IPv6 transition strategy

IPv6 transition strategy

IPv6 Why do we need IPv6 ? Dr. S. Rao Telscom AG, Switzerland [email protected] Telscom Why do we need IPv6 1 Internet - the way forward Internet today Millions of users Web, email, low-quality audio & video Applications adapt to underlying technology Next Generation Network of tomorrow

Telscom Billions of users and devices Convergence of applications and services New technologies lead to novel applications Building a real information society with Always-on Network Global village a reality Why do we need IPv6 2 Networked Society Different types of network infrastructures are linked through common protocol All communication will be based on packets running on circuit, packet and wireless networks

IP There will be convergence at service level to reach any one from anywhere at any time Telscom Why do we need IPv6 3 The Interconnected IP World Telscom Why do we need IPv6 4 Address Boom Internet Growth

+ Wireless Growth + Always-On + Info Soft Appliances Internet 2000 is a baby! 7 Million Web Sites (est. Jun 2000) 700+ Million web pages 10k+ ISPs worldwide (5k+ in U.S.); numerous new services Traffic growth 100-1000%/year reported 700 M - 1000 M users by 2002 100 IP Adds/person! Telscom Why do we need IPv6 5 IPv6 Features IPv6 has been recognised as the future protocol by IETF, Eurescom, and 3GPP and vendors

Uses 128 bit address space and Hierarchical addressing Improved routing based on aggregated addresses Autoconfiguration Computers assign themselves an Ipv6 address IP Mobility End devices can roam onto other networks Improved security Authentication and encryption at the packet level Better support for QoS Integrated QoS, multicasting Telscom Why do we need IPv6 6 IPv4 vs IPv6 IPv4

IPv6 Y N N? Y Address Space Shortage Security Cost of System Management Lack of Capability needed for Next Generation Applications IPv4 IPv4 Y?

NAT)))) ((((NAT 1970 Telscom N IPv6 IPv6 2001 Why do we need IPv6 7 NGN Requirements - IPv6 Requirements Scalability of networks with address space,QoS and security, which are basic features of IPv6 networks Connectivity with existing IPv4 networks is necessary IPv6 should happen from the edges, not from the core.

Applications are important for pushing IPv6 it has to be transparent to the end user Interoperability with IPv4 has a cost 100% interoperability is not always necessary We need a credible transition story. Telscom Why do we need IPv6 8 IP headers compared Variable length 14 different fields 4 byte addresses Telscom

Streamlined header 8 different fields Including flow label 16 byte addresses Fixed length of 40 bytes Supports Extension Headers No checksum field Why do we need IPv6 9 Initiatives of IPv6

6REN / 6TAP 6Bone vBNS IPv6 TAHI KAME WIDE Telscom Why do we need IPv6 NTTv6net Military

RNRT Eurescom 6INIT . 10 Significance for India India is the GURU in information technology and are showing the way forward Bangalore has been recognised as the BRAIN Valley of the Globe The potential of internet is just being realised by common people and soon it will explode Department of post can go on holidays as more and more communication is going electronically In matter of 10 years each one of the billion would need an IP address: India would be the major consumer of addresses But where do you find them ? IPv6 is the only solution Be a leader and not a follower Take-on IPv6 now Telscom

Why do we need IPv6 11 European Initiative: 6INIT Project Costs: 4,238,248 euro (approx.) Duration: 16 Months Partners International Sponsoring Partners Telscom Why do we need IPv6 12 6INIT project framework

Private funding/collaboration Development Evaluation/Testing 6INIT Operation Telscom Why do we need IPv6 EU funding 13 6INIT activities Network: Define and develop/deploy/co-ordinate a Pan European IPv6 network - with links to the rest of the world Interworking: Investigate and deploy an IPv6/IPv4 interworking mechanisms

Applications: Define and develop/port a number of multimedia applications to IPv6 Trials: Trial the applications on the network, using native IPv6 features Telscom Why do we need IPv6 14 Network Requirements Pan European IPv6 Network with: DNS QoS - Diffserv IPsec: tunnel mode for VPNs etc v4-v6 interworking via NAT-PT (ALGs for DNS, ftp, SIP, Quake ), plus some use of tunnel broker and 6to4

Multiple sTLAs BGP4+ peering IPv6 Exchange Telscom Why do we need IPv6 15 IPv4 and IPv6 networks Interworking IPv4/IPv6 dual stack router IPv4 Internet IPv6 host IPv4/IPv6 dual stack router IPv6 host

IPv6 tunneled through the IPv4 Internet End-to-end IPv6 Telscom Why do we need IPv6 16 IPv6 Native Services Initial participants were R&E networks IPv6 router IPv6 host 6INIT IPv6 Native network with ATM transport IPv6 router

IPv6 host router-to-router PVCs ATM is a great multiplexer End-to-end IPv6 Telscom Why do we need IPv6 17 6INIT IPv6 deployment Start with five regional clusters: UK, Germany, Greece, Scandinavia, France Each cluster will be stand alone ie DNS, Interworking with v4, Then interconnect the clusters primarily via an IPv6 exchange to form the Pan European IPv6 Network

Telscom Why do we need IPv6 18 Cluster Interconnection Switch UK Route Server Tunnel Termination 6X ATM Firewall Ethernet or ATM

Ten 155 Global IPv4 Internet 6INIT IPv6 Cluster Native IPv6 BGP4+ 6INIT IPv6 Cluster 6INIT IPv6 Cluster IPv6 BGP4+ in IPv4 tunnel Telscom

Why do we need IPv6 19 Pan-European Trials UK NAT PT Scandinavia BT, UoS, NTT, Telscom EX Internet Telia, Telebit, NAT PT Netmedia, erFP Tunnels

Native IPv6 via TEN 155 NAT PT Germany France Thomson, Renata II Greece T-Nova, IABG NAT PT NTT, CRC Intracom Telscom Why do we need IPv6

20 Global dimension of EU Trials Japan Canada Telscom Why do we need IPv6 21 Applications Major Applications: VoIPv6: SIP initially, may try H323 (Telscom) Newspaper printing

Multimedia News on Demand (NoD) Direct Online Trading (erDOT) Universal Applications Mail, ftp, web server/browser Multimedia web, audio and video tools Games: Quake ... Telscom Why do we need IPv6 22 6INIT to demonstrate an IPv6-based European Internet as one of the Strategic Investments in the building of the European Business Future Telscom

Why do we need IPv6 23 Recent announcements Both Nokia and Ericsson have adopted IPv6 for their Mobile Internet and M-Commerce BT with Smartone have announced the Mobile internet trials NTT announced the first international IPv6 ISP Microsoft, SUN, CISCO, have announced their support for IPv6 Request of 32 million addresses for GPRS, by GSM Assn. 3GPP adopted IPv6 for UMTS Electrolux announnced the networked home appliances Telscom Why do we need IPv6 24 Conclusions

Internet is the network of the future to provide AlwaysOn connectivity among all kinds of terminals will reach not only all citizens around the world, but also the home appliances IPv6 is the solution to solve the address crunch, security and QoS issues of the future networked society 6INIT project is leading the European first IPv6 experiments in the framework of IST It is time for India to take-on IPv6 and show the world the power of information technology to the common citizen Telscom Why do we need IPv6 25 Yv4 Finally The longer the upgrade is postponed, the costlier it will be and the more complicated the transition will be ! (compare to Y2K!)

Time to take-up v6 Telscom Why do we need IPv6 26

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