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Factors that Affect Climate - birdvilleschools.net

The Factors the Affect Climate: L.A.C.E.M.O.P.S . Much of the information in this Power Point came from Linda Hammon.

Terms to Know Fold your paper in half 3 times to create 8 boxes necessary to record the information in this lesson. Use one side record each of these vocab terms & definitions. Rotation/1 day takes the earth 24 hours (1 day) to make one complete rotation on its AXIS. Revolution/1 year Takes the earth

365 days (1 year) to make one complete revolution around the SUN Weather The DAILY condition of the atmosphere. Climate Weather conditions over TIME. Precipitation Moisture that falls How to Read a Climograph

Look at the title to see what locations climate is being described by the graph. Line Graph = avg temperature for each month. Average precipitatio

n by month. Months of the year. Forces that create the climate of a certain location: LACEMOPS. Place one of each of these letters in your boxes created by folding the manilla paper.


O P S L = Latitude

Distance from the equator is one of the most important factors in determining climate. Zones of Latitude HIGH MIDDLE LOW MIDDLE

HIGH High: Polar climates. One Season: COLD

Middle: Temperate Climates 4 Seasons: Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall Low:

Tropical Climates Take a moment to compare the temperatures of Mangalore & Memphis. Which one do you think is closer to the equator? Why? Tropical Wet & Dry Location

Humid Subtropical Study the two climographs below. Can you pick out the one that depicts a tropical climate? How do you know? Bonus Question: Is it a tropical wet or a tropical wet and dry climate? How do you

know? Climate A Climate B A is for Air Masses

Air Masses Northern hemisphere = cold air from the polar regions comes from the north hot air from the tropics comes from the south. Southern hemisphere = cold air from the polar

region comes from the south hot air from the tropics comes from the north. Why is the direction that cold air comes from flip flopped in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres?

C is for Continentality Continentality The effect of a location on a continent Why is there so little difference between summer and winter along the coast of

California? It takes the ocean a long time to heat & cool! Wind blowing off of water moderates coastal areas. What is the difference between summer & winter in Kansas? BIG difference in seasons in Kansaswhy? Land heats & cools quickly!! Close to large body of water = smaller difference in

temperature Farther away from water = greater difference in Continentality: How Does It Affect Climate? Remember: continentality is the effect of location on a continent on the climate of a place. Inland locations typically have larger temperature ranges and (possibly) drier conditions than maritime locations.

Compare these two locations. Which one is further inland? How can you tell? E is for Elevation ELEVATION The higher you go, the colder it gets.

As you go up in elevation, the air gets thinner and does not trap heat. Are there glaciers on the equator?? Elevation Remember: elevation affects climate and climate affects the type of vegetation. Elevation affects the type of natural

vegetation & crops that grow in a region. In this photo, you can see the tree line-the highest point on a mountain that trees can survive. M is for Mountain Barriers

MOUNTAIN BARRIERS (aka the Orographic Effect or the Rain Shadow Effect) Winds blow across the ocean & push moisture inland. Moisture cloud reaches the mountains, gets popped by the mountain top & rains on the coastal side By the time this cloud reaches the other side of the mountains, the air is dry.

What very dry state do you find East of the Sierra Nevada Mts?? Mountain Barriers: Rain Shadow O is for Ocean Currents

OCEAN CURRENTS The UK & Europe are on the same line of latitude as Canada. Do they experience the same climate? North Atlantic Drift = warm current that flows up from the equator & and keeps Europe warmer than it should be at that latitude Ocean Currents Cold currents create dry conditions on the coast.

Warm currents create wet conditions on the coast. Ocean Currents Physical Map of Africa

Using both maps above, how do you explain the existence of the desert region of southwestern Africa? P is for Pressure and Prevailing Winds Pressure High Pressure

=H Heavy, cool air, brings clear skies and no rain. Low Pressure =L Light, warm air, usually brings precipitation

Wind and the Coriolis Effect Earths winds would blow in straight lines, but since the earth rotates they are turned at an angle. In the northern

hemisphere, they turn to the right. In the southern hemisphere they turn to the left. This bending of the wind is called the Coriolis Effect.

Cyclonic storms (hurricanes & typhoons) Northern Hemisphere spin counter-clockwise. Southern Hemisphere cyclones spin clockwise. Northern Southern

What relationship can you detect between the diagram and the map of the worlds major deserts? HINT: Think high pressure vs. low pressure. S is for Storms Storms

Storms occur where . polar winds meet westerlies when hot & cold air masses collide Storm Tracks Cat. 5 Hurricane Tropical Storm

Tornado Cyclone L atitude A ir Masses C ontinentality E levation M ountain Barriers O cean Currents

P ressure & Prevailing This acronym was .introduced by: Dr. James Petersen Texas State University San Marcos, TX, 1990.


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