Julie's Power Point

Julie's Power Point

Dont Dis My Ability That title just means dont disrespect me because I have different abilities than you. HELLO EVERYONE! My name is Julie Carlson, I am 19 years old. I am an advocate for people with special needs. I was born

with cerebral palsy. That means I did not get enough air when I was being born and my body developed However, I think and feel just the same as so-called normal people. I understand conversation

and can participate. I have definite ideas and opinions, likes and dislikes. One of my favourite things is having Here I am having fun with friends at Dry Grad.

Now THAT was fun!! I like these words we found on the Internet : Not being able to speak is not the same as not having anything to say. This is sure true for me - I

have lots to say but I speak differently than most other people. My ACCENT Computer I use this Accent computer to help me communicate. I make it speak with switches at

my knee and shoulder. I am learning another system called Eyegaze, where Nonverbal Communication I also answer questions yes

with a foot stomp and no with a shake of the head. Usually you can How I Eat I have a tube

feed system that brings a liquid meal straight into my stomach because I do Cruising in my Power I drive aChair

power chair through a censor system which I control with my head However, I am not just here

to talk about myself. There are many people with special needs living in our Here are some of the conditions that affect people in Powell River: Down

Syndrome, Fragile X, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Sotos Syndrome, Epilepsy, Autism, Aspergers and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. But I like to think about what people are able to do. Every person is a star in her or his own way! We are an important part of the community.

Although we all need help sometimes; we are not our disability! Here are some activities people with special needs and abilities do in Powell River : Choir (Spirit of the Community),

Drumming, Trail walks in theTrail Rider, Self-Advocacy, Supported Work Programs, Therapeutic Riding, Skating and Exercise Programs at the Recreation Complex, Special Olympics Swimming & Bowling Here I am at

my physiotherape utic swim session with two workers/friend s who help me. In one photo I am walking, in

the other I am cycling. The TRAIL RIDER is a special wheelchair, propelled by two peopleone in front and one in back. It is special because it can go on all kinds of terrain. I went

across the beach to the ocean where For themy firstother time wheelchairs cant I sawgo. a starfish in the ocean.

It was so Spirit of the Community Choir is a fun activity enjoyed by all kinds of people. The choir is at the Academy of Music. It is asked to perform at special community events.

Groups get together at Community Living Place for weekly drumming and percussion jam sessions. Everyone has fun! THERAPEUTIC Therapeutic Riding

gives children RIDING and adults opportunities to ride horses. This offers many benefits, building physical strength and balance as well as a positive relationship with people and

horses. The Riding program is heavily supported by volunteer help and fund raising events. The kinds of things we sometimes need help with are: *Shopping *Cooking *Getting Places *Social Skills *Pursuing Our Interests *Getting A Job *Cleaning

*Making Friends *Making Choices *Being the Best We Can Be Just like anyone else, people with special needs help one another. Some of us are good at some

things, others are good at other things. We help each other with the things we are good at. For example, Im pretty good at making people feel loved when theyre sad. A friend who speaks in the usual way and knows me well might help me to express myself if I dont have my Accent computer with me. Is this so

different than a person who drives giving a ride to a friend who doesnt drive? I dont think so. Sometimes we have paid workers who help us. Sometimes the paid workers become friends also. I have several friends who are

also paid workers. ANY QUESTION S?

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