Katy of Sky Road - Chapter 1

Katy of Sky Road - Chapter 1

Katy of Sky Road Chapter 1 Katy: She likes dancing. She is popular with children and they think she can dance well. Wesley: Katys ballroom partner. He is a prefect. Melissa: Katys friend. Zekes friend Zeke: He smokes. Katy's and Melissas friend. Ricardo: Famous. Starred in a TV advertisement. He is a good break dancer.

Mr Samuels: Ballroom dance instructor. Picture Frame Chapter 2 Auntie Rose: Hectors mothers sister. She cooks and cleans and lives with Hector and Katy. She once lost her heart on a struggle hero who disappeared. She watches Days, smokes and can bake. Hector: Katys father. He is a youth leader. He likes to

debate about current affairs that are in the newspaper. He dislikes blacks slightly. He likes Wesley. He is strict. Pastor: Good friends with Hector. Mario: Colours hair Setting: Theres a shebeen across Katys house. Sugar Water Chapter 3 Katy- Katy has a nightmare. She falls down

stairs and wakes up before she could see whose feet are in front of her. Auntie Rose- Always says Things will be better in the morning Mario-Lives in Katys backyard in Wendy house with Angelo Guest Speaker-Talks about Tik at school.

1. Why do you think Chapter 1 is called All eyes on me? She danced with a popular guy and everybody was watching them. The song they danced to was called All eyes on me. 2. Which word in the following list is

the odd one out? Explain why. Skateboard, ghetto-blaster, beatboxes, Tupac, cell phone, rap, braid. Skateboard does not have anything to do with dancing 2b) What do the words in the list tell you about the period in which the novel is set?

2009. They talk about cell phones, rapping and beatboxing. All these became popular from the year 2000 onwards. 3a) What reason does Hector give Katy for wanting her to try on her mothers ball gown? He wants to take a picture and put it next to

her mothers. 3b) Why else might he want her to wear it? Katy may remind him of his wife. 4a) Do you agree with Auntie Rose that Hector thinks in terms of race? Explain your viewpoint.

Yes. Hector refers to coloureds as us and blacks as them. 4b) What are Hectors views of the government? Quote from the text to support your ideas. The government favours blacks. Where do all the blacks come from all of a sudden, when there have been coloured

families on that list for the past thirty odd years? 5. Ricardo. He shuffles into place in the line-up of latecomers, still doing up the buttons of his shirt. Wesley glares at him and looks at me smugly. 5a. Give two possible reasons why Wesley glares at Ricardo in assembly

Ricardo came late. Ricardo was not dressed properly. 5b. Why do you think he looks at Katy smugly? Wesley told Katy that Ricardo was trouble and by coming late Ricardo confirms Wesleys

statement so he shows with his facial expression that he was right. 6. Read the section in which Katy talks about her nightmare and then use your own words to describe Katys feelings during this dream. Quote from the section to back up your response. She is afraid because she uses words like

treacherous, ominous Fear tightens its grip on me. 7. What symptoms does Zeke have which show that he is ill? He coughs a lot. He has no appetite.

8. Hector often refers to current news and issues in the country and overseas. 8a. Write down three examples of these issues from the text. Drug abuse The N2 Gateway Project Crime - Rape

8. Hector often refers to current news and issues in the country and overseas. 8b. What is the general theme of all these issues? The Government is not effective enough. Unemployment and poverty. 8. Hector often refers to current news and

issues in the country and overseas. 8c. How do these issues affect Hectors parenting of Katy? He becomes more strict in order to try and keep her safe. Chapter 4 - Clouds Ricardo: gets permission to wear braided hair at school

Wesley: What others say about Wesley he is in love with Katy and Zeke. Wesley buys Katy Bar One and Pepsi and hold Katys hand. Practises dance with Katy. Katy: spends holiday at Zekes house. Hector: has a restless vacation. Criticises everybody thats in the news. Auntie Rose: Hector needs a girlfriend Mario: Sells Easter eggs for extra money so he can go to

Paris Melissa and Zeke: smoke openly. Do badly at school. Throw away their report cards. Chapter 5 - Hello Ricardo: Asks Katy for her number Katy: Goes home without practising ballroom with Wesley

Wesley: Phones Katy Zeke: wants to know what is wrong with Katy Melissa: Says they must work together on homework, each must do a third. 9a) Match the character in column A with the occupation in column B

Ricardo taxi gaartjie Mario hairdresser Hector baggage controller

Antie Rose Home executive Rasta taxi driver 9b) What is the more common name for a home executive? Explain how this description is not used seriously by Antie Rose (Ch. 8) Housewife

She has never ever referred to herself as a home executive and she uses it to make the visitor sound more high class. 10) Read the three quotations below, and then say for each one who is speaking and what theme it relates to (explain your response each time):

a) Im addictedI cant think before I have my caffeine fix. (Ch. 3) Mario says it. It relates to the theme of being addicted to any substance. 10) Read the three quotations below, and then say for each one who is speaking and what theme it relates to (explain your response each time):

b) Ill do anything to make money, as long as its legal. Ricardo the theme of dreams and aspirations. Ricardo feels with money he can realise his dreams. 10) Read the three quotations below, and then say for

each one who is speaking and what theme it relates to (explain your response each time): c) It is high time your father took interest in a nice companion (Ch. 7) Auntie Rosie, relationships. Auntie Rosie wants Hector to begin a relationship with a woman.

