French & Indian War - Woodland Hills School District

French & Indian War - Woodland Hills School District

28 October 2013 Homework needs to be fully completed and out on your desk. 5.2 guided reading. If you dont have it fully completed fill in the answers and you will get partial credit. Make sure you write the correct answers. Grading period ends on Wednesday, I will not take incomplete work after Wednesday French & Indian War

George Washington Born in 1732 in Virginia Made a lieutenant colonel in 1754 Was sent to build a fort where the Monongahela & Allegheny Rivers meet (Pittsburgh! But not yet!) Problem The French had already built a fort on the same spot Fort Duquesne He pushed on and built Fort

Necessity (Near Uniontown George Washington He pushed on and built Fort Necessity (Near Uniontown) Problem The French & Indians surrounded the fort. The Virginians were outnumbered. The Virginians surrendered. Washington returned to

Virginia. This battle was the start of the French & Indian War. Albany Congress Summer, 1754 Delegates from 7 colonies meet in Albany, New York Two Goals 1. Persuade the Iroquois to help fight the French.

2. Plan a united colonial defense. The Iroquois Believed that the French were stronger & had more forts. Iroquois refused to help the British. Seeing the future?? Mohawk chief Hendrik said they are quarreling over

lands that belong to usthis may end in our destruction. Was he right? Albany Plan of Union Proposed by Benjamin Franklin (from PA) Attempt to create one general government for the colonies.

A General Council would make laws, raise taxes & set up defense. Problem - Delegates voted to accept BUT no colonies accepted the plan. This cartoon was first printed by Benjamin Franklin in 1754. That same year he drew up the Albany Plan of Union. However, his hopes for political unity among the 13 colonies did not succeed. What is the main point

of Franklins cartoon? Advantages Britain France Larger colonial population than France Colonies were along the Coast

Had some Indian allies British Navy was the strongest in the world Single government More Indian allies than the British Fought guerilla style war Disadvantages Britain

Not many Indian allies Did not have a single Government Red Coats?? Traditional style of fighting France Small colonial population Colonies were widely Scattered Navy not as strong as

Britain General Braddock Commander in Chief of the British forces in N. America. 1755 - Led the attack on Fort Duquesne British troops were ambushed by French & Indians

Braddock was killed & buried in the middle of the road. WHY??? Treaty of Paris 1763 Ended the war! Who got what? Britain Canada, all French lands east of the Mississippi River & Florida

France West Indies Spain all French land west of the Mississippi River including New Orleans.

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