Introduction - King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Introduction - King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

TO GET OR NOT TO GET: THE KAUST LIBRARY E-RESOURCES ACQUISITION EXPERIENCE Presented by Rindra M Ramli, Access and Digital Services Spec, Ola Kabli, Electronic Resources Acquisition Coordinator KAUST Library,

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Agenda

Introduction Brief History of KAUST Library background Early beginnings Roles (TADS) Challenges Conclusion Introduction History History Inaugurated in September 2009 Mission: Addressing the scientific challenges in field of energy and

environment Located: 80 km North of Jeddah Started with endowment fund of $10 billion About KAUST 3 main divisions: Mathematics & Computer Science Physical Sciences

Chemical & Life Sciences Demographics (2010): 36% - KSA and ME 34% - Asia 21% - Americas 5% - Europe and 4% - Africa About KAUST About KAUST

KAUST Library KAUST Library building5254/media/KAUST-08-024_wf.jpg scr-KAUST-D71.jpg

VAN__0066_KAUST_Campus_Libra ry_Interior1.jpg KAUST Library a place of gathering and learning, and at this university the library serves this function, providing informal settings for scientists to share thoughts and ideas. Group study areas and informal lounges are located throughout the library, and a caf is integrated at the entry, blurring

the boundary of formal and informal knowledge sharing. (Architects, 2011) KAUST Library Library Staff: Administrative, Technical and Digital Services, Research International composition: Saudi Arabia, United States, Singapore,

Canada, India, Africa KAUST Library Priorities Students: Place for collaborative work, events and programs Faculty: Networked access to the current journal literature of science

Early Days London Meeting in 2008 Survey conducted on faculty members[email protected]/5473467215/ Early Days 2009: Library commences operations Roles

Creating purchase orders and processing payments Approving the purchase orders for payments Enabling access to the subscribed electronic resources Maintaining e-resources administrative and contacts information in the library system

Documenting and updating all license agreements (soft copies and hard copies) in librarys intranet, Sharepoint Creating the acquisition (Technical TADS Staff Budget Allocation Library Management Team:

Discuss the budget Acquisition / Cancellation of electronic resources Acquisition and Payments ERAC Work closely with Subject Specialist

Registration of publishers Request quote & invoices from publishers Create Purchase Order (PO) Get approval for PO Acquisition and Payments ERAC Automatic emailed to publisher and

requester Approved PO and invoices are passed to admin section and finally to University Finance Monitor and ensure that payments are expedited Add payment details into Sharepoint Admin Information

Electronic Resources (Sharepoint) Publishers Name Product Title

Purchase Order Number Prices Payment Status Access status Workflow 1. Approved e-Resource package 2. Registration /

Obtain Quotes / Invoices 3. Creation of Purchase Order (PO) 4. Approval of PO 5. PO &

Invoices passed to Admin to Finance 6. Payments by Finance Challenges

Access ADSS Approved PO and relevant information are passed to ADSS Request information from publishers: Subscribed titles for both electronic journals and electronic books Website URL for access Administrative URLs and related information

from the publishers Links to online guides / tutorials Provision of IP authenticated ranges for access activation Access ADSS Approved PO and relevant information are passed to ADSS Updates ejournal packages Updates database title A-I

Verify titles Reports errors / title discrepancy Access Metadata Specialist Obtain MARC file from publishers / OCLC for ebooks Batch process the file Ensure and verify that titles, URLs are working Enable on and off campus access

Workflow Reques Ensure access activation Ejournals, Ebooks, Database A and I t titles Update Resource title, description, Updat URL

ERM, Ejournals A-Z and Marc e (Ebooks) titles Verify titles and URL are correct Repo Report to publisher / vendor for any discrepancy rt Access SL / SC

Systems implementation, maintaining, upgrading Technology exploration and evaluation Miscellaneous technology support Communication and coordination Admin Information Electronic Resources (ERM/Sharepoint)

Contact Information Activity Logs E-Resources Admin Information Tickler License

Agreements Electronic Resources (Sharepoint) TADS indirectly involved Update license agreement clauses in ERM / Excel File Expiration dates

Authorized users / uses Termination clauses E-Resources Acquisition Policy Part of CD policy Access / Information Searching Retrieval After sales support

cimage/Acceptable-Use-Policy.jpg Maintenance / Troubleshooting / Inquiries Regular checks Email / One-to-one / Phone inquiries Challenges Future Directions Electronic Resources: Integral part of library budget components Fluid and dynamic environment Constant upgrading / Learning Thank you

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