Evans Middle School Parent Presentation

Evans Middle School Parent Presentation

Dowell Middle School 7th and 8th Grade Parent Presentation March 16, 2015 Administrative Team Principal Alan Arbabi Alpha A-L Alpha M-Z Sara Kriesel-Hall, Holly Rogers, Courtney Starnes, Rayshana Adams, Pamela Coats,

Kim Oberlander, Assistant Principal Counselor Secretary Assistant Principal Counselor Secretary Goals for Tonight Information on selection of academic and elective courses. Questions well be answered

individually at the end. Materials Review Course Course Selection Sheet Descriptions http://www.mckinneyisd.net/parents/ Middle School Philosophy High Academic Standards for All Students Students Introduced to Academic and Extra-Curricular

Options Students Begin to Determine Strengths and Preferences Partnership with Students, Families & Community Whats New For Students? Additional More Academic Courses Selections Additional Extra State testing (STAAR) Elective Courses curricular activities/Clubs

STAAR Testing at Middle School Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade Reading Reading Reading Writing Math

Math Math Science Social Studies Academic and Pre AP Courses McKinney ISDs curriculum is common to all MISD middle school campuses and aligns to state standards. Core Curriculum is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) Curriculum is aligned within the grade level and vertically between grade levels. Both

course offering are college preparatory courses. Core Academic Courses Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) Math (Academic, Pre-AP, Algebra I(8 Science (7 th th grade), or Geometry (8th grade by invitation only) grade ELM Academic or Pre-AP, 8th grade Academic or Pre-AP) 7th grade Texas History ( ELM Academic or Pre-AP) 8th grade American History (Academic or Pre-AP)

Target/Select Courses Placement into Target classes will be based upon a students MAP testing data, STAAR test results, and overall academic record from the previous grade level. This class takes the place of an elective course. Target courses are offered in Math and ELAR. Profile of a Pre AP Student

Map scores indicate grade level proficiency or above in Reading and/or Math Reading Previous High and/or Math STAAR scores are above met standard proficiency year overall average grade was at an 80% or higher interest in subject area Student is motivated to be successful: organizes materials for studying purposes, willingly completes assigned work, and attends tutorials when

needed Gifted and Talented If your child is identified GT, Karen Green will provide us information about GT placement for academic classes. If you have questions about GT placement, please contact Karen Green at Email: [email protected] Typical 7th and 8th Grade Day ELAR (Academic or Pre-AP): Every day for 1 period. Math(Academic or Pre-AP, Algebra I, or Geometry): Every day for 1 period. Science (Academic or Pre-AP): Every day for 1 period.

History (Academic or Pre-AP): Every day for 1 period. Electives (3 Periods): Meet every day for 1 period each. Physical Education Requirement Every student is required to complete 4 semesters of Physical Education while in Middle School. Athletics UIL does count as 2 semesters of Physical Education. rules do not allow for a student to be enrolled in Athletics and Physical Education concurrently. MISD Physical Information McKinney Boyd H.S.*

McKinney High School McKinney North H.S. April 18, 2015 Registration from 7:30 P.M. 10:00 P.M. $20 Cash Only April 25, 2015 Registration from 9 A.M. 12 P.M. $20 Cash Only May 27, 2013 Registration from 2:30 P.M. 5 P.M.

$20 Cash Only Date of Exam Must be After April 1, 2013 * EKGs will be available at MHS and North for an additional charge of $15. Electives All electives meet every day. Elective If courses meet for the entire year. a student participates in Athletics, they must enrolled in the Athletic period.

Elective Choices: 7th Grade PE, Athletics or Cheer Journalism Art 1 or Art 2 Orchestra

Band Teen Leadership Choir Yearbook (application required)

Drama Inventions and Innovations Elective Choices: 8th Grade PE, Athletics or Cheer Concepts Art

2 or Art 3 Journalism Band Orchestra Choir PALS Drama Yearbook Principles

AAVTC of IT & Principles of of Engineering (application required) (application required) 8th Grade Electives for High School Credit Concepts Health/ of Engineering Communication Applications

Principals of Visual Arts, Audio Visual Tech. and Communications/ Principles of Informaion Technology Spanish 1 Spanish for Spanish Speakers Decisions To Make Which

Which Level of core class is most appropriate for my child? electives will benefit my child most in middle school and potentially high school? Communication is Key MISD GO App Home Access Center (HAC)

Progress Reports & Report Cards Dowell website: http://legacy.mckinneyisd.net/Campuses/school_websites/dow ell/ Teacher websites/emails Mr. Arbabi weekly emails

Dowell Facebook page and Twitter feed Welcome to Dowell! Registration forms are due on March 20, 2015 Return form to your childs current Math Teacher Schedule pick up will be August 2015.

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