Introduction to Quia

Introduction to Quia

Welcome to the The Equine Sciences Academy The best source for career based education in Natural Horse and Hoof care .

Introduction to Online Courses (click on each page to continue) Getting Started

This is a pictorial guide to help you navigate Quia your online class software. In order to access a class, you must first have registered and paid for the class on the Audit page. Once you are registered you will receive an email with a User ID and Password for the class. Print these out and keep them in a safe place.

When you receive your ID and Password, go to Instructions are at the top of each page in the yellow box. Click to go to the next page This is the log in page, enter your user name and password Click on the Class Page Link to access your class. This page also gives a summary of your progress and performance in this class to date.

This is the Class Page. Read through it carefully and print out the Study Guide The Study Guide will take you through the course step by step This is the Activities Section which is also covered in your Study Guide This is the Links Section. Please do not request access to the Discussion Group as this is for enrolled

students only. If you use Internet Explorer, you can click on the icon in the address bar and drag it to your desktop. That way you can just click on the icon to get to the class instead of typing it in each time. You can also put the link in your Favorites file. Just click on Add to Favorites (smaller arrow) TIPS

As you progress through the class, click on the appropriate link as suggested in the Study Guide to access materials or activities. Posting or participating in the Discussion Group is not available to auditors, we do however recommend doing these exercises and activities on your own. We recommend that you always open a new window when you click on a link. To do this, right click on the link with your mouse and Open New Window. This is especially important when taking Quizzes. If you

inadvertently close the Quiz window, Quia thinks you have finished the quiz. If you are new to the internet, practice opening new windows and closing them without losing the window you started with. Only take a quiz or test when you have time to sit down and complete the whole test. Problems can arise with timeouts, disconnection etc. if you leave during the test. Once you finish the test, click on submit. To leave the class, simply close the window. You will need to log in again to continue.

Auditors will receive results for automated quizzes, these are not tracked or recorded by the ESA, but are for your own information. Essay quizzes will not be graded, but we recommend you take the quizzes for your own benefit. If you need help email us [email protected]

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