Karla Homolka - Seneca Valley School District

Karla Homolka - Seneca Valley School District

Karla Homolka Child Rapist, Torturer and Killer Background Born May 4th 1970 (oldest child of 3) Well adjusted, pretty, smart, popular Received ample love and attention from family and friends Passion for animals

Worked at a vet clinic after high school Attended a pet convention in Toronto (17) met future husband Paul Bernardo (23) Realized they both shared the same sado-masochistic desires Encouraged each other's psychotic behavior Crimes Accused of Committing *these crimes are all done with (and for) her husband, Crime Date Victim Raped and 1990 Sister, Tammy Murdered Homolka Drugged and Jane

Brutally Raped on Video Drugged, Brutally 1991 Leslie Mahaffy Raped on Video, Murdered Brutally Raped and Murdered (Dismembered) 1992 Kristen French Paul Homolka Evidence:

Video Tapes Mickey Mouse watch belonging to Kristen French Terms: Dismemberedcut off the limbs of (a person or animal). While in court, she blames all of the crimes on her husband. She says that he forced her to participate, so she is only charged with manslaughter instead of murder. She makes a deal with Canada to get 12 years in jail with parole eligible after 3 years in exchange for his testimony. This deal is known as one of the worst deals in the history of Canada. Cultural References

Movie Karla (2006) Based on real events, Paul Bernardo and his wife, Karla Homolka, kidnap, sexually abuse, and murder three young girls. Theory Karla Homolka fits best under the Differential Association Theory, but not exactly. She also fits under Social Control Theory. Like the class example, Jill, Karla had many things that should have kept her from crime. She was well liked and from a well-off family. For Differential Association, she sort of fits because she is influenced by her husband, Paul Bernardo. The reason I dont put her completely under that theory is because it was not a learned mentality or behavior from him; she had the psychotic thoughts before she had met him. They encouraged each others thoughts and behaviors, and strongly supported each others criminal actions.

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