Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet


The first DBE Reciprocity agreement between KY and IN was for the Milton/Madison Bridge. It was a $104 million A + B contract constructed in 2011-2012. Kennedy Interchange, JFK Memorial Bridge, Lewis and Clark Bridge, I-65 on ramp Approximately $2 billion project Reciprocity Agreement in place for the project Exceeded the DBE Goal Receiving Consideration to be National Model DBE EXCHANGE DBEs

Primes Third-Party Partners If certified in either state-work in either state Utilize DBEs on both directories Partake in the DBE Exchange

July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019 Remain on your home state directory DBE Exchange can be utilized on all projects let between July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019 If certified in both states maintain your certification Hopeful to extend duration of

the agreement Must be prequalified if its required Prequalification is not required for suppliers and haulers Road Work Ahead Professional Service & Highway Construction I. 1000 Bridges Projects - Screening of 1000 KY Bridges - Rehab, Replace, Close or Demolish

- October 2018 II. The I-69 Bridge Project - Community Meetings - KY will assume approximately 65% of costs - High priority for INDOT III. Brent Spence Bridge Project Office for Civil Rights & Small Business Development I. DBE Online (Electronic Application) - All new applications submitted online II. Tuesday Talks

- Not an investigation of DBE status - Eliminate barriers and increase utilization III. Entrepreneurial Development Institute - Ground Up - Partner Up - Build Up KYTC Closing Remarks Contact Us Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Office for Civil Rights and

Small Business Development 200 Mero Street, 6th Floor Frankfort, KY 40622 (502) 564-3601 [email protected] Indiana Department of Transportation I. PURPOSE

II. ROAD WORK AHEAD III. CLOSING REMARKS PURPOSE Remove administrative burdens for DBEs and Prime Contractors Increase opportunity and utilization of certified DBEs Reduce construction costs Work cooperatively with sister recipient to assist in achievement of DBE participation goals

Road Work Ahead Professional Service & Highway Construction I. II. III. IV. V. Economic Opportunity Division

ORX Team will be at 6/18 meeting with project update and booth; I-69, Section 6 work During 2018, more than 900 projects ongoing with more than $1 billion in statewide investment; Next Level Roads Map: Speak with our Capital Programs and Media Contacts at their booth!

I. II. III. IV. V. Continue conversations about workforce initiatives with our partners at FHWA and various community partners; Work through new three year goal due 8/1/2019. Current DBE goal is 10.9%;

Automation of 1391/1392 reports; Exploring automation of the DBE-3/project closeout package; Continued opportunities for classes through CEI this year. INDOT Closing Remarks Contact Us Indiana Department of Transportation 100 N. Senate Ave., IGCN 750 Indianapolis, IN 46204

p: 317-234-8008 f: 317-233-0891 [email protected] The Indiana-Kentucky DBE Exchange Camille E. Robinson Civil Rights Program Manager FHWA-Kentucky Division 2/14/20 What is FHWAs Mission & Vision?

FHWA Vision: "Our Agency and Our Transportation System are the Best in the World." FHWA Mission: "Improve Mobility on our Nations Highways Through National Leadership, Innovation, and Program Delivery." 02/14/2020 14 How does that apply to You?

The FHWA leadership is committed to furthering the goals and objectives of the DBE Program and ensuring its success for the small disadvantaged firms that seek contracting opportunities funded by state and local governments, and public transit and airport sponsors. We need our Stakeholders. DBEs Matters! 02/14/2020 15 My Challenge for you

today! 1. NetworkMeet some one new today. 2. Ask your self, What does success looks like to you? 3. Let us know how we can help you. 02/14/2020 16 Contact Information Camille E. Robinson, FHWA--Kentucky

Civil Rights Program Manager camil[email protected] 502-223-6743 02/14/2020 17 Kenneth Woodruff FHWA INDOT What is FHWAs Role?

These division offices provide front line Federal-aid program delivery assistance to partners and customers in highway transportation and safety services, including but not limited to, planning and research, preliminary engineering, technology transfer, right-of-way, bridge, highway safety, traffic operations, environment, civil rights, design construction and maintenance, engineering coordination, highway beautification, and administration. 02/14/2020 19 My Challenge for you

today! 1. NetworkMeet some one new today. 2. Ask your self, What does success looks like to you? 3. Let us know how we can help you. 02/14/2020 20 Kentucky Transportation Cabinet PREQUALIFICATION PROCESS

I. APPLICATION II. REVIEW III. REQUIREMENTS Application A contractor must be Prequalified to bid or accept work as a subcontractor to perform highway construction work. Application for Certificate of Eligibility (TC 14-1)

under Resources, eForms Library Must be completed on most current form with original signatures. Review Types of Work requested are approved based on the applicants Equipment availability Resumes of company personnel Project experience Bid Capacity Financial information Contractor performance reports

Requirements - The Construction Prequalification Committee reviews each application for a certificate of eligibility and makes a recommendation of eligibility to the State Highway Engineer. - Once approved by the State Highway Engineer, the contractor is issued a Certificate of Eligibility. Contact Us Shella Eagle Branch Manager for

Prequalification and Compliance [email protected] 502-782-4815 Indiana Department of Transportation PREQUALIFICATION DIVISION I. APPLICATION/ REQUIREMENTS II. REVIEW OF APPLICATION

I. Application/Requirements Two Separate Application Processes 1) Consultant Prequalification Online Application: Manual: Contact: [email protected] [email protected] (John Leming, Consultant Prequal Analyst) 2) Contractor Prequalification Paper Application: Admin Rules: Contact: [email protected] (Jose Murillo, Prequal Engineer) [email protected] (Aggie Wagoner, Prequal Specialist)

II. Review of Application Consultant Prequalification Contractor Prequalification 1) Review governed by manual 1) Financial focused per law 2) Manual being updated for 2019 3) Review eligibility for each work type requested

4) More limited financial review 5) Renewal required every 2 years 6) Financial update required annually (a) Certified report for capacity <$200K (b) Reviewed report for capacity $200K-$1M (c) Audited report for capacity >$1M 2) Renewal required every year 3) Review eligibility for each work type requested

P R E Q UA L I F I C AT I O N D I V I S I O N Indiana Department of Transportation Chris Serak, INDOT Prequalification Director [email protected] (317) 234- (Office) (317) 440-9868 (Cell) Jose Murillo, INDOT Prequalification Engineer

[email protected] (317) 232-5094 (Office) Final remarks Please visit the tables set up in the next room. Please fill out survey and return to supportive services before you leave today at table by the door. Copy of power point will be available on request. Dont forget to register for our next event in Evansville.

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