Introduction to Financial Management

Introduction to Financial Management

Personal Finance Home and Auto Insurance Bill Klinger Personal Finance Review Interest rates APR Simple Add-on interest Home equity loans Payday loans

Purchase vs lease Home purchase Down payment Monthly payment Closing costs Mortgage Fixed-rate Adjustable rate (ARM)

Graduated payment Balloon DO HOMEWORK Risk Events that can cause financial risk Avoid Reduce Accept (some) Make a conscious decision Insure Financial impact

Can you afford loss? Insurance is not a gift E.g. life insurance It comes at a cost Insurance Principles of insurance Assume will not have to pay everyone Assume will pay some Need those who dont use it to pay for those who do Thought exercise You are an insurance company How would you price life insurance? Age?

Gender? How would you price Birth control Toothpaste What effects do required coverages have on insurance costs? Insurance Companies Collect premiums Pay claims Premiums based upon probability of claim Actuaries Underwriters Rated

A.M. Best, Moodys Agents and brokers Auto Insurance Required Covers Damages Medical expenses Liability No-fault Liability Coverage (A)

Protects you when damages are caused by you If sued and required to pay more than your coverage, you personally pay Bodily injury Medical bills Lost wages Property damage Car Other property

Policy limits Per person per accident Total injuries per accident Property damage per accident Shown as 50/100/55 Other Coverage

Medical (B) Covers you and your passengers May be covered by health insurance But may not cover passengers Uninsured/Underinsured (C) When not at fault Covers medical costs Collision and Comprehensive (D)

Comprehensive for things like trees falling on your car Covers damage to your car where you are at fault Covers floods, riots, vandalism, fire, etc. Limited to value of car Deductible Amount of loss you are responsible for How much risk are you willing to take? Lower deductible, higher rates Higher deductible, lower rates How much loss can you afford and at what cost in premiums? Other Items Rental car Towing

Rental cars Covered by some credit cards Insurance Premiums Based on Type of car Age

Annual mileage Driving record Location Driver training School record When shopping for insurance Compare like coverage Compare claim payment record Auto Accidents Contact police Always From other driver

Name, drivers license #, address, phone Insurance company and policy number Car license From witnesses Names, contact info Car licenses Take pictures Write down what happened Ask for copy of police report Auto Accidents (cont.) File claim with insurance company They will guide you

May require multiple estimates May have an adjuster May have preferred repair shops Will deal with other insurance company Homeowners Insurance Covers Damage Theft Liability Annual Premiums May be included with mortgage payment

Standard packages for coverage HO-1 HO8 Increasing coverage and premiums Property Damage Cash value Value considering wear and tear Replacement cost Value to replace Other structures Pool Shed Garage

Coverage Typically require a minimum amount to be insured E.g. 80% of home value Must cover at least mortgage amount Other Home Insurance Personal Property Need to create a home inventory Take pictures or video Cash value or replacement costs Floater Add-on to cover expensive, unusual items

Home office Liability Need even if low value home NOTE: Flood insurance is not automatically covered Homeowners Insurance Premiums Factors Value of home Deductible Location E.g. hurricane exposure Repair costs

Add-ons Flood, earthquakes, home office Discounts Smoke detectors Controlling costs Increase deductible Use one insurer for all needs Shop Other Insurance Renters Covers personal property

May include liability Umbrella liability Added to existing insurance Insurance What loss can you cover yourself? Insure yourself against worst cases Do not take unnecessary risks Do not take more insurance in hope of a gift Will pay for it Dont insure what you can cover (e.g. appliances) Balance risk and costs

In Class What events can cause a financial loss? (event, loss) In groups of two Chapter 11 Review Questions

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