Jodi Arias - Seneca Valley School District

Jodi Arias - Seneca Valley School District

JODI ARIAS The Man Killer By: Ethan Leisie BACKGROUND Born in 1980, in Solinas California Dropped out of high school Claimed her parents abused her beginning at age 7 Was accosted at knife point at age 13 In 2003 she dated/lived with Darryl Brewer He maintains, at the time she was kind and caring In February 2006, she began working for Prepaid Legal She also began getting involved with the Mormon Church at that same time In 2006 she broke up with Darryl Brewer, but they still lived together In the summer of 2006 she began to default on her debts She met boyfriend Travis Alexander had met at a work conference in Las Vegas in 2006 He baptized her into the Mormon church She was known to be incredibly jealous when Travis spoke to other women

They broke up in June 2007 but still maintained a sexual relationship CRIME Crime Date Victim(s) Punishment Murder June 4, 2008 Travis Alexander Life in Prison

Accost def: address boldly, threatened Murder def: non legal killing of another, with or without intent Sentenced to life in prison with out parole; currently serving at Arizona State Prison Complex-Perryville. EVIDENCE Arias claimed that she killed Alexander in sefl defense, but the evidence showed otherwise Gunshot wound to his head, kill shot

Slit his throat from ear to ear 27 stab wounds to his back Extensive crime scene pictures she took Buried the gun in the desert Changed her story multiple times in court, psychologist suggested se was a compulsive liar

Filled up gas cans before the murder so she could make a trip strait through to Brewer in Arizona QUOTES Juan Martinez (prosecutor) to Jodi Arias: What were you going to do with the gun, maam? Throw it at him? the prosecutor asked Jodi about why shed taken a gun with her when she met with Travis.

Juan Martinez to Jodi Arias: Were you crying when you were shooting him? Were you crying when you were stabbing him? How about when you cut his throat, were you crying then? Arias does not have a criminal nickname CULTURAL EFFECT Books Exposed: The Secret Life of Jodi Arias By: Jane Velez-Mitchell Movies Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret (2013) TV Movie Directed by Jace Alexander, Life Time Channel, https://

Songs The only surviving member of the Bee Gees, Barry Gibb wrote a song about the case, but I could not find the song, I do not believe it has been released yet THEORY 4: LABELING Jodi Arias is definitely an example of labeling theory because in the trial multiple psychologists labeled her as a compulsive liar and obsessively jealous. These labels did not stimulate her to commit the crime, they were assigned after the crime. Her primary deviance, the social rule she violated was: do not stalk your ex, and do not kill people. She killed Travis Alexander in a jealous rage over him being with other women. She was initially in denial of responsibility, and eventually tried to portray Alexander as the perpetrator. She initially claimed that criminals had broke into their house and assaulted and killed Alexander. She later changed her story to say that she killed him accidentally. Then, she claimed that he was assaulting her and she killed him in self defense. These are only a few of the story changes Arias made, which lead to the compulsive liar label. She also claimed that Alexander was a pedophile, sexually enjoying pictures of little boys; there was never evidence to back this up. She also claimed that he abused her; no evidence either. She also tried to blame her parents

for abusing her as a child. THEORY 4: LABELING (CONT.) Labeling theory also applies to Arias because she would constantly condemn, the condemners in court. Jodi Arias to Juan Martinez I think Im more focused on your posture and your tone and your anger so its hard to process the questions,. When Arias was o the stand she was very confrontational an snippy with the lawyers, as if they were at fault for ever doubting her. Arias also tried to appeal to a higher power, another example of labeling theory. She claimed that only God could be a witness to what went through her mind when she killed Alexander, to which prosecutor Juan Martinez replied Gods not here. We cant subpoena him,. Jodi Arias is a classic case of Labeling Theory. She meets nearly all of the typical signs. The only one she did not exhibit is denial of injury, however it would be impossible to deny that a man died.

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