Jeopardy Template - Northwest Arkansas Community College

Jeopardy Template - Northwest Arkansas Community College

100 100 100 100

200 200 200 200

300 300 300 300

400 400 400 400

Place Value Each group of three digits separated by commas in a multidigit number. period Place Value The amount the digit is

worth found by its position in a number. value Place Value The way of writing a number that shows the value of each digit.

Ex. 342=300+40+2 Expanded form Place Value The usual or common way of writing a number using digits. Standard form

Add./Sub. The answer to a subtraction problem. difference Add./Sub. The numbers that are

added to a fixed sum. addends Add./Sub. Any of the single number symbols, 1-9. digit

Add./Sub. The answer to an addition problem. sum Algebra A part of a number sentence that has

numbers and operation signs but does not have an equal sign. Expression Algebra A letter or symbol that stands for an unknown

number. Variable Algebra What must happen on both sides of the equal sign in an equation. balance

Algebra A number sentence that states two amounts are equal. equation Miscellaneous

A number sentence that shows that two expressions are not equal, but instead are greater than or less than one another. inequality

Miscellaneous A known number of things that helps you understand the size or amount of a different number of things. Benchmark

Miscellaneous To replace a number with another number that tells about how many or how much. round Miscellaneous

A set of related basic fact equations that use the same numbers. Fact family

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