Things to Get: Notebook paper (2) Things to Do: PUT YOUR HOMEWORK IN THE BOX! Opener: Impressionism Review Class work:

2) PostImpressionism Exit Slip: Quiz on Artists and their Work Opening Agenda Things to Get: Notebook paper (2) Things to Do:

PUT YOUR HOMEWORK IN THE BOX! Opener: Impressionism Review Class work: 2) PostImpressionism Exit Slip: Quiz on Artists and their Work

SEATS HAVE CHANGED! 1) Nneka 2) Steven Begley 4) Larry Powell 5) Larrisha 6) Jordan 8) Zach Farris 9) DaQuanna 10) Caresia 11) Trevor

13) Steven Breathett 14) Savon 15) Trevor P. 16) Tianah 17) Cody 18) Whitney 19) Alyssa 20) Tylan 21) Trae 22) Qunina 23) Lacey 24)Cournney 25) Mrs. Rawlings 26) Andrew 27) Charlreese 28) 29) Kayne 30) Kollin

31) Tesia 32) Jasmine 17) Zach 1) Things to Get: 18) Trevor 2) Mitchell Notebook paper (2) 19) Nate Smith 4) Derek 20) Ismael Things to Do: 5) AJ

21) Jackie PUT YOUR 6) Reeca 22) Curtis HOMEWORK IN THE 7) Larry 23) Alex BOX! 24) Ricky 8) Kamarri Opener: Impressionism 25) Lauren 9) Jonathan 26) Justin Review 10)Tybri

27) Nate Scott Class work: 11) Audriana 28) Rochelle 2) PostImpressionism 29) Exit Slip: Quiz on Artists 12) Yajhaira 30) Phillip 13) Ricardo and their Work 31) SIerra 14) 32) Morgan SEATS 15) Cory W. Table by himself:

Martaize HAVE CHANGED! 16) Kate 2) Jessica Things to Get: 5) Trevor Notebook paper (2) 6) Audonus Things to Do: 8) Terry PUT YOUR 9) Labrentta HOMEWORK IN THE 10) Derante

BOX! 11) Jamarii Opener: Impressionism 13) Jereme Review 14) Martez Class work: 16) Judith 2) PostImpressionism Exit Slip: Quiz on Artists 17) Fernando 18) Marco and their Work 19) Tony SEATS 21) Darien

HAVE CHANGED! 22)Kayla 24) Shell 25) Brooklyn 26) Chris 27) 29) Kayla 30) Melanie 32) Alfonzo 1- Tori 2-Dorian 23-Woodie 3-

4-Austin 25-Damaris 5-Brandon 26-Ereika 6-Amanda 27-Corey 7-Olson 28-Justin 8-Maria

29-Jair 9-KB30-Wesley 10-Cody 31-Elizabeth 11-Helena 12-Scooby 13- Suzanne 2) PostImpressionism

14-Dustin Exit Slip: Quiz on Artists and their Work 15- Rae 16-Dierra 17- Sierra 18- Stephen

19-Zach 20-Jessica 21- Ruth Things to Get: Notebook paper (2) Things to Do:

PUT YOUR HOMEWORK IN THE BOX! Opener: Impressionism Review Class work: 22-Fernanda 24- Kelvin 32-DaQuan Things to Get:

Notebook paper (2) Things to Do: PUT YOUR HOMEWORK IN THE BOX! Opener: Impressionism Review Class work: 2) PostImpressionism

Exit Slip: Quiz on Artists and their Work 1) Larbinator 2) Chris 3) 5) AustinMiller Garden gnome 7) Damone 8) Tori 9) Serena 10) 11) Laura 13) Domonick 14) TSmoove2324 16) Mary 17) Nerlens Noel Khari 18) Maria 19) Carlin 21) Q 22) Austin Lamb 24) Breanna 25) Ethan 26)

27) 28) Matty-izzle 32) Brandon Opener: Answer the following as you watch the following video clip: 1) What two main characteristics of Impressionism that you see in the film clip? 2) This scene shows the influence of many Impressionist artists. How does this scene use color to create light? 3) What medium is used in this scene? Why is this medium crucial to the development of Impressionism? 4) Where do you see the influences of the following two Impressionist artists? a. Renoir b. Monet Impressionist music Maurice Ravel March 7, 1875(!)- 1937 Important Fact:

Characteristics of Music: Famous for being a French composer and pianist of the impressionist period He relied on traditional forms and structures as ways of presenting his new and innovative harmonies. He often masked the sections of his structure with transitions that disguised the beginnings of the motif. Famous Works: The Waltz- starts with time; at the end, dissonance is used to create a feeling of chaos, representing Europe after WWI

Bolero- Ballet set in Spanish tavern, where a gypsy dancing on a table induces a state of ecstasy for the audience. Causes a riot How does Ravels Bolero use dynamics and timbre to reflect the Industrial Age? a piece lasting seventeen minutes and consisting wholly of "orchestral tissue without music" of one very long, gradual crescendo What characteristic of the Impressionist style of visual arts does this remind you of? Clip One: - Answer questions #6-10 - Clip Two: - Answer question #11 - Claude Debussy 1862 1918 Born in France Transition from late-Romantic music to early Modern music

