Exchange Migration Case Study

Exchange Migration Case Study

EXL309 Microsoft Exchange Online in Microsoft Office 365: Migration Case Study Danny Kim John Logan Ann Vu Kentucky Department of Education John Logan KETS Engineering and Architecture Directory Services and Messaging [email protected] customer FullArmor Danny Kim CTO

partner Agenda and Overview t ar 1 t S Introduction Overview 2 4

3 Challenges and Choices Email Situation KDEs Challenges Choosing the Cloud Planning 5 The Migration KDE Migration Planning Migration logistics Involving a Partner Post Migration Experience

6 Managing Today KDE Admin Experience KDE Recommendations Microsoft Migration Recommendations Q&A Ask us! d en What is KETS?

KETS: Kentucky Education Technology System KDE: Kentucky Department of Education 83 employees in the Technology Office (K.I.D.S.) Operations/Engineering KETS Engineers KSB and KSD Supports 174 Public School Districts Each has a CIO They range from one person who wears all hats (including coaching basketball) to districts with technology offices Partners 120 Counties 174 Districts Our Customers 174 Public School Districts 1,233 Schools

636,188 Students 51,929 Certified Staff 44,023 Teachers 48,791 Classified Staff 500 KDE Staff Other State Agencies Taxpayers 187 Day School Year 349,903 students qualify for free/reduced meals 106,046 Exceptional Children Additional Info 2.73 1 Student to Workstation ratio 76% of Classrooms are Intelligent Classrooms 76% of Students have

computers at home (68.6% with Internet access) 91% of Teachers have computers at home 15,000 Staff Handhelds Challenges and Choices Overview of Situation and Challenges Evolution of Statewide Email Services Local District Owned and Operated MS-Mail 1994 State Provided MS Exchange

4.0/5.0/5.5 1996-2003 Expectations of Reliability and Accessibility MS Exchange 2003-2010 KDEs Email Roadmap 2003 1994 200 Microsoft Exchange 2003 Servers 1250 Microsoft Mail

3.5 Servers 1996 2010 200 Microsoft Exchange 5.5 Servers 0 Email Servers The beginning of me not being the mailman Active Directory 180 Active Directory domains in one Forest 544 Domain Controllers (1 GC / 2DCs per domain with Repl Hubs) PCNS on all Extended Schema to add [email protected] specific attributes for OLPS

Designations for Staff vs Students KDE reserves Domain Admins AD Domain/Site Layout DC DC GC DC DC ADAIR WOODFORD ROOT GC GC GC GC

180 Domains (classic Hub&Spoke) W2K8 (All Hyper-V) KCC is on 15 minute InterSite GC

DC DC KDE GC Enterprise Considerations KEN Network MPLS 10 Mbps 500 Mbps > 4 Gbps 174 Districts + KSB/KSD Autonomous with governance KDE Support

Business Requirements State law requiring inspectability (Org-own) and data ownership Existing State Standards Larger Mailbox and attachment sizes Web, Client, and Mobile accessible Integration with existing infrastructure Consolidation of distributed infrastructure Additional collaborative options (Web 2.0 tools) Additional Business Requirements

Cheap, good, easy and quick Students cannot be seen in GAL outside of district District techs must have access to manage/control/restrict student access and mail flow Has to have at least the functionality and manageability we had with Exchange 2003 Leverage Active Directory infrastructure Why Use Cloud-Based Services for E-mail? Met requirements No more mailbox servers Single point of accountability Gave us alternatives from an accessibility perspective Gets us out of the widget-turning business Outsourced Lifecycle Management Why Microsoft? Runs on Exchange Organizationally owned data

24 x 7 Enterprise-level support Full integration with existing infrastructure Single point of accountability Additional collaborative tools and Forefront Online Protection for Exchange Larger mailboxes: 10GB Mailboxes Free for educational institutions ($ 6.4 M in cost avoidance) Partnership Why FullArmor? Microsoft Recommended Great (and tireless) people to work with Great product Allowed us to focus on migration of objects while others could focus on user data migration if they wished. Planning Planning a move to the cloud

What We Did October 2008 (built the team) Advisory Committee Partners (Microsoft and Dell) March/April 2010 Pilots Partner - FullArmor District Deployment Guide District Operations Guide May 21, 2010 BIG BANG! Created 828,000 Windows Live IDs Project Timeline Migration Processes Formal project..

