Introduction to the IT Facilities at Queen's

Introduction to the IT Facilities at Queen's

Introduction to the IT Facilities at Queens 2019/2020 Study facilities Logging in Saving your Work Your Smart

Card Printing, copying & scanning Queens Online and Email WiFi and laptops

Free Office 365/OneDrive Getting help Study facilities The McClay Library The Peter Froggatt Centre

You can use any of these Student Computing Areas The Medical Library The Medical Biology Centre There may be additional facilities available within your

School The McClay Library Main Site Over 850 PCs 30 Group Study Rooms plus 3 individual study rooms book via Queens Online Open 24 hours around exam periods

PCs on every floor A range of study areas Caf and student lounge The Peter Froggatt Centre (PFC) Main Site

Over 70 PCs in teaching rooms on 3rd Floor Teaching rooms can be used for study when not being used for class The Medical Biology Centre (MBC) Lisburn Road Currently 300

PCs (360+ in Semester 2) Open Access area & teaching room in Anatomy Wing Computer Teaching rooms Teaching rooms can be used for study when not being used for class

You can take a break from studying in the caf or student lounge area The Medical Library Mulhouse Building, RVH 46 PCs 3 Group Study Room (no PC)

book via Queens Online Your Student Card Your Student Card (smart card) is also your Library card and you need to have it with you at all times You will need it to access some buildings, borrow items from the Library and to take your exams You can upload money to it to pay for printing/copying or to purchase items in selected cafes and shops oncampus For more information:

Logging in Only login using your own username & password NEVER allow someone else to use your Smart Card or password Change your password regularly via Queens Online (should be personally memorable but difficult for others to guess). Important familiarise yourself with IT policies including the Acceptable Use Guide Key features of Queens Online (QOL)

Canvas Canvas, is a brand new University-wide Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to on-campus and online distance learning students. Canvas is a modern VLE, similar to other VLEs such as Moodle or Blackboard and is used to support learning and teaching activities. Your tutors will refer to it. There are drop-in sessions run by other students and you can view many online resources at Use Canvas on your phone or any other device Watch this useful video

Office 365 Free access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive (where you can save your work) Can download five copies of Office 365. Works across devices (Windows, Android, Apple). Can easily share documents/folders with others see

Saving your work: Microsoft OneDrive All students have secure personal storage on OneDrive in the Office 365 Cloud You can access OneDrive from any device, share your files and synchronise OneDrive with your laptop or home PC Students also have personal space on the Queens Q :Drive Save regularly computers logout automatically if left unattended! Please note Files stored in the C: drive or Downloads folder will be deleted as soon as the computer logs out and any work not saved will be lost!

Printing, copying and scanning Need to add money to your Smart Card using QOL or cash upload machines Can print from all PCs in the Student Computer Centres and Library laptops Can print from your own laptop or off-campus Collect black & white printouts from any MFD (multifunctional device) Printing using the MFDs Printing Your email account Check your account regularly to make sure that you dont miss any important communications relating to your studies Use your Queens email account to communicate with staff Be professional use Dear Prof or Dear Dr not Hiya!!! You will find information on how to access your email

through your smartphone on our Email web pages We NEVER send emails asking you to verify your account or requesting login details Look out for grammar and punctuation mistakes and inconsistent email addresses or URLs! DELETE

DONT CLICK!!!! WiFi and laptops Easy to connect look for _QUB_WiFi on your device and follow the instructions on-screen If you have problems, Service Desk staff can help Dont give others access to your device you are responsible for any activity on your account! Password protect your device!!! If you dont have a laptop, you can borrow one to use in the Library

3 WiFi Steps 1. Select _QUB_WiFi (from the list of available networks) 2. Enter your student number and password iPad/iPhone may ask you to trust a certificate 3. Open an Internet browser and type in Complete your sign on Find it by searching for Queens University Belfast Log in with your University username and password

Getting help The Computer Assistants in the Student Computing Areas can help with any IT, printing or WiFi problems Call at the IT Services Desk in The McClay Library Or check out the Getting Help and Advice web page Acquire an British Computer Society qualification ECDL/ECDL Advanced An internationally recognised qualification accredited by BCS

Self study approach Test sessions held approximately every fortnight Will entitle you to the Degree Plus award Ordinary ECDL (7 modules) 110 Advanced ECDL 40 for each module (you get a certificate for each of the 4 Advanced modules) For more information, check our web pages: or email: [email protected] Social Media can help promote your skills what does your online profile say about you?

Please show respect for staff and your fellow students Do not take pictures of others without their permission Posting offensive comments or inappropriate content on social media could result in disciplinary proceedings! And read the University's social media policy - Follow us on Twitter @QUBLibrary

and stay connected with the IT facilities at Queens on social media! @ITQUB Like our

/QUBLibrary Facebook page Youll find lots more information on our website Any questions? We hope you enjoy your time at


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