His music was thought to suggest how sounds look and how colors sound. instrumental color Clair de Lune is his most famous piece. His two biggest influences were Richard Wagner and styles of non-western music (specifically the instrumentation of music from the island of Java). He had a turbulent private life had affairs with four women, only one of which he actually married Coloris vibration just as music is. Paul Gauguin How does Debussys Clair de Lune use timbre to create mood? themes are blended seamlessly so that the transitions are as fluid and undetectable as possible What characteristic of the Impressionist style of visual arts does this remind you of? Think of this quote as you watch this clip: http:// ted

Answer the corresponding questions on your viewing guide. Post-Impressionism Post-Impressionism 1886 to 1892 describes European art following Impressionism Individual approach to painting was stressed that was unique to each artist working at the time. Main artists were:

Paul Gauguin Georges Seurat Vincent van Gogh Paul Gauguin 1848-1903 leading Post-Impressionist artist paved the way to primitivism a belief that the qualities of primitive or early cultures are superior to those of contemporary civilization.

Influenced by his move to Taihiti Famous work: Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? Self Portrait With Halo Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? "I believe that this canvas not only surpasses all my preceding ones, but that I shall never do anything betteror even like it." Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

The three women with a child represent the beginning of life the middle group symbolizes the daily existence of young adulthood; and in the final group, according to the artist, "an old woman approaching death appears reconciled and resigned to her thoughts;" at her feet, "a strange white bird...represents the futility of words." The blue idol in the background apparently represents what Gauguin described as "the Beyond." This painting is meant to

be read from right to left. While painting this piece, Gauguin vowed to commit suicide once it was complete. Self-Portrait with Halo (1889) Gauguin uses bold design, intense color, flat shapes to emphasize symbolism. Desired to find the primitive core of human imagination. The Vision After the Sermon, Jacob Wrestling the Angel- 1888 Georges Seurat

1859-1891 French founder of Neoimpressionism and Pointillism Distinct dots of color to create work Famous work: Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (1884) Bathing at Asnieres (1884)

The Circus (1891) Vincent van Gogh 1853-1890- Dutch Previous jobs included: art dealer teacher missionary worker started as an artist in 1880 @ age 27 Was known for using expressive elements such as twisting lines to reflect his feelings and emotions

about a subject Had a great interest in Japanese art and collected Ukiyo-e woodblock prints. produced more than 2,000 works during the last ten years of his life friends with Paul Gauguin committed suicide Japonisme The Potato Eaters (1885) - Van Goghs first great painting Caf Terrace at Night, 1888 - Van Gogh uses linear perspective, unlike many of his other works. - What is the vanishing point? - Paints darkness without black the buildings are in shades of blue - The caf is still there today, refurbished to look like the painting

Caf Van Gogh in 2007 The caf is still there, in Arles, France. Its been refurbished to look (something) like it did in the painting. (Photo 2007 Heidi Pettigrew) Starry Night (1889) - movement & rhythm used though repetition and pattern - one of his greatest works - artistic brilliance soared as his mental state declined - painted while Vincent was in an insane asylum - Unlike most of his works, Starry Night was painted from memory and not

outdoors as was his preference Vase with Twelve Sunflowers -sunflower series are the most famous of his works -mostly done in 1888 in the hopes of pleasing Paul Gauguin when he came to the "Yellow House" Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear (1889) -Gauguin moved in with Van Gogh in October. -The relationship deteriorated throughout December.

-Relations between the pair declined in tandem with Vincent's state of mental health. -On 23 December, van Gogh, in an irrational fit of madness, mutilated the lower portion of his left ear, wrapped it in cloth and then took it to a prostitute. -Originally went after Gauguin with the razor Portrait of Doctor Gachet (1890) Portrait of Doctor Gachet is famous for a number of reasons. -painted in the last few months of Van Gogh's life -1990, Portrait of Doctor Gachet was sold within three minutes for $82.5

million. Night Caf, 1888 Night Caf, 1888 Van Gogh wanted this painting to convey an oppressive atmosphere - A place where one can ruin oneself, go mad, or commit a crime. Proprietor at the edge of the billiard table Madness is conveyed with vivid hues that contrast each other Deep perspective on the table makes it seem like its going to slide out of the painting The thickness, shape, and direction of his brush strokes created a tactile counterpart to his intense color schemes Moved the brush back and fourth or at right angles Direct application from paint tube Activity

Fold into three parts In each section, label it with the following: Gauguin Seurat Van Gogh Draw the image on the left in their style Must use color 15 minutes Homework

Impressionist Self-Portrait 1) Your illustration must take up an entire sheet of white computer paper. 2) All subject matter in the painting must be illustrated using the techniques of impressionism: ONLY SHORT BRUSHSTROKES CAN BE USED! 3) Your illustration must use color. 4) Setting: Outside, Cafes, Streets of Lexington (pretty ones)

Exit Slip A Match the following styles with the correct artist. 1. Layered brush strokes 2. Bold, flat color 3. Tiny dots of color 4. Which image best describes the following two musical pieces? B

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