SOWs, Requirements, Design, Test, etc Major Milestones Built Tenants, RBACs, etc KDE [email protected] Components between on-prem AD and Exchange Online Warmed cloud beforehand with users Communicated! (Implementation Guide and DOG) Pilots, then Big Bang Districts could migrate content (FullArmour) KDE Migration Utilizing FullArmor Tool Problem: KDE needed to provide a solution to all school districts to perform a coordinated migration with minimal support. Solution: FullArmor provided a simple-to-use migration tool to enable non-technical personnel to perform migrations of email, calendar and contact for their independent school districts in a coordinated way during weekend and

subsequent migrations. The Migration Migration of over 800k mailboxes Major Migration Milestones Prior Envisioned, designed, implemented components, tested Gathered client usage AD account and mailbox cleanup Sent communications T-4 Weeks Create new and capture existing EASI

IDs Pilots processes, docs and technology Users reset AD passwords T-2 Days (5/19/2010) Distribute district admin accounts Redirect SMTP relays Disable Exchange 2003 provisioning (RUS, etc) Administration moratorium Back-up AD Major Migration Milestones

Day of Migration Big Bang 5/21/2010 Convert Windows Live IDs to mailboxes Pilots e-mail to other districts now goes to cloud External e-mail is redirected to Exchange Online Autodiscover DNS entry Lock on-premise mailbox access Enable SSO and recreate Outlook profiles Service is online Exchange backups (nothing, PSTs, ExMerge or FullArmour) Convert on-premises mailboxes to mail-enabled users Decommission Exchange 2003 Tom Disabled Account w/o mailbox Tom

Active Account w/ mailbox SMTP: [email protected] SMTP: TargetAddress: [email protected] X500=LegacyExchangeDN E-mail Bob Active Account w/ mailbox SMTP: [email protected] X500=LegacyExchangeDN Pilot Migration E-mail E-mail

Ex Servers Bob Bob Local mailbox: w/ Mailbox: Local Account Account w/o TargetAddr: [email protected] SMTP: [email protected] District 1 Mail FWD

Mail FWD Active Directory E-mail Active Directory E-mail E-mail Chick Chick Disabled Account mailbox Active

Account w/ w/o mailbox SMTP: [email protected] SMTP: [email protected] TargetAddress: X500=LegacyExchangeDN [email protected] X500=LegacyExchangeDN BIG BANG Ex Servers Tom Local Account w/o w/ Mailbox: mailbox:

TargetAddr: SMTP: [email protected] [email protected] District x On-Premises Exchange 2003 Active Directory Ex Servers Chick Chick Local Account w/o mailbox: Local Account w/ Mailbox: TargetAddr:

SMTP: [email protected] [email protected] District 174 KDEs [email protected] Components OLPS KETS Control Panel PCNS SSO Administrative accounts per district SMTP Relay Messaging and Directory Services Team (4 members) KETS Service Desk KETS Engineers District Operations Guide (DOG) Infrastructure



MV MV User User Contact Contact Provisioning Provisioning Database Database Catalog Service Database Components STUDENTS


STUDENTS Outlook Live Service Database Components Group Group Mailbox Mailbox Enabled Enabled User User Active Directory Global Catalog 179 Domains Mailbox Mailbox Enabled

Enabled Contact Contact CONTACTS Mailbox Mailbox Enabled Enabled Group Group FACULTY STAFF DISTRIBUTION LISTS Exchange Online Staff Tenant Student Tenants

Accepted Domains District 1 District 1 Fayette . . BOB . .

