Information Technology Services - edu

Information Technology Services - edu

Getting Engaged: Renewing the IT Organization and Its Management in Large Universities Neil Thelander Queensland University of Technology EDUCAUSE 2002 Atlanta Georgia Copyright Neil Thelander, 2002. This work is the intellectual property of the author. Permission is granted for this material to be shared for non-commercial, educational purposes, provided that this copyright appears on the reproduced materials and notice is given that the copying is by permission of the author. To disseminate otherwise or to republish requires written permission from the author. Information Technology Services IT Strategy: Progress & Needs Governance Systems Infrastructure External forces - STRATEGIC GOVERNANCE Business and DEANS: Faculty Technology Projects/ Opportunities DVC T & L Program Progress Registrar: Admin Project Proposals / UNI Strategic Priority Executive Sponsor: Decision PVC DIAS

Making Innovation: Innovation: New imperatives New project ideas, Feasibility Studies, Research Service Improvement Needs - Priorities - $ + (ongoing!) - Filter / Choose - Improve email - E- Library PROGRAM OF PROJECTS Current IT Services - Portfolio 1999, 2000 - Asset Plan 2001-2003 New / Improved Services Information Technology Services IT Strategy: Progress & Needs Governance

Systems INFORMATION VELOCITY AND VERACITY Infrastructure Large Corporate systems Callista Student Oracle Financials Parking Constella Hub Interface manager 300 + interfaces QUT Virtual Education FIT FSS Document Imaging System 100 + PENDANT SYSTEMS - DATA MANAGEMENT - E-BUSINESS Authentication

CONCEPT HR/Payroll IAS Library Database Specialist Staff/ Process Access Staff and Student Access (Portal) Cardax Information Technology Services IT Strategy: Progress & Needs Governance Systems RELIABLE SERVICES Infrastructure External - Student Standards PABX Remote Access Voice CA

Campus Cabling Desktop - Standards (Handshake) -General & Academic Staff -Student Computer Labs CORE NETWORK KG KG To AARNet, Internet, External Partners GP 100 + Servers, Storage and Databases - Email - QUT Virtual SECURITY - Large Corporate CAPACITY - Callista SKILLS - OLT Information Technology Services AARNet as a player in International Research and Advanced Networking China Korea

Japan Global GRID Forum Canarie StarTap Europe APAN Dante Internet2 Singapore South Asia Middle East Europe South America AARNet Connection to other National Advanced Networks and Testbeds Cooperation with other national and major organisations in advanced communications and grid services Information Technology Services Bandwidth Ramp

Capacity may be shared amongst users on each network and this will impact efficiency As bandwidth increases it can support more video and graphic intensive applications 1 Gigabit Web surfing & email - text based email 100 Megabit - web site access Rich web content - audio streaming - software downloads Web surfing & email - text heavy web site surfing - text based email - instant messaging and PDAs Intl Research Networks 11 Megabit 10 - remote PC management Wired network 2 Megabit

10 - Instant messaging Wireless network 56 Kilobit 10 Cable or ADSL Dialup modem 10 1 10 5 2 3 Rich network apps -networked applications like Oracle Financials and Concept - Channel Q - rapid email delivery and retrieval 4

ISP & research traffic - access grid (videoconferencing on steroids) - collaborative high performance research computing - international Internet traffic Information Technology Services 24 x 7 Support NOT ! Information Technology Services Student Activity Cycle Information Technology Services Information Technology Services

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