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Careers Induction Talk Computing, MSc 06/10/2017 Richard Carruthers By failing to prepare youre preparing to fail Image: MSc Programme ends Christmas Holidays Easter Holidays (TODAY) 2017/2018 Grad Scheme Application

Window Grad Scheme Assessment & SMEInterviews Employers Application Window SME Employers Interviews Furth Study Applications / Discussions *** SUMMER INTERNSHIPS *** You cannot do a summer internships as you are registered on a 12 month fulltime programme of study and do not get time off in the summer for employment. Career Planning: Self Awareness

Transition Opportunity Awareness Decision Making Source: DOTS model of Career Decision Making Process, Law & Watts What Employers Want:

Communication Team Working Integrity Intellectual Ability Confidence Character/Personality Planning & Organisation Literacy Numeracy Analysis & Decision Making

Leadership Negotiation Time Management Project Management Problem Solving Computer Literacy Commercial Awareness Handling Pressure Creativity / Innovation Resilience Destinations of Leavers Computing PGT:

(sample): Analyst Bank of America Merrill Lynch Application Developer Citigroup Cloud Engineer - Cloudreach Graduate Software Engineer ARM IT Advisor - EY Junior Software Engineer BBC Research Engineer Google Software Developer JP Morgan Solution Designer Ocado Technical Manager Facebook Technology Analyst - IBM Computing PGT Selection of job roles and organisations from the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education

Destinations of Leavers Computing PGT: (sample): MSc Information & Computer Sciences Luxembourg MSc Informatics Edinburgh MSc Operations Research - Colombia PhD Computing Imperial College London PhD Cryptography Cambridge PhD Medical Imaging Kings College London PhD Optimisation - Edinburgh PhD Pure Mathematics - Leeds Computing PGT

Selection of further study programmes from the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education and LinkedIn alumni searches DoC appointm ents The Careers Service: Tuesdays, Professionally qualified and 13.experienced 00-14.00 staff offer information, guidance Huand xleyadvice 219A to help you transition to work or

Boo k further via Jobsstudy. Live Workshops & Seminars Online & Hardcopy Resources Employer & Alumni Connections Career Fairs & Forums One-to-One Advice Sessions Image: How do I sell my MSc programme to an employer when Ive only just started it?!?

Skills Audit: Activity MSc Computing Evidence Developing good report writing skills through group and individual assignments. Effectively explaining, supporting and defending ideas and opinions in

Skill(s) Written Communicatio n Group Work Verbal Communicatio n Logical Argument What goal do I want to achieve? easurabl How will I measure success? e chievabl Is the goal feasible to attain?

e elevant Is the goal applicable to my plans? When will I see results? Ime- pecific bound IT & Technology Careers Fair Thurs 9 November 2017 17:00 19:30, Queens Tower Rooms Sherfield Building (L.5) South Kensington Campus London SW7 2AZ Monday - Friday

10:00 17:15 +44 (0)20 7594 8024 [email protected] /imperialcareersevents @imperialcareers

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