Legislative Mandates from the 81st Legislature: What you need ...

Legislative Mandates from the 81st Legislature: What you need ...

THE 82ND LEGISLATIVE SESSION School Health Policies 2011-2012 82nd Legislative Session Gains Fitness Assessment Individualized Data (SB 226) Bullying and Suicide Prevention and Intervention (SB 741, SB 1942, HB 1386) Extracurricular Athletic

Safety (HB 675, HB 2038) Summer Nutrition Program (SB 89) Losses Fitness Assessment P.E. Classes Only (SB 8/HB 400) Physical Activity and Corporal Punishment (HB 359) Texas Fitness Now Law, Policy and the Legislative

Session Texas Education Code sets minimum expectations for school districts. Local, board-adopted policy can serve to strengthen state laws. Most school districts exceed expectations in multiple areas. Most school districts have room to improve in the implementation of existing mandates. More stays the same or improves during a session than is lost. Coordinated School Health (CSH) and Campus Improvement Plans All elementary, middle and junior high schools required

to implement a CSH Program (Texas Education Code TEC 38.014) Develop goals and objectives for CSH based on: fitness assessment data, academic performance, attendance rates, socioeconomic status, the use of success of any method to ensure students are reaching required moderate or vigorous physical activity (MVPA), and any other indicator recommended by SHAC (TEC 11.253). Include CSH Goals in all elementary, middle and junior high school Campus Improvement Plans (TEC 11.253).

Health Education Instruction from the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills required in Kindergarten through Eighth grade (TEC 28.002). Written notice regarding human sexuality instruction to students sent home annually to include: summary of content, requirements established under state law, statement of the parents right to review the materials, option to remove the student without penalty, and information describing opportunities for parental involvement in the development of the curriculum (TEC 28.004). Curriculum materials and resources required to be

reviewed by School Health Advisory Council (SHAC). Healthy and Safe School Environment and Health Services Concussion management policy required to be implemented in every school district (TEC 38.153-38.159). Football helmet safety regulations established for all school districts (TEC 33.094) . Sever e food allergy notification required for impacted students and school board policy addressing risk of anaphylaxis (TEC 38.0151) Specified staff required to be CPR Certified and trained in the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) (TEC 22.902). At least one AED required on each campus (TEC 38.017).

Teen dating abuse policy required of each school district (TEC 37.0831). Tobacco use prevention policy required of each school district (TEC 38.006). Mental Health and Counseling Services State recommended list of best practice-based suicide prevention and mental health intervention programs for schools. Prescriptive bullying policy that includes moving bully to another school, notifying parent of incident, and stronger supports for victim.

Policy prohibiting bullying and harassment required of each school district. Nutrition Services and Education School districts with 50% or more students eligible for free and reduced lunch must provide summer nutrition program. School district policy to prevent foods of minimal nutritional value. Nutrition education to be provided in Kindergarten through Eighth grade. District-developed wellness policy required of each school district receiving reimbursable meal funding.

Parent and Community Involvement SHAC may include member from domestic violence program (TEC 28.004). SHAC must meet 4 times per year with at least 5 members. SHAC must report directly to the school board at least once annually with detailed account of SHAC activities and recommendations. Parent to serve as chair or co-chair on each SHAC. SHAC required to recommend indicators for evaluating effectiveness of Coordinated School Health Programs (TEC 11.254) Physical Education Students with disability or illness may take alternative

course for physical education credit. Corporal punishment defined to exclude physical pain caused by reasonable physical activity. Student attending high school may not receive credit toward for junior college courses while meeting the high school graduation requirement for high school (TEC 103.008) Designed, implemented, and evaluated to enable students to develop the motor, self-management, and other skills, knowledge, attitudes, and confidence necessary to participate in lifetime physical activity. Develop district goals and objectives to carry out physical education curriculum. Safety policies to be established if the student/teacher ratio is greater than 45 to 1 in a physical education class.

Physical Education and Activity All elementary school students and students enrolled in full-day prekindergarten must participate in MVPA for a minimum of 30 minutes per day or 135 minutes per week. All students in grades 6, 7 and 8 must participate in MVPA for a minimum of 30 minutes per day or 225 minutes per two weeks for 4 semesters. One credit of Physical Education required for high school graduation. Staff Wellness

Texas Education Agency operating procedures to provide for physical activity time and doctors wellness visits. Numerous resources to support worksite wellness efforts. http://walkacrosstexas.tamu.edu/ Program Evaluation Student-level fitness assessment data to be maintained at TEA. Fitness assessment to be conducted in physical education classes or substitutes. Free online resources include ACTIVE

Life, School Health Index, HECAT and PECAT. Implementation of CSH goals from Campus Improvement Plans.

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