Table of Contents Know Who You Are Brand Your Identity Why is Your Image Important? Marketing to the FIRST Audience Marketing Outside of FIRST Outreach and Community Engaging in the Conversation Updating & Re-Branding

FIRST Branding Benefits of Good Imagery There are two handouts associated with this presentation. Strategic Planning & Imagery Worksheet Imagery & Branding Guidelines and Recommendations If you do not see them with this PowerPoint you can access them at

ExplodingBacon.com, under Resources. Know Who You Are Start with a Mission Statement Discuss what you want to do Include values, inspiration, strengths Be real and specific. Be Short, sweet and to the point.

FIRST Mission Statement The mission of FIRST is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting Mentor-based programs that build science, engineering, and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence,

communication, and leadership. Know Who You Are Imagery is about more than your colors and logo it is everything you do. And your greatest resource is your team. Take some time to investigate who you are and who you want to be with your team

Schedule a strategic planning meeting or just set aside time at meetings Create Mission & Vision statements SWOT Analysis Establish Goals for 1, 3 and 5 years See our Strategic Planning handout for more information Branding your Identity Resources available to your team through Mentors & Sponsors Software

Talents Maintain Control of your Image Logo Guidelines Pantone Colors, RGB and Vector Fonts Print and Merchandise Taglines See our imagery handouts for more information

Lessons Learned Thursday Everyday Shirts Friday Shirts ??? Marketing to the FIRST Audience There are many ways to market and brand your team inside

FIRST, but at our very beginning we learned that the most critical element of a FIRST team is the teams shirts. We thought we were being creative and clever with a Thursday, Friday and Saturday shirt, but no one knew who we were from day to day. Regionals and especially Worlds are incredibly busy times and people need easy ways to identify you. Can You Pick Us Out of a Crowd? Why is Your Image Important?

Know who you are so others will know who you are. This becomes evident when you are: Marketing Within the FIRST Community Marketing Outside the FIRST Community Marketing is 1. Marketing is anything you create or share that tells your story. Ann Handley 2. Marketing is the ongoing process of engagement whereby strangers are nurtured into advocates. Trey Pennington

3. Marketing is the messages and/or actions that cause messages and/or actions. Jay Baer Marketing to the FIRST Audience Marketing to Judges Marketing to Teams The FIRST Community Judges packet

Pit design Chief Delphi/Reddit Judge whispering Giveaways Off Seasons

Pit design Peer awards Outreach Presentation boards, pictures, and print materials Overall image

Some Possible Judge Packet Material Business Plan Digital Media Award Submission Marketing Packet Team Handbook Community Outreach Information

Brochure Press Releases and Articles Chairmans Submission Flyers & Marketing Materials Engineering Design Manual Thank You letters

Engineering Design Manual & Robot Cards Judge Whispering Ensure student confidence to communicate to judges Pit Test Practice Sessions Games: Jeopardy, Trivia, or create one at getkahoot.com Present Chairmans to Your Team Practice, Practice, Practice Outreach is great practice!

Pit Identity An easily identifiable pit, makes it easier for judges, your sponsors and other teams to locate you.

Nice Nice Pit, Pit, Flash! ????! Nice Pit, Bacon! Marketing to Other Teams Pins/Buttons Giveaways (buttons, pens, clappers, balls, bandanas)

Trading Shirts Spirit Cheers Peer Awards Robot Cards Mascots Off-Season events Use your strengths to help other teams Developing relationships

with other teams Workshops and Seminars (like this) Mentoring year around (FRC, FTC or FLL) Collaborate Pins and Buttons Weve Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

Can they hear you coming? Team Mascots Have You Seen My Pig? Embrace your image. You know you have successfully marketed

your image when others embrace it. The FIRST Community Every post on Chief Delphi, Facebook, blogs and sub-reddits reflect your team. A clear identity can help your members better represent you and FIRST. Chief Delphi Reddit Off Seasons

FIRST Outreach can provide opportunities to outreach to professional conferences and events. Marketing Outside FIRST The most common reasons teams market outside first Raise Funds Recruit Students and Mentors Promote STEM and FIRST Tools to Market Outside FIRST Community Outreach

Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts Libraries Science Centers Schools Farmers Markets Professional Conferences Business Organizations Local Media Press Releases

