History - Kellogg Eye Center

History - Kellogg Eye Center

History List only the critical history Use bullet format Spell out all ophthalmologic terms (no abbreviations except for OD, OS, OU) Exam Mention only relevant data List all normal exam components in one sentence. For example: Ocular motility, adnexa, pupillary reflexes, intraocular pressures, and anterior segments all within normal limits.

Again, no abbreviations except OD, OS, OU Photos page 1 of 2 You may use as many relevant photos as you want You may have two on a page if you want If you cannot place the images easily, please include instructions for the Kellogg webmaster

Use jpg or gif format Provide a short legend Add arrows and other symbols as needed You may also outline an object to highlight a feature Remember, no abbreviations except OD, OS, and OU Photos page 2 of 2 Make sure photos are high quality and show what you want them to show Adjust contrast/brightness before submitting case

Put any additional test results in this section For OCT scans, please provide the one image that best presents the findings ERG results should be placed in table format with normal values given for reference If ERG tracing is the crux of your case, then provide it along with legend that describes the abnormality (e.g., cornea negative waveform in a patient with a central retinal artery occlusion) Diagnosis Put the diagnosis first

List the Differential Diagnosis next (also in bullet format). Give a short description as to why the diagnosis was excluded. For example: Diagnosis: XYZ Syndrome QRS Variant Differential Diagnosis: ABC Syndrome: patient would have shown DEF findings Etc. Teaching Points Use bullets to list the most pertinent point(s) you

want the reader to get from the case Also answer why should we care about this case? For example, because patients with unrecognized temporal arteritis can die! because XYZ finding is an early warning sign of ABC disease, which responds well to early treatment Provide the key reference(s) for this case (maximum 3)

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