GSA National Tribal Affairs Initiative - RRT 10 NWAC

GSA National Tribal Affairs Initiative - RRT 10 NWAC

GSA National Tribal Affairs Initiative Presentation to the NW Area Committee Meeting George Northcroft, Northwest/Arctic Regional Administrator and GSA National Tribal Affairs Champion February 25, 2016 GSA Background Region 10 States: Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington 250 federally-recognized tribes. 45% of all federally recognized tribes 12 million citizens across 817,000 square miles 430 GSA employees

Organizational Structure of GSA Contracting/ Purchasing Expert of the Federal Government Landlord of the Federal Government Design & Construction Owned & Leased Buildings Regional Program

Appropriated by Congress GSA Public Building Service Multiple Award Schedules Program Federal Acquisition Service Fleet Program National

Program Funded by Vendor Sales Federal Acquisition Service 17 FAS Categories

Administrative Support Workplace Environment Facilities and Tools Security, Scientific, Hospitality, Prefab Buildings and Building Materials Professional Services Motor Vehicles Card Services Travel Employee Relocation Freight

Telecommunications IT Software IT Hardware IT Consulting IT Outsourcing IT Security Public Buildings Service Managing the owned and leased federal real estate portfolio, providing superior workplaces for federal customer agencies at superior value to the American taxpayer. Design and Construction Environmental Programs

Facilities Management Properties Historic Preservation Real Estate Services WorkPlace Innovation Northwest/Arctic Region Federal Acquisition Services Professional Services - $12 billion Fleet Services - 17,000 vehicles (54 percent are alternative fuel vehicles) Public Buildings Services Real Estate Portfolio: 534 properties, 15.3 million sf Owned: 104 properties, 8.1 million sf Leased: 430 properties, 7.2 million sf National Tribal Affairs Champion

Role Member of the White House Council of Native American Affairs: Economic Development Subcommittee Improve tools on how to do business with GSA Finding opportunities to collaborate with tribes and other federal agencies Revamp the GSA web page GSA National Desk Guide for Tribes and Tribal Organizations Tribes and Tribal Organizations may be eligible to use U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) sources of supply and

services. Section 1: Personal Property and Non-Personal Services Section 2: GSA Excess and Real Property Section 3: Other Programs Section 4: GSA eTools Section 5: Customer Assistance General Services Administration Procurement Programs for Tribes and Tribal Organizations 4 Disaster Purchasing Program Eligible Applicants: State and local governments are allowed to buy supplies and services directly from all GSA Schedules to facilitate recovery from major disaster or facilitate disaster preparation and response. Eligibility Requirements: Section 833 of the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2007 (Public Law 109-364[PDF,1238KB) Federal Supply Schedules Usage Act of 2010 (Public.Law 111-263)

13 Public Health Emergencies Program Eligible Applicants: State, local, tribal and territorial governments Eligibility Requirements: These new eligible ordering entities are now authorized to access all Federal Supply Schedules for the purchase of products and services when expending federal grants funds in response to Public Health Emergencies (PHEs) declared by the Secretary of Health and Human Services under section 319 of the Public Health Services Act, codified at 42 U.S.C. 247d. Federal Acquisition Services (FAS) Schedules Public Building Services Construction Contracts

FAS Personal Property Disposals PBS Real Estate Property Disposals Success Stories GSA helps Makah Nation Saves $70K on Transportation Equipment - 02-03-2016 The Makah Indian Nation couldnt be happier with GSA. Recently, FASs Property Disposal Specialist, Gerry Giauque, helped Makah Tribal Screener Tom Hahn acquire a 2001 Kalyn Siebert sliding axle trailer through GSAs Personal Property Excess Program. The transaction saved the tribe $70,000 in purchase costs, and saves more money each time the tribe uses the trailer to transport equipment. GSA Awards Wheeler Federal Building Roof Replacement Project to Native American Small Business Firm - 07-14-2015 The U.S. General Services Administration, Northwest/Arctic Region awarded the design/build roof replacement project at the Wheeler Federal Building in Baker City, Oregon to National Native American Construction, Inc., a Native American Owned, 8a, Economically

Disadvantaged Women Owned Small Business firm. The contract award amount is $574,047. Success Stories Puyallup Tribe Uses GSAxcess Steel to Protect Fingerling Salmon - 04-01-2015 Using GSAxcess, Russ Ladley with the Puyallup Tribal Fisheries recently bought steel material from GSA in Auburn, Washington. The Puyallup Tribal Hatchery program used the steel to build large gates to protect 200,000 Chinook Salmon fingerlings holding in the Greenwater River Acclimation pond. The new gating system provides better protection levels for the facility and fish. Ladley expressed his extreme appreciation for GSAs Personal Property Program. GSA Awards Richland Renovation Project to Native American Firm - 2015 GSA Northwest/Arctic Region awarded the 4th floor renovation project, in the Richland Federal Building, Richland, WA, to Ojeda Business Adventures LLC; a local Native American Small Business firm. The contract award is estimated at $130,000. Project Tranam is a Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives. - 10-27-2015 Project Tranam is a civilian-military cooperative action program between the Indian Health Service (IHS) and the Department of Defense (DOD)concerning distribution of medical

equipment and supplies obtained from closure of military bases. After the presentation, the Tribal Chair, Willo Sylestine gave high accolades to GSA Property Management. He also stated he wants to continue to build the relationship between the tribes and GSA. GSA Tribe Webpage Revamp Federal Acquisition Service Emergency Response and Recovery Schedules Schedules available for federal agency use during emergency response and recovery efforts: 1. Schedule 871: Engineering Services which provides federal agencies with solutions for various engineering requirements. See: 2. Schedule 899: Environmental Services is a contract vehicle for companies to provide environmental services to federal agencies. See: GSAs Northwest/Arctic Region Emergency POC is Jay Horner at (253) 931-7450

or [email protected] Agencies can contact him for support with the above. Questions? George Northcroft Regional Administrator and Tribal Affairs Champion 253.931.7002 [email protected] gov Erika Mascorro Special Assistant to the Regional Administrator 253.397.0663 [email protected] v

Jay Horner Deputy Regional Director of the Office of Mission Assurance and GSAs Northwest/Arctic Region Emergency POC 253.931.7450 [email protected] Ann Smith GSA Security Manager Office of Mission Assurance 253.931.7019 [email protected]

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