Greek God/Goddess Project

Greek God/Goddess Project

Greek God/Goddess Project What you need to do: You will conduct research about the God/Goddess or Muse you select. You will need to find out family history Father and Mother Siblings Spouse Children What they are best known for Then you will create a story where YOU are that God/Goddess or Muse that connects to the type of life they lived. It can imaginative but it has to be school appropriate. Examples: you can take something that happened to you and turn that into the story

with you Greek God but it has to connect to what they are best known for. There needs to be pictures of your God/Goddess or Muse at least 4 no more than 8 When you present you may dress up like your God/Goddess or Muse You may use 1-2 of the main gods in your story but no more because your God is the main character of your story. The 12 Main Gods Main Gods are: Aphrodite - Goddess of love, romance, and beauty. Her son was Eros, god of Love Apollo - Beautiful god of the sun, light, medicine, and music. Ares - Dark god of war who loves Aphrodite. Artemis - Independent goddess of the hunt, the forest, wildlife, childbirth, and the moon. Sister to Apollo. Athena - Daughter of Zeus and goddess of wisdom, war, and crafts. Sometimes spelled "Athene".

Hades- King of the underworld; God of death and the dead Hephaestus - Lame god of fire and the forge. Sometimes spelled Hephaistos. The Hephaestion near the Acropolis is the most beautifully preserved ancient temple in Greece. Mated to Aphrodite. Hera - Wife of Zeus, protector of marriage, familiar with magic. Hermes - The speedy messenger of the gods, god of business. The Romans called him Mercury. Hestia - Calm goddess of home and homelife, symbolized by the hearth which holds the continually-burning flame. Poseidon - God of the sea, horses, and of earthquakes. Zeus - Supreme lord of gods, god of the sky, symbolized by the thunderbolt. Nike-The Goddess of Victory

Nike's Parents: Daughter of Styx, called a nymph but actually the presiding spirit over the major river of the Underworld, and Pallas, a Titan. Nikes Siblings: She has three brothers Zelos,Kratos, and Bia, which are, respectively, rivalry, strength, and force. Nikes Spouse- She never married Nikes offspring- she never had children

Nikes Friends- Athena What Nike is best known for: Despite being half-Titan by her father Pallas, Nike fought against the Titans on the side of the Olympians. Driving through battles in her chariot, and became synonymous with victory. Pictures of Nike I Believe Archeologists, came across a Ancient Greek site and discovered a story about Nike the Goddess of Victory. It took them about a week to piece the story together and this is what it said. The story starts off innocent enough with Nike and Athena discussing how they were going to win a contest. Not, just any contest but a contest about love.

You will work on this in GoogleDocs. You will share it with me on the day you present which is March 26th! You may print the Powerpoint off at HOME not at school. You will write at least 3 paragraphs no more than 5. Each paragraph should be between 5-8 sentences long. You should do a rough draft on paper so you can edit and revise then type up the final copy. You will need at least 3 slides but you can have up to 6 slides. One for the Bio Pictures Story Have fun!

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