Living with glaciers

Living with glaciers

Living with glaciers Hazards and challenges This EXTREME ENVIRONMEN T brings hazards and challenges for

people and also ecosystems (the animals and plants found living here). Simon Oakes People have

adapted to life in extreme cold. Traditional dress and clothing in places like Greenland makes good practical use of animal skin and

furs. Royal Geographical Society John Noble/Royal Geographical Society This photograph shows animal skins being prepared for use after a hunt

Nick Ledger/Royal Geographical Society Houses have steep roofs. Snow can slide off easily and not add too much weight to Polar bears hunt on sea ice. They catch seals that come up

for air where there are breathing holes in the If global sea ice. warming causes Arctic sea ice to melt away, polar bears are unlikely to survive in large numbers - as they will be unable to hunt seals anymore

Carole Rawlinson/Royal Geographical Society Resources and Opportunities This EXTREME ENVIRONMEN T also provides people with the means to

make a living in various ways. Bruce Herrod/Royal Geographical Society Carole Rawlinson/Royal Geographical Society Tourism brings skiers to the Alps and Rockies. Antarctica has plenty of

visitors who come to experience the Nick Ledger/Royal Geographical Society In Iceland, geothermal heat creates warm pools of water in a cold environment, which tourists enjoy.

In the Arctic and Antarctic, specially built boats can cut through the sea ice for purposes of trade, scientific research, or EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS are challenging places to live They have a lower CARRYING CAPACITY than other places But people still find ways to survive Especially when TECHNOLOGY is

there to help them

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