Hugo Münsterberg (1863-1916) - Bethel University

Hugo Münsterberg (1863-1916) - Bethel University

Hugo Mnsterberg (18631916) Early Career Obtained his Ph.D. under Wundt in 1882 Directed the lab in Freiburg (Swirtzerland) --had the lab in his own house. In 1892, enticed by James to direct the Psychology lab at Harvard University

In 1902, wrote American Traits Mnsterberg on Psych classics (1893b). Psychological laboratory of Harvard University. [A catalogue of equipment and readings, prepared for the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago.]

(1899). Psychology and history. Psychological Review, 6, 1-31. [Mnsterberg's APA Presidential address about the epistemological relation between the natural and the normative sciences. First English discussion of idiographic and nomothetic methods, later popularized by Gordon Allport.] (1908/1925). On the witness stand. [Attempt to sell the insights and methods of scientific psychology to the legal community; foreshadows many of today's issues in forensic psychology.]

(1913). Psychology and industrial efficiency. [Attempt to sell the insights and methods of scientific psychology to the industry; major early contribution to industrial/organizational psychology.] About the Mnster lab http://psychclassics.yorku .ca/Munster/Lab/

Go to the URL, look at the pictures, glance at the contents of the catalog, look at the experiments that were ongoing. If you were in that lab, which of these experiments would interest you most? Mnsterberg and the definition of psychology In his APA presidential address, Mnsterberg defines the boundaries of

psychology in relation to other fields such as history, physics and logic. Forensics Go look at his writings on forensics at Look at the content of his writings. Choose something to read. Summarize. What do you think?

Industrial Psychology This is the first "official" applied psychology book. What does Mnsterberg think of applied psychology? What are the areas of industrial psychology Mnsterberg considers important? What do you think of his analysis?

Forensics today APA Division 41 at .html Go to the division site itself What material there is interesting to students? Go to their "links", explore some of the other organizations

Industrial Psychology Today APA division 14 http://www.apa .org/about/division/div14.html Go to the SIOP site. What seem to be some of the important issues today? What materials on there might be of special interest to students? Applied research relevant to

forensics The work of Elizabeth Loftus. Look at her site at Read one of her articles. A well-known article that has become a classic is that about creating false memories at icles/sciam.htm

Mnsterberg and psychotherapy Wrote Psychotherapy in 1909 advocates a behavioral approach. There is no subconscious --though for a time, he did use hypnosis. Read a 1911 encyclopedia article on psychotherapy that uses Mnsterberg as one of its sources. Go to 9a.htm The End

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