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WX-500 OVERVIEW The WX-500 Stormscope detects electrical discharges from thunderstorms within a 200 NM radius of the aircraft. Output is displayed on the Garmin GNS 430 MFD. GNS 430 provides complete control of WX-500 operating modes. Antenna detects intra-cloud, inter-cloud and cloud-to-ground discharges. Detects thunderstorms in all phases of development.

Strike rate helps determine if storms are developing or dissipating. Works anywhere on the ground or in the air. Check it before takeoff. ANATOMY OF A THUNDERSTORM A thunderstorm can build, mature and dissipate in as little as 20 min. Only a small percentage of lightning strikes occur between clouds and

ground. Most are intra or inter-cloud. The WX-500 detects storms in all stages of development, and unlike weather radar can see the storm behind the storm. There is a strong correlation between electrical discharge and convective wind shear.


STRIKE MODE GNS-430 WEATHER PAGE In the NAV page group, press MENU to change options: Clear Storm Data Strike Mode Cell or Strike View Mode 120 or 360

Self Test GNS-430 MAP PAGE From the MAP page, press MENU to change options: Clear Storm Data (can also be accomplished by pressing the CLR WX button on the panel) Set Range from the Setup Map menu

STRIKE DATA DISPLAY Lightning Symbol latest strikes, less than one minute Large + sign = more than one minute old Small + sign = more than two minutes old Strike data is no longer displayed after three minutes

THINGS TO REMEMBER! Never use the Stormscope to attempt to penetrate a thunderstorm. Avoid thunderstorms by at least 20 NM. Clusters of two or more discharge points indicate a thunderstorm. Avoid the clusters and you will avoid the thunderstorms. In the CELL display even a single discharge point may

represent a thunderstorm and should be avoided.

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