11a) How does hip-hop make Katy feel? It takes her to a place where she can just be. She is one with the sound, with the rhythm and with the breeze in the trees outside. She feels light and free and with that freedom comes a peace that she cant explain. She feels unbound and feels who she truly is. She

feels like flying. 11b) Have you ever had an experience that has made you feel that way? Describe it in your own words. I feel like this when I pray. 12a) What is AA (Ch. 4 and Ch. 8)?

Alcoholics Anonymous 12b) What does it tell you about Hectors past? Hector must have been an alcoholic which means he must have been addicted to alcohol.

13) When Katy tells Ricardo that her father is very strict, he comments, Dont blame your dad for caring. (Ch. 12) a) What does this comment tell you about Ricardos character? Ricardo has respect for adults, he understands

that adults care. 13) When Katy tells Ricardo that her father is very strict, he comments, Dont blame your dad for caring. (Ch. 12) b) What does Ricardo tell Katy happened to his own father?

His father took one look at him when he was born and left. Ricardo would not recognise him if he walked past him in the street. 14a) What does Melissa mean when she advises Katy to tell a white lie (Ch. 7)? A white lie is supposedly a lie that will not get

you into trouble. 14b) What does this advice tell you about Melissa? She does not mind lying. 14c) Does Katy take her advice? Explain your answer in full.

Yes. She lies to her father about doing the science project with Melissa. 15. Why does Katy give Ricardo her mothers gold chain? Katy wants to show Ricardo that he can trust her

because she trusts him with her most important possession. Chapter 13 - 25 1. Hes on my case, I say. Thinks you[re a tikkop and that I must know all about it. Tik? Zeke shreiks. Where must I get tik? Every second house is a tikhuisie. Melissa laughs. Ja Zeke.

Where must you get it? Your father must wake up. a) Give the meaning of tikkop and tikhuisie and then say why you think these expressions are not written in Standard English. Tikkop Tik user Tikhuisie house that sells tik It is the way the language is used in Cape Town.

b) Is Zeke being honest in his reply to Katy in this extract? No He is a tik user and everybody knows where to buy tik. c) Irony is when the reader knows something the character doesnt. Explain the irony in this

extract. Irony You say/do one thing BUT something completely different happens. Zeke says he does not use tik BUT he is a tik user. d. Do you think, from Melissas reply, that she thinks Zeke uses tik? Explain your answer. Yes. Melissa laughs at his answer and she asks

him a rhetorical question Where must you get it? which implies that she knows. e). Does Katy believe Zeke is using tik at this point in the story? How do you know? No. Katy thinks Zeke is ill. f) What makes it likely that Zeke is a

tikkop? He is always ill, he coughs a lot. 2) I dont believe you would do something like this to me. Why cant I choose my own clothes? a) Put his statement into context by saying when it was said and to whom. Hector bought Katy a new formal dress because

Katy said she needed something to dance in. It was not what Katy needed and she is upset that she had no choice when the dress was bought. b) Explain what the conflict is about at this point in the story. Katy needs clothes for her concert and Hector

bought her something she did not want. c) What role does Auntie Rose play in this conflict? She wants to help them to communicate better. She will try and fix the dress so that Katy can use it.

d) Is this the role Auntie always plays when theres a difference of opinion between Katy and Hector? Find an example to back up your point of view. Yes. 3a) What do you learn about Melissas character in Chapters 16 21?

She does not mind lying. She steals money from her mother. She buys clothes on her mothers Foschini card. b) Is she the sort of friend you would like to have? Explain your opinion No. I dont like to lie.

4. What did Katy find out from her mothers letters? Her father was drunk. He did not treat her mother nicely . Her mother was thinking of leaving her father. 5) Its my ticket out of this place.

a) Who says this and what is he/she referring to? Ricardo. Winning the dance competition will allow him to go to America. b) What does it tell you about how this character feels about his/her life? He has ambition and he wants to be successful.

6) Check up on Katy, please, Rosie. We dont know what the young people are getting up to. a) What does Hector reveal about his attitude to Kate here? He does not trust her completely.

b) What effect does this attitude have on her? Katy was careful not to disappoint him but later on she started lying to him anyway. 7. In Chapter 20, Wesley shows a range of feelings for Katy. Which of the following words DO NOT describe these feelings?

Affectionate, understanding, 8) My father is going to kill me. a) Does Katy mean this literally or figuratively? Explain your answer in full. Figuratively. He will just be very angry, he will not kill her.

b) Describe the circumstances which make Katy feel this way. Katy arrived home late, after her curfew. She also lied to Hector about where she was. 9) You must follow your own heart, Katy. There is nothing worse than doing something when your heart

is not in it. a) Put this statement into context saying who is speaking and when. Mr Samuels says it to Katy. Katy does not want to do ballroom dancing anymore and he encourages Katy to do what she likes.

b) Do you agree with this view? Yes c) What do these words tell you about the speaker? He understands that you cant do something well if your heart is not in it.

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