Gerund Jobs - Polk County School District

Gerund Jobs - Polk County School District

Gerund Functions in a Sentence Part 2 Standard ELACC8L1: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.

a. Explain the function of verbals (gerunds, participles, infinitives) in general and their function in particular sentences. Remember Gerunds are verbals that act like nouns and end in ING

Functions in the Sentence Since gerunds act like nouns, gerunds and gerund phrases get to do the same things that nouns do, including: Subject Direct Object

Indirect Object Object of a Preposition Predicate Noun Appositive Gerunds as Direct Objects Gerunds/Gerund Phrases can be direct objects

when they tell what is receiving the action. Ex. I love playing baseball after school. Ex. I enjoy eating a big meal on Thanksgiving. Hint Hint: Usually when a gerund or gerund phrase comes after an Action verb, it is a direct

object. Ex. Laura likes baking muffins for her family. Gerunds as Indirect Objects Gerunds/Gerund phrases can be indirect objects when they tell who/what gets the DO.

This is very unusual, but it can happen. Ex. I gave loving you a chance. Ex. I gave reading the book a solid effort. Hint Hint: Gerunds are only indirect objects if they come between an AV and a DO and tell what

gets the DO. Ex. I gave dancing a try. Gerunds as Predicate Nouns Gerunds can be predicate nouns when they come after linking verbs: am, is, are, was, were, be, been, being

Ex. Erics favorite activity is playing tennis. Ex. My hobby is riding a bike. Hint Hint: When a gerund/gerund phrase comes after a linking verb, it is usually a predicate noun.

Ex. My dogs favorite thing is playing with socks. What is the Gerunds function? Appositive, subject, object of the preposition, direct object, indirect object, predicate noun. 1.My dogs hobby is chewing on shoes. 2.Surfing can be dangerous.

3.Many kids are fond of playing Angry Birds. 4.I like going to movies. 5.My brothers gave bow hunting a try.

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