Let's talk EPS

Let's talk EPS

Lets talk EPS Developing the best way forward for practices and pharmacy to maximise EPS An Introduction to NHSBSA Primary Care Services The Benefits of EPS and eRD Benefits for prescribers, patients and the wider NHS Benefits for prescribers, patients and the wider NHS Benefits for prescribers, patients and the wider NHS Benefits for Dispensers

Automated downloads, making prescription processing more efficient Less time spent on administration and collecting prescriptions, which means more time for helping customers Improved stock control and greater accuracy

A prescription collection service no longer required between pharmacy and practices Benefits for Dispensers Improved patient satisfaction through reduced waiting times Increased accuracy, meaning fewer prescription queries Less sorting and less paper to send to NHS Prescription Services

NHSBSA Prescriber Support Model Your EPS and eRD journey Increase EPS use Introduce eRD Maximise EPS and eRD Promote to patients Efficient use

Identify and address challenges Identify suitable patients Understand the process Promote to patients Getting started Continuous support and improvement Informing and educating patients

Collaborate with NHS Digital, CCGs and LPCs. We work on an individual basis with practices and pharmacies, maintaining a close working relationship throughout. We offer a range of resources to help your organisation at each stage of the journey

towards getting the most out of EPS. We have developed both an EPS Prescribing Dashboard and Dispensing Dashboard. Increasing EPS use Patient engagement Many patients not using EPS may not be convinced by the benefits to themselves

The NHSBSA has developed content specifically to engage these patients looking more at the impact to the wider NHS This content is available for use: As a slide show Waiting room messaging content (can also be used as text messaging content) We also have other resources to help engage pharmacy and identify suitable patients for EPS TOP TIP: Search for patients on repeats and send them this content via SMS (iPLATO

/MJog ) to inform them of the EPS service Increasing EPS use Nominations EPS still relies on patient choice through nomination. Patients must be fully informed about EPS before the nomination can be set on the system. Nomination consent doesn't have to be in writing, but you do need to have an

auditable process. TOP TIPS: Set monthly nomination targets Incorporate a section on recording patient consent for EPS nominations in New Patient Registration Processes. Set up alerts to remind GPs to speak to non-nominated patients during consultations Encourage local pharmacy to nominate prescription collection service patients Promote EPS and acquire nomination information on recall letters Promote EPS to all patients using online access Increasing EPS use Other useful tips Correct and consistent smartcard use

Ensure no PDS mismatches Staff training both existing and new staff Regularly monitoring stats

Use searches regularly to identify suitable patients Use the EPS Tracker Use EPS for Appliances with patient consent Increasing EPS use Identifying challenges & addressing these

Communication is key Arrange workshops with local pharmacies Educate and inform patients Work with PPGs Introduce eRD How it works

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzaNeAaelAo&fea ture=youtu.be Introduce eRD Getting started Ensure everybody in the practice is aware of eRD and how it works Run an eRD workshop

Create/update your surgery's eRD strategy (include admin team and clinical team) Review current eRD performance and set a target Invite local pharmacy and encourage collaboration Nominate champions for the practice and pharmacy

Start slowly, identifying and engaging with patients: At medication reviews Opportunistically Introduce eRD NHSBSA data To support GP practices we can provide NHS numbers for patients who are potentially suitable for eRD.

This data shows stable patients who have had no change in their medication in at least 10 of the last 12 months Information governance protocols need to be observed to receive the data To request this information, please visit www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/eRD Practices receiving our data in 2017/18 increased their eRD over 3% more than similar practices who did not get our data That equates to a minimum of 5 hours GP time saved each month!

Introduce eRD Patient engagement NHSBSA patient flyer GP practices, Dentists, Opticians and Pharmacies can order through the following link www.pcse.england.nhs.uk Trusts, CCGs, Local Authorities etc. can order here www.nhsforms.co.uk Work with PPGs

Patient presentations Maximise EPS and eRD Checking your EPS and eRD usage on a regular basis will help ensure you maximise the potential to increase your usage Share best practice

Use available handbooks, guides and support Inform and educate patients Differentiate between other digital services and EPS Make sure patients dont continue to order medication once on eRD Challenges We would like to know about additional

challenges you face when looking to increase EPS use. We will take these away and discuss with CCGs, LPCs and NHS Digital to understand how best to support you and provide solutions. Staying Connected Twitter: @NHSBSA

Website: www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk Email : [email protected]

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