Fungi and Protists - Susquehanna University

Fungi and Protists - Susquehanna University

The Chromalveolates Evidence that these organelles have prokaryotic traits: Mitochondria and

chloroplasts Circular DNA Synthesize proteins Divide by fission

Mutate SSU rDNA phylogeny

Eukaryotic Domains Tree of Life generated by Sandra Baldauf of Uppsala University using multigene analyses Supergroup Chromalveolata

Secondary endosymbiosis and the Chromalveolata Patrick Keeling. Department of Botany.

University of British Columbia Keeling, P.J. 2004. Diversity and evolutionary history of plastids and their hosts. American Journal of Botany. 91(10): 1481-1493.

Eukaryotic Domains From: Keeling (2004) Supergroup Chromalveolata

Supergroup contains some of the most important organisms in the oceans Range in form from

simple single cells to complex multicellular taxa Vary from heterotrophs to parasites to autotrophs Includes 4 kingdoms:

Heterokontae Alveolatae Rhizariae Hacrobiae

Hacrobiae Name coined by Cavalier-Smith (2010) Relationships between the phyla uncertain Cryptomonada

Haptomonada Heterokontae United by same type

of motile cell Very diverse Phaeophyta (the Brown Algae)

Diatoms Alveolatae All unicellular

Many with complex life histories Free-living and symbionts Photosynthetic,

heterotrophic, commensals, parasitic United by type of cell covering

Alveolae Ciliata Apicomplexa

Dinoflagellata Rhizaria

Usually unicellular When they make pseudopods, they are long and frequently anastomose Taxa are free-living and symbiotic Many have mineralized internal cytoskeletons

Foraminifera Radiolaria

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