Green Dot Training - Auburn University

Green Dot Training - Auburn University

Green Dot Training General Faculty Meeting Oct. 4, 2016 Emily W. Myers, Associate Clinical Professor Social Work Program The Problem

Power Based Personal Violence=RED DOTS Sexual Assault Domestic/Dating Violence Stalking

1 in 4 women during College years 1 in 10 men Many bystanders watching and doing nothing (Most often occurs freshman or sophomore year) 75-80% - attackers are known (classmate, friend, etc.) White House Task Force, 2014 What is Green Dot? A campus wide training program aimed at

Prevention and reduction of Power Based Personal Violence Targets Bystanders vs. perpetrators Aims to create Culture Change: everyone does their part A belief that individual Safety is a Community responsibility!! Part of being in The AUBURN FAMILY!! =LNVFPkmZTQ4

Green Dot at Auburn University August 2015 40+ facilitators trained October 2015 Green Dot Launch October 18, 2016 National training day Over 7,000 students, staff, faculty, and administrators have been trained!

VIOLENCE IS NOT TOLERATED! Direct Directly do something yourself. Intervene. Ask someone to stop what they are doing. Check on someone you might be worried about.

Delegate If you feel you cant do something yourself, delegate to someone else. Call the police. Talk to a faculty or staff member. Tell a business owner or staff member.

Distract Use a distraction to diffuse the situation. Accidentally spill a drink. Ask to borrow the phone of someone who is in a risky situation. Ask for a ride. Start an unrelated conversation. How can you encourage Green

Dot participation in your classroom? Proactive Green Dots

Syllabus Email signature Dots/signs/stickers/pins Extra Credit Opportunities Paper/journal topics/Team projects Slides Applaud students doing Green Dots

Schedule an overview talk in class/faculty meeting/student group Reactive Green Dots If you see signs of distress, check-in: ask if everything is okay. Direct a student to: 1. SAFE HARBOR: 334-844-7233 (SAFE) 2. Student Counseling: 334-844-5123

3. Title IX: 334-844-4794 4. If you hear about an incident, report it. Report all Green Dot moments to Health Promotion and Wellness Services CHANGE THE NORMS

Get trained, train others Wear a pin Spread the word through social media Use your leadership status to promote Green Dot Place a Green Dot on your door Become a GREEN DOT Bystander!

Thanks and WAR EAGLE!! Questions? Contact Information: Health Promotion and Wellness Services 1206 Student Center (334) 844-1528 Melissa McConahay

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