District 178 replication (15 minutes Inter-site) stu.fayette . . TOMMY . District 90 Active Directory . 179 Domain Controllers DRAD [email protected] Frankfort-based Enterprise Components JIM GC KCP SSO TOMMY JIM Fayette District 120

OLPS GALSync Staff BOB W2K8 Core w/Hyper-V JIM District 178 Students Partner Agencies TOMMY

GC DC Migration Execution using FullArmor Tool Migration product was commandline driven. KETS wrapped the migration product with their own, custom UI that connected to AD to fetch users Used ExMerge under the covers to automatically export each users mailbox to PST file. Then, the migration product migrated the PST data to [email protected], all seamlessly. [email protected] FullArmor

Migrator w/custom UI AD Server Storage Exchange Server Managing Today And recommendations What District Techs Can Do For staff Manage their users and DGs (ADUC, ECP, KCP, PowerShell) Change domain settings KETS Control Panel

KDE owns Tenant Admin management For students Manage their users (No GAL) More of a full-Tenant admin Transport Rules (Closed Campus, or custom through PowerShell) RBACs and set Tombstoning for each Spoon feeding.. Challenges We are 177 separate companies that act like one Always updating.. Web2.0 Org-owned and I-owned Age 13 Multi-Tenant design Documentation is a challenge

Demarcation of support PowerShell and RBACs (were K12) Moving Forward. SIMPLIFY! (revisit our requirements) Snowbound Initiative Look at putting more in the cloud OLPS, SMTP Relay AD? What about support? P-20 College/Career Ready 7 or our 8 State Colleges are [email protected] Evictions are not in [email protected] Cross-Tenant mailbox moves/renames Takeaways Cost (TCO)

Communication / Documentation Support Functionality to fit K12 Easy, available, useful and cheap Move to the cloud Its a great move for some things. Your engineering and support framework will change. KETS Recommendations Identify requirements Formalized project Procure MCS, FullArmour and other partner resources depending on complexity Involve teachers and students Quit trying to be the experts and widget turners Give the technology to the teachers and kids Full Armor recommendations

Partnering: Luck Favors the Prepared As a partner, SI, or ISV learn the skills to provisioning Exchange First to Market = First to Partner Migrating: The Turtle wins over the Hare Measure Twice cut Once Start Small, Build up to Large Scale New Migration Options Cut-Over Exchange migration (C-EM) Good for fast, cutover migrations No server required on-premises Staged Exchange migration (S-EM) No server required on-premises ` Hybrid

Identity federation with on-premises directory Hybrid deployment (MRS) Manage users on-premises and online Enables cross-premises calendaring, smooth migration, and easy off-boarding Hybrid Migration Supports wide range of e-mail platforms E-mail only (no calendar, contacts, or tasks) Staged migration IMAP migration

IMAP migration Exchange migration Choices to fit your organization Exchange 5.5 X Exchange 2000 X Exchange 2003 X X

X X Exchange 2007 X X X X Exchange 2010 X

X Notes/Domino X GroupWise X Other X * Additional options available with tools from migration partners X

Quest Migrator for Cloud Email formerly FullArmor MailPortal Migrator You can download and start to use Quest Migrator for Cloud Email (QMCE) today! Written resources are available online to help you plan and execute your migration Product includes limited free migrations Contact Quest Software for licensing details Related Content Breakout Sessions EXL310: Exchange Online and Office 365: Simple Migration Live EXL311: Microsoft Exchange Server and Office 365: How To Set Up a Hybrid Deployment EXL305: Best Practices for Successfully Transitioning to Exchage 2010 OSP325: Microsoft Office 365: Directory Synchronization Interactive Sessions

EXL375-INT - Understanding Archiving and Compliance in Microsoft Exchange Online Product Demo Stations Exchange and Office 365 demo stations in the TLC Find Me Later At the Exchange Demo Station Resources Exchange Team Blog: Exchange Deployment Assistant: Deployment Options Whitepaper: Quest Migrator: Questions? Q&A Resources Connect. Share. Discuss.

Sessions On-Demand & Community Learnin g Microsoft Certification & Training Resources Resources for IT Professionals Resources for Developers

Complete an evaluation on CommNet and enter to win! Scan the Tag to evaluate this session now on myTechEd Mobile 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

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