills to create a bookordion or 3D display of books they read.

Snack- After school snacks- juice packs, cheetos, granola bars G.P. Putnams Sons Books for Young Readers, 2017 The Matchstick Castle by Keir Graff Book Connection: Persuasion Create an electronic poster to convince Brians uncle why he should not go to summer school. STEM Activity: Save Uncle Kingsley Use engineering skills to create a device to save Uncle Kingsley!

Snack- Make vanilla ice cream. STEAM Activity: Create a castle out out matchsticks. First Second Books, an imprint of Roaring Book Press, 2017 The Big Bad Fox by Benjamin Renner Book Connection Discover if a fox or wolf is more fierce. Create a Wanted poster including factual traits that warrant its arrest by the hens.

STEM Activity: Create a device to detract Wolf or Fox from entering the farm. Materials: yarn, box & other on hand materials Snack: Turnips or Peeps STEAM Activity/Game: Little Brown and Company, 2016 The Wild Robot, by Peter Brown Book Connection: Animal Character organizer Track how the animals and robot co-depend on each

other Research and Design: Robots - Research/forecast robots in future - Design a useful robot STEAM Activity: Recyclables - A robot with a feature to do a specific task. - A shelter to protect both a robot and a living creature. Snack- Bird Nests Feiwel and Friends, an imprint of Macmillan Childrens Publishing, 2017. Wishtree,

by Katherine Applegate Poetry Connection: Be Different to Trees poem Compare/contrast interpretation of it before and after reading story. Culture Connect/Community Outreach: -Discover history of wishtrees in different cultures and create an infomercial about it. -Start a Wish Tree day at school. Snack: Friendship Fruit Salad STEM activity: Create a device to protect a sampling. Jimmy Patterson Books, Little Brown and Company, 2016.

Word of Mouse by James Patterson Book Connection: Mouse Testing-Human Society Research then create a PSN to help mice! STEM Activity: Create Mouse Rockets Snack: Strawberry mice So Mice Love Cheese? Wonderopolis STEM Activity: Rube Goldberg Activity: Build a mousetrap Peachtree Publishers, 2016. Seven and a Half Tons of Steel

by Janet Nolan This powerful picture book describes how the bow of the USS New York was made from a steel beam that came from the World Trade Center towers, showing us how something remarkable can emerge from such a devastating event. Its your turn. Whats your ideas? https://tinyurl.com/y9xvcuur Which one do you want to read first?

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