It's All About Safety - MISS DIG System, Inc.

It's All About Safety - MISS DIG System, Inc.

MISS DIG 811 Gold Shovel Standard (GSS) WWW.GOLDSHOVELSTANDARD.ORG MISS DIG 811 Gold Shovel Standard Michigan has adopted the Gold Shovel Standard, a certification process/program that demonstrates commitment to public safety, and protecting Michigans underground facilities by following safe excavation practices, such as PA 174, as well as CGA and MDPB Best Practices. ALL members in the state of Michigan will share a uniform set of requirements because

Michigan will have a statewide standard (the first state to do so). Its All About Safety What is National Gold Shovel Standard? The Gold Shovel Standard creates a rating that measures the level of caution used by excavation companies. It uses market forces to reward careful companies as opposed to regulation, to punish those that do not take the necessary steps to protect underground infrastructure. Contractor

ratings will be available to assist facility owners in employing contractors who take action to protect underground facilities. WHAT DOES GSS DO? Ensure all excavators and locators have a model safety management system in place Create fair and transparent metrics for damage

prevention. Provides two very specific services that fill a gap met nowhere else.. Michigan and MISS DIG 811 have been selected for GSS Excavator Metrics Pilot along with Virginia and Northern California WWW.GOLDSHOVELSTANDARD.ORG GSS Certification Demonstrates: Recognition of continued learning Quality safety procedures

Enhances reputation: Adherence to Federal and State laws Illustrates commitment to damage prevention Investment in Best practices Ensures confidence and peace of mind This MISS DIG 811 Gold Shovel Standard Member Enrollment

Member Participant (Facility Owner): Roll Out Call with GSS Member Application ----- MISS DIG 811 members are already members through MISS DIG 811, but should still supply application for record keeping Payment ----- Included for MISS DIG 811 members Internal Notification Press Release Vendor Notification Vendor List to GSS GSS Progress Reports MISS DIG 811 Gold Shovel Standard Member Enrollment Member Internal Contractor:

External Contractor: Signed Enrollment Document Initial Call with GSS Training Curriculum MISS DIG 811 satisfies but will need to confirm with GSS that training was performed. Registered as Excavator Training Quiz Payment Signed Enrollment Document

Employee Acknowledgement Training Curriculum including MISS DIG 811 Certification Modules Incident Investigation Form Training Quiz Corrective Action Plan Employee Acknowledgement OSHA 300A Incident Investigation Form

Press Release Corrective Action Plan OSHA 300A Press Release MISS DIG 811 Associate Membership included CONTRACTOR MICHIGAN STANDARDS (to achieve GSS Certification) Basic awareness training Whistleblower and stop-work authority for workers Adherence to CGA Best Practices, specifically Chapter 5 (Excavation) Follow MI PA 174 of 2013 and MDPB Best

Practices Policy to hire GSS subcontractors (with few exceptions) Thorough investigation procedure to be used in the event of an incident Corrective action procedure with root cause analysis CGA Best Practices Chapter 5 5. Excavation o 5.18 Excavation Observer o 5.1 One Call Facility Locate Request

o 5.19 Excavation Tolerance Zone o 5.2 White Lining o 5.20 Excavation within Tolerance Zone o 5.3 Locate Reference Number o 5.21 Mismarked Facilities o 5.4 Pre-excavation Meeting o 5.22 Exposed Facility Protection o 5.5 Facility Relocations o 5.23 Locate Request Updates o 5.6 Separate Locate Requests o 5.24 Facility Damage Notification o 5.7 One Call Access (24/7) o 5.25 Notification of Emergency Personnel o 5.8 Positive Response o 5.9 Facility Owner/Operator Failure to Respo o 5.26 Emergency Excavation o 5.27 Backfilling nd

o 5.28 As-built Documentation o 5.10 Locate Verification o 5.29 Trenchless Excavation o 5.11 Documentation of Marks o 5.12 Work Site Review with Company Person o 5.30 Emergency Coordination with Adjacent Facilities nel o 5.31 No Charge for Providing Underground F o 5.13 One Call Reference at Site acility Locations o 5.14 Contact Names and Numbers o 5.32 Vacuum Excavation o 5.15 Facility Avoidance o 5.33 Facility Owner Provides a Monitor Durin o 5.16 Federal and State Regulations g Excavation o 5.17 Marking Preservation Contractor Investment Pay an annual fee (equal to $75 $200 per month) To continue participation in the program: Report all damages Share limited information about the volume and scale of their excavation business to normalize metrics MISS DIG 811 Gold Shovel Standard Committee/Board Catherine Stafford, Chairman Lisa Douglas, Vice Chairman

