Getting Into Top Universities Wokingham Presentation Peter Rawling, PiXL6 Programme 12.45 1.20 Presentation 1.20 1.30

Q&A Why think about this now? It allows you to make best choices It keeps your options open It gives you time to do the things that will make applications really strong Lots of people decide its not for them

without knowing much about it 6 4 3 s n o i t

u t i t s In g n i d

r a w a s e e r g e

d 0 0 0 , 8 3 s e

s r u co Types of Degree

Single Honours Joint Honours Tripos Thin Sandwich Thick Sandwich Degrees with a year abroad

Types of Course B.A. B.Sc. B.Eng. LL.B M.A. Ph.D.

M.SC. D.Phil. Foundation Degrees & Diplomas Small Minority Subjects some subjects are found in only one place: e.g.

Viking Studies - UCL Brewing - Heriot Watt VETERINARY MEDICINE

Bristol Cambridge Edinburgh Glasgow Liverpool Nottingham Royal Veterinary College

Surrey ENGLISH The same subject e.g. English will not be the same course in any 2 institutions not even a common core

nonShakespearean American literature e.g. HISTORY Modern History in some universities may mean nothing

before 1900 but in others 1789, 1485 or even when the Romans left Britain. Ancient Medieval Early Modern Modern

BIOLOGY Botany Human Zoology Marine

Biology Genetics etc. Natural Sciences ENGINEERING

Civil Mechanical Electrical Aeronautica l General SPORTS

Sports Science e.g. Loughborough - AAA Science A Levels .. Studies .. Management .. Coaching Psychology There are all sorts of subject

that are not taught or even introduced in school at all Adult Studies

Anthropology Gemmology Optometry Viticulture WHY? WHAT? WHERE? WHY?

INVALID reasons Because others want you to go Because your friends are going Because you cant think what else to do WHY? VALID reasons

Because you enjoy studying Because its required for the career you want Because youll have more career choice Because it will aid promotion prospects Because of the unique experience it will give you Immediate Gains Of Going Independence Meeting a wide range of people

Enjoying a wider range of challenges & opportunities Gaining a wider outlook on life. You can develop new Whilst you are there You meet people from different countries, cultures & creeds

Make life-long friendships & relationships Experience an environment that is more free & lively than any or most that you Longer Term Gains Average graduate is estimated to be about 38% better off by his/her early 30s, 58% over a

lifetime Over a whole career to earn between 100k - 500k more By 2017 it is estimated that 56% more jobs will require people to hold graduate level qualifications Longer Term Gains It is also claimed that on average

graduates: Live longer & are healthier, happier, less prone to depression. Are more likely to exercise & more likely to make a significant & satisfying contribution to the community around them. WHAT ?

Is it something you are studying already? Is it something you hope to study? Is it already a hobby? Read Research WHERE ?

y b d e in m r e t

e d e May b he WHAT? t Otherwise Within easy reach of home? Even live at home? As far away as possible?

Not North or East of Bristol? Big city? London? Overseas? COMPETITION HISTORY @ DURHAM 120 places over 2,000 applications in 2015

Russell Group Universities Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Durham, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Imperial, Kings, Leeds, Liverpool, LSE, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford, Queens Belfast, QMC, Sheffield, Southampton, UCL, Warwick, York.

Russell Group Not all of our top universities are Russell Group universities Many of the best courses in some subject areas will be found elsewhere You probably wont be applying to 5 Russell Group universities anyway Skills Deficit Audit Ability to work independently Ability to write an extended

essay Ability to think critically Ability to solve problems Ability to manage time effectively Ability to contribute to team thinking THESE SKILLS These are the skills that were

said to be ones that admissions tutors look for & are finding less often. Therefore the more YOU can demonstrate that you have them, the more advantage youll have in attracting an offer. SKILLS

So how do YOU demonstrate that you have those skills? Attitude of Mind ACADEMICALLY POSITIVE Celebrate it, build on

it. Motivation How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything by Ken Robinson Bounce by Matthew Syed What To Do

READ RESEARCH ENJOY BIOLOGY The Chemistry of Life (Steven Rose), anything by geneticist Steve Jones, Genome (Matt Ridley), The Wisdom of Genes(Wills), Virolution (Ryan), Life Ascending (Lane), 50 Genetic Ideas

You Really Need To Know (Henderson), Zoobiquity (Horowitz), Great Myths of The Brain (Jarrett) WEBSITES TED titles Bill Gates on eradication of malaria & polio Zebra fish & repairing damaged hearts Starfish research & cure for skin cancer

Research in Engineering & Material Science -The silent aircraft initiative -Robots running deep sea installations -Using thorium instead of uranium as fuel in nuclear power stations, making fusion technology more likely -Developing synthetic bone

using hydroxy apatite gelatin - How to keep vaccines at low Large range of MOOCs (Massive Open On-line Courses) 3-8 weeks & 2-6 hours a week Modules on all sorts of subjects

MOOCs November Emergency & Urgent Care for Children (Birmingham) Financial Services (Open University) Digital Marketing (RMIT) Preventing the Zika Virus (LSHTM) Maths Puzzles (Weizmann

Institute) Recently on line Thermodynamics (Liverpool) Forensic Science (Leicester) Cyber Security (OU) Creative Writing (OU) Imperialism (Exeter) MOOCS

They are all absolutely free Other appropriate things: Work experience (get the most from it) Work shadowing Articles, Radio (4), TV & Opinions Lecturenns at local

institutions Open Days Track what your Year 13s are Think What are the qualities needed in a good student for a particular subject or for a particular job or training scheme

If I was an Admissions Tutor or an Employer, what criteria would I use to decide who I offered a place to? Getting the Edge personally Demonstrating LORIC Leadership Organisation Resilience

Initiative Communication Meeting the Challenge Nail those exams! Meeting the Challenge AOs Assessment Objectives PLCs Personalised Learning

Checklists do an audit every month. WTMs. How to meet the Challenge If still to choose your subjects for Sixth Form & you want to aim for a very top uni, take 2, preferably 3,

facilitating ones From Maths, Further Maths, English Lit., Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History, Modern or Classical How to meet the Challenge Start a portfolio. Do 2 or 3 things each

month extra, particular & specific to build up that portfolio. How to meet the Challenge EPQ Extended Project Qualification Extended essays Ted Club, Debating, Mock Trials, Mentoring etc..

The more you do, the more you are. How to meet the Challenge READ as much as you can WORK SMART WORK SHARP

find the study techniques that work best for you figuring out what works for you now will save loads of time later Not saying You cant have a life You can only eat & sleep on alternate nights You cant enjoy yourselfon

the contrary Self A wareness B elief C onfidence Self D etermination E ffort Who said?

Volere e Potere to want is to be able to do Who said it? Claudio Ranieri Remember.. Mo Farah

& think ahead to August 2017/18 your Incredibly Special Moment You ..can be amazing! Go and do AMAZING things.

Go and meet that challenge AND VERY BEST OF LUCK. FINANCE students2014 Martin Lewis website Individual university bursary schemes WHY OXBRIDGE? 1.You really want to push both your own boundaries & those of the subject 2.They offer the right course

3.Youll like the collegiate environment 4.Youll like the tutorial/supervision method of teaching STEREOTYPES Dont be put off by mistaken stereotypes i.e. that Oxbridge is only for super-intelligent,

public school types who have loads of money to afford it, speak Latin & compose symphonies in their spare time between filling in applications for high-paid jobs in the City,

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