Social Media Sponsors Newsletters Thank Yous BRANDING YOUR BOT! A colorful robot can help you stand out in a crowd and be

memorable to your audiences. Benefits of Good Marketing Fundraising Sponsor Demos Professional Conferences Local Businesses Associations, Clubs and Chamber of Commerce

Member Recruitment FLL Tournaments School Demos Science Programs Summer Camps Community Outreach Outreach and Community By demonstrating in your community, you share your passion for FIRST and create opportunities

to gain new students, mentors and sponsors. Outreach is also an invaluable tool for your students to become better communicators and share their stories. Exploding Science & Summer Camp With our summer camps, we instill an

appreciation for STEM in younger students in our community who will join JR FLL, FLL, FTC and FRC teams. We have created an Exploding Science Resource Book with instructions for these STEM camps. Which also helps us spread our

image to other teams (available on our website). Engage in the Conversation Social media is the global voice of your team and can be a fun way to engage new audiences Social Media Strategy

Target your audiences Select your channels - find which ones work best for you. Create banners and badges that reflect your teams image colors, logos and pictures of your robot and/or smiling faces. List your Goals and Objectives for each Identify key persons responsible for managing sites and creating content Review the FIRST Digital Media Submission rubric Engage your audience Online Content: create, engage and be relevant

Communicate with your audience, not to your audience Use good video and pictures Spelling and grammar MATTER Keep a casual tone when writing for social media Post about build season, outreach, sponsors, FIRST and STEM news Schedule release of posts to maximize message impact Consistent Image and Branding of your team Stay up to date with the best ways to succeed in your specific channels In addition Educate your team

Encourage them to Follow, Like, Share and Retweet Utilize both Private and Public Facebook Channels to communicate appropriate information for your team and sponsors and fans. Employ numerous admins to share the responsibility Watch for up and coming channels Experiment to see what works best for you Use Video! Build/Competition Season Vlogs are a nice way to keep

supporters updated YouTube and Facebook are both valid options for distribution Schedule video releases for consistent message impact Videos are shared 12x more on Facebook Get video releases signed, if needed Print Media Business cards are an inexpensive way to send a reminder with a new friend to check out your website, email, or follow you on social media.

Maintain your consistency with your Brochures Flyers

Business Cards Marketing Packets Sponsor Thank Yous Even, PowerPoint Presentations Getting the Word Out Marketing to Potential Sponsors Unique image can help you stand out. Marketing Packet Business Plan

Budget Presentations Activity Book Sponsor Levels Bring the robot!

Sponsor Levels Incorporate your branding into your sponsor levels. 10K and above - Boss Hog Company name or Logo (Large) on T-shirt and Robot Company name on promotional materials Link on team website Logo displayed in pit 5K-10K - Power Pig

Company name or Logo (Medium) on T-shirt and Robot Company name on promotional materials Link on team website Logo displayed in Pit 1K-5K - Big Bacon Company name of Logo (Small) on T-shirt and Robot Company name on marketing

materials Link on team website 500-1K Squealer Company name on T-shirt Company name on marketing materials Link on team website 0-500 Piglet Listed on website Our un-dying love and gratitude Sing Your Praises!

Thank your sponsors often Keep Your Sponsors Informed Sponsor Dinner Newsletters/ Emails Use pictures

So Should we Re-Brand or Update? In 2015 the students of Exploding Bacon wanted to update the brand. Our pig on a rocket and dynamic orange and green colors are a solid part of who we are as a team, but after 11 years we chose to use a more readable font in the circular format to the left. FIRST updated their brands in 2015.

FIRST Re-Branding & Guidelines FIRST Branding FIRST updated its branding in 2015 with new logos, branding elements and guidelines. (www.firstinspires.org/brand) Use New Logos and branding elements Read new branding guidelines Rebranding or Updating Your Team So should change your brand/image?

Evaluate Pros and Cons. Is your current or new branding a more accurate representation of your team? Is your team confused with other teams or not clearly identifiable? Ask for outside input from sponsors and consultants. Document your new branding elements. Benefits of Good Imagery

More Memorable Leave a Good Impression Press/Media Fundraising Member Recruitment Gracious Professionalism

Exploding Bacon Robotics Team For more information visit our website and complete the form or email us directly at [email protected] Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, & Pinterest Let us know if the information was helpful or if you have questions.

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