DTE Gas Consumers Energy Members also include: Kyle Kremer Tim Welsh Jim Moskal Brian Schember Jacob Bahri Robert E Stewart Tim Davidek John Crumb Rick Galyean Bob Madison Barton Malow Barton Malow

Corby Energy Services Dans Excavating Detroit Water & Sewerage Dept Frontier Communications GCDC-WWS GLSWA Gold Shovel Gold Shovel Dave Mauerman Gold Shovel Rhonda Smith Gold Shovel Matthew Bellgowan MDOT Bruce Campbell MISS DIG 811 Bill Fisher MISS DIG 811

Rob Coppersmith MITA David Chislea MPSC Steve Makowski SEMCO Energy Chris Jensen Tri County Homeworks Vito Zito Zito Construction WWW.GOLDSHOVELSTANDARD.ORG Gold Shovel Standard Committee The mission of MISS DIG 811 Gold Shovel Standard Committee is to accelerate the broad adoption of Gold Shovel Standard throughout Michigan.

Why Should Michigan and its cities Join GSS? The vision for MISS DIG 811 Gold Shovel Standard Committee is a safer Michigan where all excavators demonstrate exemplary caution around buried infrastructure and locators demonstrate outstanding performance in locating buried infrastructure. Both can be recognized and rewarded for their superior performance. Gold Shovel Standard Community/Municipality Communities/Municipalities can embrace GSS by: Requiring prime contractors working in the community to be

compliant as part of bid solicitation Preferred emergency supplier list Streamlined permit & right-of-way processing Why Get Unions GSS-Certified GSS will, at no charge to unions, assist them with the development of a basic safety management system training, so that workers are prequalified for companies requiring GSS certification GSS certified companies are, by definition, creating a safer environment for their peers

Bottom Line GSS drives policies and procedures that reduce likelihood of damage Safer operations = less damages Less damages = less costs and losses Less costs and losses = more profitability WWW.GOLDSHOVELSTANDARD.ORG Summary Significant reduction in damages is limited unless all responsible parties, owner / operators, owner excavators, locators and contractors, continuously improve

Fair and transparent metrics are very effective and underutilized means of driving continuous improvement Raise the Bar on Excavation Safety With a Gold Shovel Standard Approved Program For excavation contractors, there is no better way to prove expertise, precision and safety than the Gold Shovel Standard. Certified companies establish and submit for review a training program, policy and controls. Gold Shovel Certification opens the door for contracts that require it and also makes you more competitive across the whole industry. SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM You can use MISS DIG 811s Certification as

your companys Safety Management System which is one of the requirements of becoming Gold Shovel Standard certified. The goal of MISS DIG 811s Gold Shovel Standard Committee is a 30% reduction over 2015 levels in the frequency of damages in Michigan on professional excavation sites by December 31, 2020. Primary Goal To have more than 100 Michigan municipalities rely on GSS scores when hiring, establishing, or renewing franchise rights and offering permits by December 31, 2020. To have more than 15 Gold Shovel Standard Communities established throughout Michigan by December 31, 2020. Great Lakes Foundation (GLF) The Foundation (GLF) will be responsible for sponsorship of participation in the Gold Shovel Standard. Sponsorship is intended to reduce damages by having municipal members and contractors adopt the Standard. The Sponsorship is a 3-year program that members can apply for as a Gold Shovel Standard community or contractor. Public Agency Members willing to adopt the Standard for all work done in their jurisdiction can request that their annual membership fee be reduced by 1/3 for 3 consecutive years. Associate Member Contractors can request that their annual membership fee be reduced by 1/3 for 3 consecutive years.

Remember added perks: Municipalites can join GSS for free and still apply to the Great Lakes Foundation (GLF) and request that their annual MISS DIG 811 membership fee be reduced by 1/3 for 3 consecutive years. Join GSS and your company will automatically become an Associate Member of MISS DIG 811. MISS DIG 811 Members will automatically become GSS certified as long as they fill out the necessary paperwork and confirm they are MISS DIG 811 Members. For more information on the Gold Shovel Standard, please visit If you are interested in becoming MISS DIG 811 Gold Shovel Standard certified,

please contact [email protected] If you are interested in Great Lakes Foundation, please contact [email protected]

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